Hi there, looking for the best baby’s diaper we will provide you with the best baby diapers available in the market with their pros and cons and other benefits. We will tell you about the diapers based on the various factors which you should consider before buying one.

We know that it is not an easy job for first-time parents to buy Best baby diapers but we assure you that after reading this blog all your questions are answered.

What’s in it for me?

1. Diaper’s Style

Here style basically means Diaper’s type. There are various types of diapers available in the market. Some of them are just there for marketing only and are not so useful.

baby's white and green diaper

Some of the diapers are :

i. Disposables:

A disposable diaper is an absorbent pad sandwiched between two sheets of non-woven fabric. The pad in between can hold the water up to 800 times of its weight and hence keep the liquid away from the child’s skin.

They come in the size of 1-8 and some companies are making them in usual small, medium, large types.

Some companies like Pampers and Huggies are using this product for night as well. The product here is called Huggies Overnight which they say is more efficient than the normal one. Trust me the difference is not that much.

ii. Disposable Underwear:

They are basically for the bigger child of 2-3 years old age if he/she is urinating in the night then they are helpful.

iii. Cloth Diapers:

baby diapers

As the name suggests these are made from fabric like cotton, wool or flannel, etc.

Flannel is the softest of them all. It feels the best on Skin.

Some of them are washable but with the baby detergent only.

Now not many of the parents are opting for these diapers but trust me they are good.

iv. Pull-Ups:

They are a bit like underwear. Huggies Pull-Ups & Pampers Easy Ups are one of the best pull-ups diapers in the market. They have a special feature where there is a line that feels cold to a baby when he/ she urinates making him alert of the situation so that he can go and tell the parents. It is a very handy tool

v. All in One diapers:

 As the name suggests these diapers are all in one that is there is a variation in it’s making. The variations are such that it makes the diapers handy in all conditions even in the night.

vi. Pocket Diapers:

It consist of a waterproof covering that includes a pocket into that you insert a folded diaper or a disposable or washable liner. 

There are various diapers available in the market but these are the common ones and the ones which are needed the most, So you can go for them.

vii. Important Tip

Before buying any of the diapers first take a sample because you are going to buy a lot of them. After using them once make then go for the big pack of 10-12 pieces.

You are going to need 10-12 diapers a day so it is going to be tough if you pick the wrong diaper.

2. Material used in Diapers:

See, material is the most important thing in Diapers.

The disposable diapers and other new variety of diapers have an outer cover of plastic-like material which is common nowadays.

pile of cloth on white surface

The main thing is the inner material that touches the skin of the baby so make sure it is either of cotton, hemp, or wool. These are mixed with Sodium Polyacrylate.

Cloth diapers are made up of cotton or hemp, and sometimes even wool. They are the natural material just don’t use the artificial fiber diapers they will be the best for your baby’s skin.


Fitting of the diaper is one of the common issues for the child as the child is growing and many of the diapers used nowadays.

They come with elastic or Velcro thing which can be uneasy for the baby so, we would suggest you take 1 bigger size for your baby for the comfort that he gets and not any itchiness.

3. Weight- Diaper Comparison

Weight of the diaper is another important factor for the baby,

We have given a Diaper Weight and Size chart please have a look.

Diaper SizeBaby’s Weight
N2-4 Kgs
S3-7 kgs
M5-13 kgs
L10-15 kgs
XLMore than 15 kgs

4. Absorbing Capacity

The absorbing capacity is a must for every diaper. The material, fitting, weight, style everything is important but the most important of them is the absorbing capacity of the diaper.

According to various reports, pampers was the brand that absorbed the most amount of water. So you can opt for it.

white textile on white surface

i. Wetness Indicator of baby diapers

Now many companies are using these wetness indicators in their diapers which is a very good thing. It is like” Fade when Wet”, “Color Change when wet” etc. most of the diaper companies are using this stuff and be very aware of this thing before buying the diaper.

5. Cost per Diaper

This thing is important because you are basically going to buy more than one pack at one and there will many and many packs which are going to come in the next few months, this is going to have some impact on your budget as well so keep a look at the diaper you are purchasing.

6. Reviews

black Samsung Galaxy smartphone displaying Amazon logo

There are various sites like Amazon. Flipkart etc or some other one where you will find the products and their review , also check quora it will be really helpful.

The reviews can also be from some big aunties or someone who had a child before their experience about the product will be very much helpful

7. Conclusion

See these are just recommendations and nothing else you are free to choose any “Baby diapers” you want. Just remember the points that I have given in this blog to get the best out of your baby.

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8. Faqs

Which is the best brand for diapers in India ?

There are many brands like pampers, Mamy Poko Pants or Huggies you can choose any of them

Which material is used to make Diapers?

It is Sodium Polyacrylate with some cotton, Wool or other fabric.

How many diapers can be used for a baby in a day?

Average is around 7-9 diapers a day. So choose wisely

Which Diaper is better disposable one or a Cloth diaper?

Disposable one are more handy but cloth diapers are more comfortable so the choice is yours.

Which Diaper Locks water the most?

According to various studies, the diapers of Pampers locks water the most, So you can go for this brand for night diapers.

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