Hi there, looking for the best toys for your child, you are on the right page. We are going to tell you about the best toys in the market for your baby and in which month you should use them so be with us till the very last.

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1. How to Choose a toy for your baby?

baby playing with toys

Child safety should be the main priority for you if you are going out to buy a toy for your child.

We are listing some factors on which you can choose a toy for a baby.

i. Noise:

For the first 3 months of the child, the hearing capabilities are not so much developed so you need to take a toy which is making a sound, even if you are ok with that sound, it’s not good for your baby in the initial days. after 3 months you can buy the sound-producing one because they will be required

ii. Light: 

The same goes for light the eyes are also not so much developed so you need to be careful before buying a toy that is emitting light in the beginning.

iii. Size:

Babies easily eat the toys that’s one of their habits so don’t buy toys which are really small in size because that’s going to be really bad.

iv. Quality:

baby playing with cubix

The question is how to choose a toy? The answer is simple, toys should be of good quality they should be made up of wood or good quality plastic which has a smooth finish only.

v. Suffocation for baby

baby with lots of toys

See the toys need not be too big also because it can cause suffocation to him/her. The sleeping area should also not be stuffed with toys as that can damage the sleep cycle.

vi. Paint

Toys that are of low quality can spill the paint in them which can harm the body of the baby as the baby is surely going to put that toy in his mouth. So be very much aware.

2. Toys for the first 3-6 month baby

We are providing you some of the best toys for the first 3 month period for the baby. Not many are toys are needed but, mother- father and family members are really important in this. For the first 3 months, the cuddling and physical touch is very much needed for the baby. 

i. Rattles:


ii. Pattern toys

baby playing with toys

iii. Rotating  projection

Pic Credit – Amazon.in

3. Best toys for a 6-9 month baby.

Now your baby has started to know about things, it’s time to make him attached to sounds, color & everything new in this world. He is going to amaze you as he is going to catch everything up more quickly.

i. Jumparoo

 Pic credit- Pinterest

ii. Drum sets

drum sets

Pic Credit- Amazon.in

iii. Stacking toys

stacking toys

iv. Baby walker around 12 months 

v. Toy train

4. Best toys for a child of 9-12 months

The toys here are for the overall development of your child because not he can go to the park as well. These toys are going to fascinate them and also connect them to the real world. The growth is going to be exponential for your child and you will be amazed by it.

i. Football/ Basketball smaller ones or other games

ii. Cars             

iii. Slides

iv. Baby telephone

Pic Credit- Amazon.in

5. Conclusion:

Before buying a toy there are the various prerequisites that you have to follow and I am sure you will follow them properly but the most important thing is that you have to be with your child every minute.

Your work is not over by just giving him the toy and doing something else. At least for the first year be with the child because how safe you may feel the toys are, they are not so much safe so be very careful about your child and these toys are going to help him grow a lot.

There are many other toys but we have listed some of the common and important one just in case you like something else, it is just fine.

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6. Faqs

1.why toys are important for a child’s development?

Toys are one of the first friends for a child they give him the thinking power, the light, color shapes, and different things are going to come from them.

2. what toys are good for an autistic child?

For me, every child is same in for the first years of their life and reports also suggest that so any normal toy is good for a child with autism.

3. Are there any toys for blind child?

Yes, there are various toys like Light Stax, braille learning doll, drum therapy kit, etc.

4. Which plastic should be used in toys?

The plastic is polypropylene or PP.

5. Are wooden toys a good option for your child?

Wooden toys are biodegradable but they can have many deformities and low-quality issues which can be really harmful to a child.

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