Today we will talk about the various do’s and don’ts during pregnancy. This blog will be the guide of do’s and don’ts during pregnancy, for a pregnant woman. From the first trimester to the 2nd and 3rd trimester. So be patient and read the whole thing.

What’s in it for me?

1. What is the first trimester?

do's and don’ts during pregnancy

First trimester is the period of pregnancy from the date of last menstruation up to the completion of 12 weeks.

This is an extremely delicate period of pregnancy. Because this is part where the formation of parts begins as a small structure and gradually goes into 12 weeks.

Here almost one can see that the structure is identifiable with tiny Limbs of the head. And the other parts can be seen by the obstetricians.

2. Do’s and Don’ts during the first Trimester

I have given the do’s and don’ts during pregnancy randomly in the blog so read the whole blog for complete information.

First, consult the doctor or obstetricians of yours and not follow anyone advice because you won’t be knowing about your body as well as they do.

a. Self Medication

The second thing should be to not to take the excessive medicine that you might have been consuming previously because they are going to affect the developing child .

Ask your doctor for the medicine because these medicines that you might be taking have some or the other side effect.

The other thing that is important is that you should be having contacts of all the important family members and your doctor to whom you can contact to.

The next important thing is the intake of Folic acid.

Folic acid is a part of B complex what is very important in early pregnancy because it is known to prevent certain things especially the neural tube defects in the developing fetus

b. Diet

healthy diet

The next important point is that diet. She should take homemade clean and nutritious food in the form of small frequent meals along with a liquid diet. Water in the diet should be about 1.5 to two litters.

Avoiding Dehydration can become a very big problem because it can damage the fetus. So drink the appropriate amount of water

Antioxidant containing foods are also important like oranges, red apples, yellow banana and blueberries these can be consumed in adequate quantity

They will provide antioxidants which results in forming a healthy pregnancy and even keep the body of the pregnant girl healthy.

If a pregnant girl driving she should take a liquid proportions of using a seatbelt so that she doesn’t become accident-prone.

Only take prescribed medication and not the medication by youtube or any other source.

Avoid Junk Food in the first trimester so that it becomes a habit in the later stages of your pregnancy.

c. Should Avoid Alcohol/ Tobacco

don't drink alcohol during pregnancy

Avoid alcohol and tobacco if the pregnant girl issuing them before as it can cause great harm to the baby.

Caffeine should not be taken in large amounts but a small amount of caffeine in half for one cup two cups of tea or coffee can be permitted but not in high dose. It can be detrimental for the developing fetus.

Raw pineapple should be avoided to avoid pregnancy this has got some toxic materials that are said to be detrimental to the developing fetus in.

3. Do’s and Don’ts during the 2nd and 3rd trimester

In this phase, the baby is getting full functional maturity. And you need to focus & remember all of do’s and don’ts during pregnancy.

Now the baby started getting into the proper shape and diet has now become really important

Baby is forming the bones cartilage muscles and organs now So for the mother is very important to take a proper diet.

It needs to be a high-protein diet a diet that consists of liquid milk and milk products.

She should take two glasses of milk and 2 cups of curd along with other Milk products like cottage cheese.

mom's holding hands of a baby

The protein requirement is about a hundred to 120 grams per day for a pregnant girl for which she has to eat adequate proteins to make the fetus full of nutrition.

Posture should be correct now because she should lie on the left side only that increases the blood circulation for the fetus and she should not remain at a straight lying position for too long this is going to affect the baby

Exercise in this phase is very important like yoga and the prepregnancy exercises are going to really help the baby and the mother.

By doing these exercises she is going to get relief of the stress and the things doing in her body due to the various release of hormones

Dental hygiene is very important in pregnancy because if dental hygiene is not kept up to date there is a risk that dental sepsis can affect the heart of the pregnant mother and which can make the pregnant mother sick.

The next important action that a pregnant girl should take is to take care of the abdominal wall.

The abdominal wall is under constant itching due to the increasing uterus and the increasing pump this skin so take care of them.

The dont’s here in this trimester is more or less the same that is mentioned in the first trimester.

What you now need to be aware of the overeating and junk eating cravings that you are going to get. So be aware and try to eat healthy.

4. Conclusion

So these are the things that you need to be aware of do’s & don’ts during pregnancy. And I am sure that these things are going to help you with your delivery as well.

The final advice would be to not to neglect the small things in pregnancy because they can become very large.

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5. FAQ:

Can I Eat Cottage cheese in pregnancy?

The answer is a little complicated as it depends on your physique but most of the doctors don’t advise you cheese and dairy products.

How to control cravings for Junk in Pregnancy?

  The cravings for jink is a part of pregnancy and you should be self-aware of it. Doing regular exercise and Yoga is going to help you a lot.

What should be my posture in pregnancy while sleeping?

You should consult your doctor first, according to many expert sleeping by sleeping to the left side help the blood circulation towards the Uterus.

Can a pregnant woman have sex during pregnancy?

Yes, it’s just a myth that you can’t have sex in pregnancy, but don’t do it in the 8th or 9th month.

What is the daily protein requirement of a pregnant lady?

It is 120-140 gm per day.

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