If you are in your eighth month of pregnancy, then congratulations on the future baby’s birth. I know that it looks weird. But I will experience that happy moment in your life. Eighth-month pregnancy is quite a tough thing to do.

Now that you have come a long way. It is necessary to take every precaution needed for safe delivery. 

The third trimester is about growing and developing the child. It is pretty much hard for couples.

What’s in it for me?


Now when you are into the eighth month of pregnancy, Your fetus is expected to grow 10-11 inches long. Hair also started to fall that responsible for fetus covering.

In these eight months a pregnant week, you will experience something different in 4 weeks like:-

In week 29-30

The fetus will have a cramp rump length of 27 Cm. Testes will begin to separate into the scrotum from the abdomen between weeks 30 and 34.

In week 31-32

The fetus will have a cramp rump length of 28 Cm. The hair which covers the fetus will start to fall.

Pregnancy symptoms at eight months pregnant.

Pregnancy symptoms at eight months pregnant.
eight months pregnant baby

So now, get ready for the new type of symptoms that you will face and even old ones too.


You will face breathing issues or short breath. As the Uterus will continue to grow, it is tight the abdomen space. So, the uterus will push the stomach towards the lungs. It will make it hard to flow the air inside and shortening the breath. So, You have to keep standing and sitting in a straight position.

Leg cramps

It hurts too much during the third trimester. Usually, doctors don’t know the reason behind it. It is advised to stretch your calf muscles. Gently massage the downward if felt any cramps. There are also many exercises guidance or workshops available for patients.


You will get tired at this point in time. Your belly has grown much. It will be uncomfortable to sleep at night. In the eighth month pregnancy, you will feel very tired all day. So to keep yourself on track, you just have to exercise daily and have a routine healthy diet. This will help you to Gain energy and can sleep peacefully at night. You can take rest or sleep whenever you want.

There are also many things to take care of yourself like frequent urination which shows a baby in your uterus is fully grown for excretion. 


Stress is also a common thing you will get through. It will be due to the family’s excitement, your nervousness for the first child, and the approaching of the baby’s birth.

Baby’s growth in the eighth month in Pregnancy

During the eighth month of pregnancy, Your baby will start to grow by weight and belly. This is a true sign of getting close to birth. Lanugo ( hair on the body) will fall off. 

Eventually, the baby will have little hair on their head and the brain will develop in this stage. The function of the brain started working. The baby will be able to control his body temperature and movement which needed outside the womb. 

The baby’s bones get developed hard enough but still skulls are too soft. Your baby will become a little active. You will feel his movement inside your womb. Kicking, hiccups, and stretching becomes the baby’s movement.

Your doctor will tell you the movement done by the baby. Try to keep your mood happy. This will keep the baby healthy and positive. Just check his movement count suggested by your doctor.

Body Changes in the eighth month of Pregnancy.

Body Changes in the eighth month of Pregnancy.

We have discussed everything related to your health earlier. Here we will have a small brief to guide you.

This will be your toughest time in pregnancy. You have to take care of yourself. Just eat the right thing. It will keep the baby healthy. 

The stomach might heavy day by day and you will be started to get the feeling of restlessness. But take rest whenever you want. This is one of the most important phases. You have to be strong enough to carry physical and mental weight.

Have a regular basic exercise to keep away your body pain. Diet is the most important aspect of the growth of your baby for the coming years.

It will be challenging physically and you might get exhausted due to the pressure of the first baby. Have someone besides you for care. They will help you to be happy and calm.


It will be enough to give you the courage to face your pregnancy. You will have labor starting in the eighth month in pregnancy of week 29 and 32 to ninth month pregnancy of week 33 to 35.

So, keep your finger cross. Pray to the god. Consult your doctor regularly and enjoy your pregnancy.

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What are the options of labor pain relief for me?

Analgesic drugs for pain reduction.
Anesthetic drugs for pain blocking

What should be avoided during the eighth month of pregnancy?

Powdered and unpasteurized milk
Consumption of coffee and alcohol
Fried foods and soft cheese
Meats and eggs

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