The moments of a newborn baby are blessed and joyous for every woman. For every mother, it is an unbelievable experience of holding a newborn baby in their hand.

But when the baby starts seeing and hearing the voice of the mother, then it is a great and exhilarating experience because the baby responds to some of the action that the mother perform.

Facts and case studies say that when the child is in the mother’s womb it is familiar with mother voice and heartbeat.

What Will You Learn?

  1. Infant Eyesight 
  2. Baby Vision Development Week By Week
  3. When Do Babies Start Recognising Their Parents?
  4. Conclusion
  5. Frequently Asked Question

1. Infant Eyesight 

At birth, newborn baby eyesight is between 20 /200. and 20/400.

Every mother wants her baby her to be fit and healthy and without any genetically and hormonal disorders.

But something is not in our control. Some studies say that the proper development of a child depends on both partner’s health.

Same as our parents’ health also depends on our post generation of families. 

If any problems arise in the infant eyesight from birth then it is due to the hormonal and chromosomal problems.

And in one word we can say that it’s a result of genetic problems.

Now we will discuss some disease in Infant Eyesight

  • Nearsightedness or myopia (baby can’t see the nearby object clearly)
  • Farsightedness or hypermetropia (baby can’t see the far object clearly)
  • Astigmatism (oval instead of the round cornea ) 
  • Colour blindness(baby can’t distinguish the difference in color)

These are problems that occur in the infant eyesight baby due to genetics disorder.

Now doctors or biologists can help you to tell you about what problems your baby went through with the help of spectroscopy any pedigree analysis.

2. Baby Vision Development Week By Week

baby hand holding parents

The development of baby start when zygote forms an embryo, development start inside the womb or uterus.

But the development of baby vision starts at the 6 months to the 9 months period of gestation.

The vision of your baby does not improve in a single day but it takes a total of 7 weeks.

Now you can know how your baby vision developed week by week and month by months.

i. First Week

The baby sees the object in a blurry view. Baby can see the object of distance 8-12 inches and they generally hold their graze for a few seconds.

ii. Second Week

Like a 1-week baby can see an object only 8-12 inches. But this week they can start to recognize your face for a few seconds, when you smile then they play with you.

iii. Third week

At this stage, your baby might recognize your face but it can still only see the distance of 8 -12 inches in front of him. But his attention might get longer.

iv. Fourth Week

Now baby can start to move and look to either side of her forth and back across the midline. But it won’t able to move only its eyes till gets 2-4 months old.

v. Fifth Week

The child holds her eyes for  10 seconds. Makes eye contact and focuses on a caregiver, moves eyes, and head toward light sources.

vi. Six and Seventh Week

Now baby vision was completely developed and baby see and graze the object more the 80 cm and hold her eyes for 5-10 seconds. 

3. When Do Babies Start Recognising Their Parents

When newborn babies see strange people it gets surprised, because the babies only recognize their parents first and then others.

By the 3-4 months of baby born , it starts recognise their parents .

happy kid with father seeing beach

It’s vision keeps on improving months by months .

Facts and case studies say that when the child is in the mother’s womb it is familiar with voice and heartbeat of the mother .

Firstly baby connect to its mother secondly recognize their father and thirdly as the baby grows shaw its family members start mesmerizing them

4. Premature Baby Eye Problems   

We know that the development cycle of a full Mature baby is of 9 months that is called the gestation period.

But in cases due to improper hormone secretion and health of the mother, premature delivery takes place.

And due to this a lot of problems occur in baby development, like the vision of the baby is affected.

Retinopathy of prematurity is a disease caused by the premature development of babies.due to which the baby can’t distinguish the two objects clearly when they placed together.

Because in this type of disease it causes the abnormal blood vessel to grow in the retina and can lead to blindness.

Baby also can’t distinguish two different colours. 

Premature baby means ,baby can born in 37 weeks or earlier.

Some eyes problems in premature baby 

  • Crossed eyes 
  • Nearsightedness 
  • Lazy eye 
  • Glaucoma 
  • Farsightedness .

5. Conclusion

There are some points which should keep in mind pre, during, and after the pregnancy which is given below :

Sex between the couple must in a proper way the coupling factor plays an important role in the baby development so the semen of male part inert in woman carefully and in excess amount.

Take care of the mother until the baby grows properly, the proper nutrition and diet for the mother are necessary.

Baby Nourishment when the baby is born it the most important time for baby, it needs mother milk and proper care.

Take advice with doctors, if any problems arise related to mother and child.

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6. Frequently Asked Question

When do babies start to see and hear in the womb

Around 18 weeks of pregnancy, your little one hears their very first sounds.By 24 weeks, those little ears are rapidly developing and grow. Your baby’s sight and hearing improve as time passes.

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