Entering into the third trimester can be a little exciting, joyful, and worrisome at the same time. It is a mixed feeling that every woman goes through. You may go through various physical changes. So you must take proper 8th month pregnancy precaution.

In these days, a few women experience heartburn, back pain, false contractions, breathlessness, etc which are the most common symptoms. So, you do not need to worry much about it. However, in certain cases, if the pain is unbearable, then you must immediately contact your gynecologist.

However, before everything else, you must take every single precaution that is needed in the third trimester. It includes many things starting from a balanced diet to a stable mental health. You must not miss upon anything so as to expect a smooth delivery.

In this article, you will get to know about every single thing that you must know to ensure good delivery.

So, what’s in it for me?

So, without wasting time, let’s get into the guide:

1. Keep balanced diet

Photo of fruits, eggs, & veggies

In this 8th month period, you must focus on having the right food for your balanced health. Preferably, you should eat small meals on a frequent interval. This will provide your body with requisite energy and keep yourself fresh. 

Also, doing so will keep you calmed as you might have been suffering through constipation. One thing to remember is that you must avoid eating junk food these days. The spicy food is not healthy for your stomach. 

With this, you should also drink enough water to keep your body hydrated. As in, lots of energy in the body gets invested in making yourself ready for labor pains during these times.

2. Carry out the right exercise

Photo of woman doing exercise

In the third trimester period, you can do the simpler exercises that will keep you active. You can also attend the labour and delivery classes to identify everything that is associated with labor pains. 

However, you must not force yourself to too much exercise. Like you should not stand for longer durations as it is not good for your health.

3. Observe every symptom

It is the period wherein the baby is preparing himself for labor & delivery. And so, the baby starts to drop down in your pelvis. Also, as it’s the 8th month, you will notice that your baby has put on the most weight in this period. 

As a result of which, you may have been going through back pain, breathlessness, false contractions (Braxton hicks contractions), etc. Although these symptoms are quite common, then also you must keep a check on them. 

At any point of time, if you are experiencing unbearable pain, then immediately call up on your gynecologist. Nevertheless, the false contractions experienced are very natural if it has lasted for approximately one day. If such cramps continue even after 1 day, then you should check the same with your doctor.

4. Check for baby movements

Photo depicting to check for every baby movement

As said above, it is the time when your baby will be in a head down position. In the last trimester, the child shifts his position opposite in order to prepare himself for labour pains. 

So, you must watch over baby’s movements at least once in 2-3 hours. You must feel a movement when you check over the child’s movements. In any case, if you are not feeling anything, then also do not panic yourself immediately. Wait for sometime and check again. If you doubt anything, then you can take the opinion of your gynac.

With this, you should visit the gynecologist for ultrasound treatments after reasonable days. These treatments include checking of the baby’s heartbeats, movements, and position. 

5. Keep your mental health stable

Image of a woman doing meditation as pregnancy precautions

This is the most important and often ignored thing by most women. This is a must if you want to take proper 8th month pregnancy precaution. In this time period, it is alright to feel a little anxious, excited, happy, or sad. You will experience a mixture of feelings throughout these days. 

However, you must stay happy and balanced at the end of the day. Do not get worried about your labor & delivery times. Even if you are pregnant for the first time, convince your mind that it is all natural. After all, every woman goes through it one or more times in their lifetime. 

So, ultimately, excessive worrying is only going to harm you unnecessarily. Instead, spend quality time with your spouse. 

6. Get your finances ready

Image of a woman calculating finances as pregnancy precautions

Another important thing is to keep your finances ready for future pregnancy expenses. Once you will start experiencing the labor cramps, there will be comparatively less time in your hands to arrange finances. 

It involves a lot of expenses starting from hospital bills to new born’s clothes. You must try to purchase things in advance so as to avoid future hustles. As in once the baby arrives, you will be willing to spend more time with the baby rather than doing all these stuff. 

Last but not the least, you must also keep your insurances ready as it supports us financially in emergency situations. 

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7. Conclusion

Lastly, you must consult with the old experienced people at your home. Our parents & grandparents know everything better than us. So, taking a good piece of advice from them is always a good choice. They can help you with 8th month pregnancy precaution to take in a proper way.

8. FAQs

What is the third trimester?

Answer: It is a period wherein your baby develops maximum and makes himself ready for labor pains & delivery. This period is also known as the 8th month of pregnancy.

What symptoms appear in the 8th month of pregnancy?

Answer: The common symptoms are back pain, breathlessness, constipation, heartburn, false contractions, etc.

Which month does a baby turn during pregnancy?

Answer: The baby turns in the last trimester that is in 8th month of pregnancy. He or she turns his head downwards which makes the delivery situations favorable.

How to keep your mental health stable in the 8th pregnancy month?

Answer: You can listen to peaceful music, watch movies, spend time in cooking, etc to keep your mental health stable. Do not get panic unnecessarily thinking about the future. However, if you are feeling anxiety for a longer time, then you can at least talk for once with your gynecologist and resolve all your concerns.

Can I travel in my last trimester?

Answer: Yes, air travel is allowed until 34-36th weeks of pregnancy. You need to have a doctor’s note to travel through an aeroplane. However, you should avoid such long & hectic journies as it may be tiresome.

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