A Woman’s age is the most important factor affecting her ability to getting pregnant and chances of having a happy family. If they don’t plan for pregnancy at the correct age, they later may face some difficulties being pregnant. In this blog, we will tell you how “Age affects pregnancy” & how to avoid it.

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Whats to learn?

How Age effect Pregnancy or Fertility?

Men’s and women’s age is the most important factor affecting their ability to have a happy family and fulfill family. Your age affects fertility.

With a gradual decline of chances of getting pregnant decrease with decrease of age.

If you planed to have a baby later in life. It is very difficult to do so without having problems. However, it may take longer than usual to get pregnant, and for some people who may need medical help to solve they have baby dreams.

You can not control age that is something that is not in our control. Many couple decide to have a baby later in life. It may due to they can’t afford a new baby, may have money problems, housing problems, or any other problem.

However, as men and women get older, it is going to become difficult to become mom or dad. And most important point is that if women are older they have risk of not getting pregnant due to an increase in age egg formation decreases. But don’t worry if you’re planning to have a baby later in life. We will also discuss what to do to have a late pregnancy.

Why Does Age affect fertility?

After the age of 35 fertility decreases with age, mostly the number and quality of eggs getting decreases with the older age.

An egg is sent from ovaries to the womb every month when you reach puberty to menopause. When the eggs bind with male sperm in the womb.

Woman get pregnant . although you may think egg is forming every month, but this is not true women are born with all the eggs they ever have and they are stored in the ovaries.

As women get older the eggs get older too. That’s why it is necessary to plan to have a baby at the best time. Now you know why does age effect on pregnancy and fertility.

The best age for pregnancy?

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Its biological fact that is woman and men affect pregnancy, their potential to have a child decrease with the time, an increased risk of not having a baby.

We all know someone who had a healthy in the late 30s or early 40s. but all of the couples who try for a baby they wanted to have. Many will not have babies they wanted because they are late for the pregnancy.

Across the world, a woman age 30 or younger than 40 has a better chance of having a baby. This is true for natural pregnancy and for the pregnancies conceived through advice IVF. We will discuss soon what is IVF?

Pregnancy chances after age 40. things to do to get pregnant?

If you are planning to have a baby after 40, the best thing you can do. Make sure you are healthy before getting pregnant, you can do these by

  • Being healthy as much as you can.
  • Taking folic acid for 2 months at least before conception.
  • Doing regular exercise, physical activities.
  • Eating healthy food and nutrition.
  • Avoiding pregnancy stopping foods.
  • Stopping smoking, alcohol.
  • don’t take caffeine more than 200mg(2to3 cups).
  • Being tested for sexually.
  • Taking to your doctor or specialist about any existing conditions and pregnancy.
  • Having a cervical screening within three years.
  • Make sure you have had the MMR Vaccination.

Above are the things which should be beneficial, if you’re planning to have baby later in your life.

Men’s Age Matters too| What if my Reproductive partner is older?

age affects pregnancy

Men’s age is also affect pregnancy. But not as much as women matters.

If the male partner is over 40, there are also risk of not getting pregnancy due to not having a good quality sperm, especially if she is also over 40.

Other reasons why aged reproductive partner may create less chances of pregnancy.

  • Weakness.
  • Less interest in sex.
  • Lover level of sexual hormones.

Improving the chances of pregnancy?

Sometimes getting pregnant is difficult for any age of women. No Matters How Older you’re. You may younger than 30s or 40s. if you are trying since 1 years for pregnancy. 6 months for 30s age.

Now you may need to talk to a doctor or specialist about your options. The best thing to go with your partner to discuss with a specialist.

Pregnancy and Birth Risk. Things to Know Before Planning a baby?

The changes that happen in eggs, sperms with age, including genetic damage. Children of older parents have a high risk of baby health, birth defects, genetics abnormalities.health of mental risk too.

It is estimated that the risk of having pregnant or birth is higher than younger age women.

Older women have also higher risk of illness like- gestational diabetes, placenta previa, placenta absorption a stillbirth than younger.

What is IVF?

Natural process. The fertility that happens as men and women get older. If you are in trouble with pregnancy IVF can be one of the options for you to be offered. One of these options is Vitro fertilization(IVF).


If You are planning to have a baby later in your life, you may need to know how “Age affects pregnancy”, what is the best time for the pregnancy, what about If you are not getting pregnant.

These are some questions you may need to think about it before planing to have baby after age 35. if you want a happy family you should have a baby before you turn into 35. how men affect pregnancy. We have discussed it in detail.

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Q1.Which age is safe for pregnancy?

The safest age for pregnancy is 18 to 34 mostly research says.

Q2. Does Mens age affect Pregnancy?

Yes. Men age affects pregnancy too.

Q3. Why Does age affects Pregnancy?

Fertility decreases with the age. quality of age decreases with older age.

Q4.How IVF can be Helpful?
When You’re trouble to getting pregnancy, IVF can help.

Q.5. Pregnancy and Birth Risk?

Children of older parent have more risk. during pregnancy.

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