Do you want to know how everything about ultrasound test? Yes, I need it. Let me help you with the stages of ultrasound in pregnancy and help you to know more about ultrasounds.

Ultrasound is defined as a technique in medical term to check or view the internal organs of the body,

Find out if there are any certain diseases that are in the internal organs and help the patient to cure it.

It also defines various ways to check the mother’s internal organs to check the growth of babies with various new technologies.

Let help you with the things that are needed to know while going ultrasound in pregnancy,

  1. Things need to know before booking ultrasound in pregnancy test
  2. Types of ultrasound in pregnancy
  3. Things need to know after the test
  4. Is ultrasound in pregnancy safe?
  5. Procedure for ultrasound in pregnancy
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ

1. Things need to know before booking ultrasound in pregnancy test:

Before you go through the test, make sure about a few things and then you can proceed for the ultrasound test.

The few things that you need to know,

  • Make sure that you do not consume anything before 2-3 hours test.
  • You can only consume water and that should be two glasses of water.
  • Drinking water will help the doctor to check the clear as the water can pass through the screen and we can check the organs.
  • Always eat local fruits available in the market as your body would not accept global fruits which are not in season.
  • Ultrasound will help you check whether you are pregnant (or) not.
would be mom imagining about baby

2. Types of ultrasound in pregnancy:

There are many types of tests, which can be listed from the first week until delivering date.

i. Dating Scan:

The dating scan is also called a first scan which will help you check whether you are pregnant or not.

It can help us when the other test of pregnancy fails then the doctor checks for the baby in the mother’s womb.

ii. Checking the baby test:

Checking the baby test is done at the 15th-20th week of the ultrasound test.

Here, the doctor checks for the baby’s health, the growth of the baby, the mother organs which are in the internal.

There are three trimesters of test,

iii. First Trimester ultrasound in pregnancy:

The first trimester of ultrasound (or) first-trimester screening is defined as testing the blood before the screening process and going through an ultrasound exam.

In the first trimester ultrasound in pregnancy, also an early ultrasound test takes place between the 5-9th week of pregnancy and helps the parents to check the baby in the mother’s womb.

It also helps the doctor to check,

  • Confirm that whether you are pregnant (or) not.
  • Confirm the heartbeat of fetal
  • Check the estimated date of delivery.

iv. Second Trimester ultrasound in pregnancy:

Second-trimester ultrasound is also called as “Level 2 Ultrasound”, it helps with the detailed image of the baby growth in the mother’s reproductive organs.

Level 2 Ultrasound test is not conducted for simple matters and the test is done by the experienced sonographer as it gives a clear picture of the baby.

However, it is tested in 2D and 3D,4D is done only when there is some medical emergency.

Level 2 Ultrasound test gives you idea about,

  • To see how the baby is growing, development size, body size, measurement of hands, legs, body, facial experiment.
  • Making sure that the level of fluid is better and is at the correct location.
  • If needed, let you know the sex(gender) of the baby.
  • Tell the mother that the baby is growing and showing the mother the baby’s feet, hands, face, organs, and everything.

v. Third Trimester ultrasound in pregnancy:

Third Trimester test is conducted between 34-38th week of pregnancy and it is also called a fetal ultrasound scan.

The fetal ultrasound scan is performed with the help of a sensor called an abdominal sensor, the normal weight of fetal would be 2.5-2.6 kg(2600 kgs) and the length would be 44-46 cm.

Mostly the fetal is bigger than the brain, the fetal is active always while the mother is pregnant and it takes care of all the things as it is active all day 95%.

Why do babies kick while in the mother’s womb?

At last stage, the baby is developed and the fetal has few senses activated at this stage,

  • It hears the voice of outside(father’s voice) and kicks out of joy.
  • It is pain sensitivity and has developed a skin tactile.
  • Also, it can taste the food that mothers eat.

3. Things need to know after the test:

The test is safe and does not harm both the mother and the baby.

Once the test is done, the doctor will give you the report and check the report.

You will get to know about your health and the baby in the stomach so that you can take care of it.

everything about ultrasound test of pregnant belly

You should take care of yourself by eating health food like,

  • Drinking at least 6 liters of water.
  • Eating seasonal and locally available fruits.
  • Eating homemade food.
  • Avoiding street food and taking care by doing some exercises.
  • Read books to help the growth of the baby.

You can check here:

4. Is ultrasound in pregnancy safe?

Yes, the ultrasound in pregnancy is safe for both the baby and the mother. The doctors take care of both, especially when doing an ultrasound test.

As ultrasound is just waves that are derived from the word “Ultrasound” itself, the sound describes the sound waves.

It is safer than most of the rays called X-rays as they harm the body directly and vigorously.

ultrasound of pregnant lady

However, ultrasound should be conducted under an experienced sonographer as it will help you to act safer.

Most of the scans like 2D,3D,4D are helpful to increase pregnancy safety under the sonographer.

5. Procedure for ultrasound in pregnancy:

Before booking a test, you should take care of certain things and they are,

  • Do not consume anything at least two hours before the test.
  • Drink at least 2 glasses of water as that will help the doctor to do the test.
  • Eat only the homemade food as it will help you to stay healthy before the test.
  • You can take any two people long with you for the test.
  • Wear a two-piece dress as it will help the doctor to do a test.

While going through the test taking care of few things,

  • Children below 12 years are not allowed to watch the images during the test.
  • You can take only two members while the test is going through.
  • No phones/cameras are allowed during the test.
  • You cannot take any video inside the room.

After the test is over there are few things to do,

  • Once the test is completed, you are given a few tissues to wipe away the gel applied over the stomach to do the test.
  • Then, you will be going to the toilet.
  • Once you came out, the doctor will give you the report of the test.
  • You will be given medicines if needed, else you would have to eat healthy and homemade food.

6. Conclusion:

At last, the test would huge care to go through, as the women need to take special care of their daily routine while they are pregnant.

baby bathing

Taking care would help both the baby and the women, as then the test would take a healthy phase.

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7. FAQ:

What is Level 2 Ultrasound in pregnancy?

Level 2 Ultrasound is also called second-trimester ultrasound in pregnancy which is defined as checking the baby health in the mother’s womb. It is conducted in 2D and gives images.

When ultrasound in pregnancy?

Ultrasound in pregnancy can be of three types and they are, First-trimester, Second-trimester, and third-trimester ultrasound in pregnancy, and the test is done based on these trimesters.

What is Ultrasound in pregnancy 12 weeks?

Ultrasound in pregnancy which is tested before 12 weeks of pregnancy is called First-trimester ultrasound in pregnancy which results in checking the pregnancy positive and checking the baby and the mother’s reproductive organs

What is ultrasound in pregnancy risk?

There is no risk in ultrasound in pregnancy test as both mother and the baby would be safe in the test.

Ultrasound in pregnancy for which gender?

Ultrasound in pregnancy is for women who are pregnant

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