To begin with the most interesting and debatable question, the gender identification of your child, it can be easily understood that by now your cravings have begun or you are expecting them any time soon. 

So, you might have shared your cravings with any of the family members or friends! Like you could have told them “how you’re all of a sudden craving for tomato soup or pickle or potato chips or anything else.” 

People would have at the moment concluded that “ it’s a boy or a girl.”

Gender Identification of a baby

 All of such notions are derived from Old Wives’ tales and I am telling you these tales are interesting!

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So, based on what you are craving is it possible to determine the gender?  Well, that is a debatable question and in this article, we will try finding the answer for the same. 

Here’s what you’ll get to know in the article:

  1. What is food craving and why do you have it?
  2. The old wives’ tales and gender identification.
  3. Should you trust on these tales?
  4. Conclusion 
  5. FAQ

So let’s get straight into it.

1. What is food craving and why do you have it?

You see, when you are pregnant you’ll have this sudden urge of eating something out of the blue. There could be an item you’re not a big fan of otherwise, but during your pregnancy, you would even empty your bank account to quench the thirst for that very item. It is hard to resist. 

women eating

Although these cravings start during the first trimester they peak during the second and gradually decrease during the third. Your urge to eat can seldom lead you to non-edible items like sand, mud, dirt, paint, cement, etc. 

If you have any of this nonfood item related urges, a doctor’s advice is must required. 

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a. Why do you have the cravings?

Although there is no such specific answer to why a woman has these food cravings but the world is full of speculations. The two famous ones are:

i. Body’s Way of communicating

3 pregnant ladies sitting together

Above all, this is a truth that you are carrying two lives with you and your body needs nutrition more than ever. So, some people believe that when you crave for a specific food item, you are actually craving the nutrients that the item has to offer. 

ii. Hormonal changes:


You see, one more fact about pregnancy is that there are a lot of hormonal changes going within you and possibilities are that these hormonal changes are the ones causing all these food cravings.

But as we till date there is no conclusive evidence that could actually prove why women crave for food during pregnancy. 

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2. The old wives’ tales and gender identification.

Old wives’ tales are the teachings and practices that are being passed on from generations that do not hold any scientific validation, for instance “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” or “Don’t swallow gum or it will stay in your stomach for years.”

Gender Identification old wives tales

You see, all these speculations hold no valid or rational reasoning but yet are believed to be true by some people. On the other hand, few also badge them as superstition. But, You see, everyone has their own believes.

a. What do old wives’ tales say about gender Identification?

Surely the world is very old and a human being can learn best from the other’s experience. Over the past many years these speculations regarding the gender identification of the child based on what kind of cravings you have, have been passed on. 

And there is no one who does not want to know the gender of their baby!

As, per these tales that have been passed over from generations, here what you crave for.

i. When it is a boy:

a boy

If you’re craving for anything salty or sour, whatever it may be, like potato chips, pickle (the most famous one), or anything that has salt or sourness in it. And your urge to eat it is an all-time high, for instance, you always look for something salty or sour, it might be a boy.

There is a gender Identification belief that pickle craving means that you will give birth to twins.

ii. When it is a girl:

a girl

When the body demands citrus is believed to be a key sign that you are carrying a girl. Anything from tomato soup to orange juice or a sudden urge to eat sweets like ice cream, chocolate, candy, etc. indicates that you are carrying a girl. 

But it should be noted that there is no scientific evidence proving the claims, these are just ideas or believes passed on from generations.

3. Should you trust these tales?

Well, without any scientific evidence it might become hard to have faith or trust these tales. But there must be a reason that these things are common around the world.

No matter where you are from. You will always hear the same notion and the same sayings. This is a point when you might start doubting your rational thinking. 

women in doubt about Gender Identification tales

A person’s preference and perception shall surely play a vital role here. You see, it is entirely your choice how you want to see the world, do you want to see it from the eyes of science or the eyes of rituals. 

The thing to keep in mind is that anything that science backs obviously has some strong reason. So if anyone claims that you’re not having periods that means you will have a boy or girl will be an absurd logic and you can shut him up with logic.

But the same is not true for Old wives’ tales. Some might call it superstition but the older generation seems to have a firm belief in them. 

They do not have any scientific explanation but that does not mean that any findings have been made against these sayings or beliefs! 

But when you hear these pregnant ladies, you will notice that what they say and what these tales claim, they both have some similarities in them. 

women confused about Gender Identification tales

With that in mind, it is up to you whether you want to believe in these tales or not.

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4. Conclusion

The gender of the child will always be an important factor in their child’s upbringing. But you should not forget that it is illegal in India to get your unborn baby’s gender tested. So, your best hope is these Old Wives’ tales.

Old wives’ tales hold a special place in this society that cannot be changed. It comes with no surprise that even after not being backed by science these tales are so much popular and everyone can relate to it. 

story telling

Old wives’ tales originate in the form of storytelling but end up becoming an idea or belief. It is entirely up to you whether you want to believe in these tales or not. 

No matter which choice you make, but as soon as you start having food cravings, you can always have these Old Wives’ Tales to guide you into a guessing game! 

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5. FAQ

What is the old wives’ tale?

The old wives’ tale is an idea or belief that has been passed on from generations and it does not hold any scientific rationalism to it. 

Where did old wives’ tales come from?

They come from previous generations when methods like storytelling were used to teach lessons or make difficult concepts of life like death easy for children to understand. They had been carried forward to such an extent that they ended up becoming beliefs. 

Are old wives’ tales justified?

The answer lies in your perception of things. But they surely have an impact. 

Can old wives’ tales help revel the gender?

Well, it does provide some hint but there is no scientific evidence to prove it’s claimed. There are just women with their experiences.  

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