During pregnancy, you have a lot of questions in mind. What does my baby look like right now? What will be changed in my baby bump? How big is he or she? How is she or he changing this week?

You like to be familiar with the growth of your baby. Same time you also like to know changes taking place within you and your baby week by week or month by month. You might be concerned about your baby bump.

So this piece of article is for all those who want to know about their growing baby bump month by month.

1. Month One Baby Bump

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First month of your pregnancy starts from your last menstrual period. Many things happen in this month but surprisingly the first 15 days your baby is not even formed.

It’s after the first 15 days when conception occurs and your egg is fertilized your baby bump starts. Now cells of your baby which is still a zygote start dividing. one cell divides into two, two to four, and so on.

During the first month, there is no significant change in your abdomen girth. Though internally a lot many changes take place. Actually, you find on difference then your previous form. By the end of one month, your baby is about 1/25(0.10cm) of an inch long.

2. Your Abdomen in second month

baby bump in second month

This is the phase when dividing cells of your baby starts taking some distinct forms. Basically in the second month, your baby grows 3-5 times previously. Your uterus which was of pear size now starts increasing.

You start to feel the growth in your baby bump. but you will have doubts about whether it’s fat or your baby bump. Still, the appreciative increase does not occur.

3. Third Month of Baby Bump

This is the month when you start developing a small potbelly. And if you are figure conscious and it’s your first pregnancy,  then you will feel upset about this change.

This is the month when your baby takes a human look. It develops in the head , ears, and eyes during this month. There are changes in internal organs during this time. Your baby’s size is around 3 inches(7.5 cm) at the end of this month.

i. Inappropriate  size in first 3 months

In the first three months, there are hardly any changes in belly size. But yes there is an excessive increase in size then you should be visiting your doctor.

The increase in size can be because of ectopic pregnancy(outside uterus). There can be accumulation of some fluid like amniotic fluid or ascitic fluid.

In a few scenarios it can be due to increased glucose to which doctors call gestational diabetes. Hence regular visits to the doctor are important.

Similarly a small baby bump is also harmful. This implies your baby’s growth is not sufficient.

4. Fourth Month of Baby Bump

baby bump in fourth month

Hooray, you have covered 1/3 rd of your journey. This is the time when your tummy starts to pop a little. Now people start to notice your abdomen.

Your uterus is expanding to make room for your growing baby, so too is your abdomen. This will begin to be much more noticeable this month.

5. Fifth Month Baby Bump

Till now most of the parts of your baby forms. Now your baby even starts to move. If you are lucky enough you can easily feel that. Same time your baby bump will expand till your navel.

This increase in abdomen size will change the way you wake, walk and stand up. As you adjust to this new reality, you may feel especially clumsy. You may also experience continued aches and pains, especially in your back and lower abdomen.

6. Six Month Baby Bump

By now your baby bump will be 7 inches(15cm) . Now your bump will attract the attention of people nearby. People will start to inquire about your pregnancy.

i. Large Belly During 4th to 6th month

There can be various reasons like swelling , a common problem in pregnancy. Large baby bump can also be because you were obese before getting pregnant.

However, sometimes it could indicate gestational diabetes. This is the most common period to have it.In Gestational diabetes your baby receives too much sugar which makes him bigger then normal.

Remember bump sizes are more important during this time. As from your 18th to 34th weeks of pregnancy, your fundal height, in centimeters, will probably equal the number of weeks of your pregnancy.

7. Baby Bump In  Seventh Month

baby bump in seventh month

This month your uterus will reach roughly the midway point between your navel and breasts. By the time everything is said and done, it will occupy the area from your pubic area to the bottom of your rib cage.

Your baby will probably be increasingly active this month, particularly in the second half of the month. Your baby bump will reach upto 15 inches(36-37cm).

8. Baby Bump In Eighth Month

baby bump in eighth month

During this month your baby will continue to grow but the belly will be stable. But again it will definitely look like popping out.

9. Baby Bump In Ninth Month

So you are in the last month of your pregnancy. Your stomach increases to maximum height during this time. It’s around 40-45 cms. This is the time when you will notice a baby bump almost reaching up to the ribs.

Just weeks before birth the baby may drop lower hence your belly might drop a little bit.

i. Baby Bump growing too fast or too slow

Your abdomen if grows too fast during these months then it can be due to diabetes. We now know about it very well. Again another cause can be too much water that is amniotic fluid.

Similarly slow growth can be due to too little water. This situation can create problems during labor. High blood pressure to the mother can also result in this condition.

Hence visit your doctor who would investigate as required and find the cause and take action.

10. Conclusion

So your Baby Bump emotionally gives you the satisfaction of growth of your baby. But by it, you can know about the duration of pregnancy, how fast your baby is growing, and probable due date.

Remember your uterus grows by two-finger width or 4cm every month. So you can check by yourself whether your baby’s growth is ok or not.

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11. Frequently asked Question

Ques 1. In which month of pregnancy belly is seen?

Ans 1.  A “baby bump most commonly appears from weeks 12 to 16 of the second trimester of pregnancy

Ques 2. Do baby bumps have significance? 

Ans 2. Yes, the size of your belly will tell about your gestational age and also about healthy growth of your baby.

Ques 3.How do abdomen size increase?

Ans 3. The uterus rises in the mother’s abdomen by about 2 fingers width or 4cm every month.

Ques 4.What are warning signs for baby bump growth?

Ans 4. The height of the bump not growing as the number of weeks of pregnancy or if there is more than 4 cm growth.

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