First of all congratulations on being a father. You are going to unlock big halls of love in your heart which you didn’t know existed. There are a crazy amount of responsibilities for a husband towards her pregnant wife but even more so for a new dad for his newborn baby.  And to become the best father you must know Do’s and Don’ts in taking care of your baby.

Most of the men lead a bachelor carefree life up until they get married and then start to straighten up a little bit. Once you become a father, your life definitely changes for the better. These men turned dads become more responsible, empathetic, affectionate, and caring. But to carry out the responsibilities properly, every father should know about DO’s & DON’Ts about pregnancy.

They need to know a lot about the baby and there are multiple areas where you have a keen role to play. Let’s get into some tips that you would be definitely needing once that baby comes into this world.

Do’s and Don’ts for father


Do’s for father during pregnancy

Supplements are very necessary.

1. You need to keep in regulation your wife’s supplement intake during the entire gestation period.There are certain nutrients that are very necessary for the baby’s growth. Vit D, K and vit B biotin can be manufactured in the body from non dietary sources.


Most of the other vitamins and minerals must be provided by diet or supplements. A balanced diet is very important especially if your wife is suffering from strong food aversions. Sickness and nausea can be some of the effects to be taken care of.

It is always beneficial if you give her the supplements that are specially formulated for pregnant moms to ensure you’re getting enough of necessary vitamins and minerals every day including Iron and folic acid. In addition there are other nutrients such as fiber, omega 3 fatty acids and phytochemicals. You’ll need to ensure that the mother and baby enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

You can give upto 400micrograms of folic acid everyday and continue for at least the first trimester. This will help prevent neural tube defects such as spina bifida and birth defects. In case of multivitamin make sure it doesn’t contain more than the recommended daily dose of 2565units of vit A.  Unless most of it is in the form of beta carotene. Getting too much of a certain kind of vit A can cause birth defects. Besides supplements, give a variety of healthy foods like fruits, veggies, whole grain calcium rich foods and lean meat. Use organic if possible.


2. To ensure she does all possible moderate exercise. It’s wise to keep moving in pregnancy until your doctor has advised otherwise. Physical activity is good for the mother and the baby like walking, swimming, yoga, etc. Remember to maintain her hydration levels.

3. To ensure she takes 7-9 hrs of sleep every day. Also, ensure she is comfortable in her posture. Use pillows between her legs and under the bump. See that she lies on the left side to prevent pressure on Vena Cava that brings supplies to her heart from the lower part of her body.

4. Always keep in your head about “Do’s and Don’ts during pregnancy”. Make regular visits to your doctor. Do not think of being fussy. Your wife and the baby are always the top priority.

Do’s and Don’ts of feeding healthy fruits

Don’ts for a father during-pregnancy

1. Men should know about Do’s and Don’ts with accuracy because Don’ts are always more severe and numerous than dos.

2. Do not let her stress. It’s common to overstress pregnancy symptoms but keep in mind that her body is going through a lot of changes and some of the irregularities are normal. If you still have any concern then talk to your doctor. If there are any complications, it’s wise to catch them early.

pregnant lady in stress

3. Do not let her smoke or engage in any recreational intoxicative activities. It can cause a lot of problems like birth defects or even miscarriage. Preterm deliveries, low birth weight and premature rupture of membranes are too prone to happen. It can also pass in breast milk after birth.

4. Do not let her eat risky food. They represent an increased risk of food poisoning. Here is a list of several of them.
– Unpasteurized cheese
– Raw or rare meat
– High levels of caffeine
– Raw or uncooked eggs
– High mercury fish
– Nitrate rich food
Also, remember to always wash the fruits and veggies thoroughly before eating.

5. Do not give her hot baths. It is essential to avoid overheating of the body especially in the first trimester.

6. Remove all of her toxic chemicals. Do not let her apply toxic chemicals on her like toxic creams, bad makeup, etc. Keep her away from bleach, oven cleaner, ammonia and most importantly paint.

Do’s and Don’ts to know about toxic creams

7. One of the most important points of Do’s & Don’ts during pregnancy that every father should know about depression. Do not ignore depression. Look after her. Researchers have found out that about 25% of cases of postpartum depression started during pregnancy. Constantly changing hormones is enough to trigger some deep regrets and generally, people pass them away calling them mood swings.


When a boy becomes a man, he kind of has an idea of what to do and what not to do. But when a man turns into a father, there is a lot of confusion in the brain of a father and then man has a lot of questions with that father which he finds hard to be answered. They must know DO’s & DON’Ts during pregnancy, how to handle the situations properly. This is possibly due to the lack of such role models in the area. Also, it might be the questions of life. But having a gist of what to do and what not to do helps that man turn into a father in a smooth seamless way. 

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Does a father need to maintain a diet ?

Maintaining a diet is never a bad idea. Although a father’s diet doesn’t affect the baby’s growth but after childbirth, the kid tends to copy their parents.

Can father smoke during pregnancy ?

Not smoking is the best option for fathers too but if they really want to smoke, they need to stay away from the mother and the baby.

Can father drink during pregnancy ?

Yes, fathers can have a little alcohol as long as it does not change their behavior and is proper to the mother and the baby.

Does a father’s physical health affect pregnancy in any way?

No, a father’s physical health doesn’t account for the baby’s health but they need to make sure they do not have the flu or a carrier of any virus.

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