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You are pregnant and if you say you get sound sleep then probably you are lying. I am sure your bed turns in kusti(wrestling) field every night. You just try to figure out the best sleeping position in pregnancy which you can get sound sleep.

Physically you can see a lot of changes in your body during pregnancy. And these changes affect you mentally and also disturbs your sleep.

I know you would love to sleep on your abdomen . But now in pregnancy you can’t even imagine to do so, sleeping is a far away thing.

This piece of article will try to solve your queries regarding sleeping position in pregnancy. It can be of lot help and I know you are going to thank me.


1. Reason for Discomfort in Sleep

Increase in the size of abdomen is one major reason for discomfort in sleep. It really doesn’t let you adapt to one sleeping position in pregnancy.

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You can blame on back pain, heartburn, difficulty in breathing for disturbed sleep in pregnancy. Changes in hormone labels are always there as a big cause.

Along with these reasons your frequency of awakenings increases, lower overall sleep duration lowers, and daytime sleepiness increases.

2. Best Sleeping Position in pregnancy

Side on sleeping is the best sleeping position in pregnancy which is also known as sleep on side. And best is sleeping on your left side. Yes, the left side is close to your Heart.

i. Left Side as Sleeping Position in Pregnancy

pregnant lady sleeping

Your little boy is growing in the abdomen. It gets all its essential via your blood supply.Sleeping on your left side will increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and your baby. Heart just pumps more in this position.

Sleep on the left side and give support to your back by a pillow. Yes, the pillow works as a boon during this time. Use a pillow between legs.

If you feel acid reflux or uncomfortable in breathing then just prop up your legs, (keep your legs and knees bent) use a pillow in between them and sleep on the side. This will work a miracle.

Now don’t take one more stress thinking how will I maintain the left side on sleep all night. It’s ok if you change sides at night.

ii. Sleeping on back

pregnant lady laying straight

Sleeping on your back is the position in which a pregnant lady sleeps for 80% of their time. Backache is the major problem seen with this position.

Compared to the left lateral position, the supine position results in a

20% reduction in maternal blood pumping. Similarly lower leg blood flow also decreases. This will result in low blood pressure.

Similarly in supine position your big uterus presses big vessels. Remember big vessels are very important vessels which supply blood to different parts.

iii. Sleeping on your stomach

Now I know you love this position. Everyone likes to sleep on their stomachs. But i am sorry to say this is one sleeping position in pregnancy which you should avoid.

Mostly in your third trimester you can see a lot of physical changes in your stomach , so it becomes impossible to sleep in this position.

3. Effect on Baby Due to sleeping position

smiling baby

There is evidence that maternal position can affect fetal behavioral state and heart rate. Your baby’s activity reduces when you sleep in the supine or right lateral position.

Similarly in the left lateral position the activity, heart rate and blood flow increases, your baby gets good nutrition and will have proper growth.

4. Train Yourself to sleep left lateral

Pregnancy is a long period. You have three long trimesters in it. As you know it takes 21 days to learn or start a habit. So what you can do is you can start sleeping in the left lateral position in the first trimester.

During the first trimester your baby is of very small size. so it’s only hormones which cause problems. Hence this is the best time for setting a habit. Start sleeping on the left lateral, ask help from your hubby.

Believe me once the habit is set then it becomes too easy in the third trimester. Remember in the third trimester it’s not only hormones but the size of your baby also affects.

5. Conclusion

Different studies have concluded that a mother’s sleeping position in pregnancy determines your baby’s outcome. Though sleeping position seems a very minor thing with a lot other problems in pregnancy. But it plays a significant role.

It’s not only about your baby’s health but proper sleeping position will help to relieve many problems in pregnancy. You can get relief from back pain, heartburn just improving your sleeping position.

So start sleeping in the left lateral position and do good to yourself and your child.

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6. Frequently Asked Question

Ques 1. What is the best position to sleep in Pregnancy?

Ans 1.The best sleep position during pregnancy is “SOS” (sleep on side). Even better is to sleep on your left side.

Ques 2.Is it safe to sleep propped up in pregnancy?

Ans 2. Yes it is very safe.

Ques 3.What are sleeping aids?

Ans 3.Sleeping Aids During Pregnancy 1 Pillows: Pillows can help you avoid sleepless nights. For back and belly support –Tuck one pillow between your bent knees to support your lower back.

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