Motherhood is a very important stage in the life of a woman, where all love begins and ends there. Many people don’t have the idea of a 5th-month pregnancy diet. Pregnancy is the beginning of a great adventure for a mother. So, a woman needs to be very careful in her diet, eating habits, lifestyle, and many other related things in pregnancy.

Welcome in the 5th month of pregnancy! You are now in the 5th month and much more excited about the changes in your body or diet. The duration of the 5th month is from the 18th week to the 21st week. The calorie requirement increased up to 347 to 350 calories per day during the 5th month of pregnancy.

You may experience baby’s kick in this month called as Quickening. During the 5th month of pregnancy, the baby gains a weight of approx.600 gm and 27 cms(10.5 inches)in height. So, calorie and dietary demand also change month by month.

In this blog, you’ll get to know more about these


calcium, vitamin & protein included 5th Month Pregnancy Diet


Proteins are known as the ‘building material’ of the body. It contains amino acids, which act as a building block of the body. Proteins are essential to sustain health and for muscles.

Protein deficiency during pregnancy affects fetus growth and causes IUGR(Intrauterine growth restriction)

DOSE- 75-100gms/day

Mainly depends on body weight;

0.75 g per kg per body weight.


FoodQuantityProtein Amount
Dal1 Katori7g
Chicken leg, skinless100gms19g


Calcium is very important in the development of strong teeth and skeletal system. Thus, you should intake a calcium-rich diet.



  • Dairy products (if tolerated)- Low-fat milk, Yoghurt, hard cheese
  • Some snacks – Dried fig, Dried dates, Almonds, Kiwi, Mulberries
  • Small bony fish like Sardines


It is very important in the formation of Collagen. Collagen is a type of protein that provides support to cartilage, bones, and skin and helps the body to fight against infections.

Vitamin-C is not stored in our body so, it is necessary to take a daily intake of Vit-C.

DOSE-85 milligrams/day


  • Orange juice
  • Grapefruit juice
  • Kiwi
  • Tomato
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower


Along with food, sufficient intake of water is also useful. Constipation is a very common minor ailments during pregnancy. This can be resolved by an adequate intake of water. Eight glasses of water a day is mandatory.


whole grains

Whole-grain foods contain minerals of the proper amount. Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin-B complexes, and many other minerals are present in these. They are very important in the development of the baby and in the growth of a placenta.


  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Oat
  • Rice


Iodine is an element necessary for the generation of maternal and baby thyroid hormones and helps in maintaining the nervous system of the baby. The deficiency of iodine develops a diseased condition in the baby known as cretinism(congenital hypothyroidism).

DOSE- 150 micrograms per day


  • Iodised salt is a good source of iodine. Include this salt in your diet.
  • Seafood like shrimp (Seafoods are also a good source of iodine because they absorb natural iodine from seawater)
  • Eggs
  • Dairy products like cheese, milk, yogurt


You must avoid all this foods & drinks during 5th Month Pregnancy Diet which is mentioned below:

what food to avoid


Soft drinks are carbonated products which can cause digestion or gastric problems. In pregnancy, they can cause discomfort and health problems. So, it is better to take other fluid options like lassi, chaach, juice, lemon juice, etc. in pregnancy diet


Alcohol passes to the fetus through the umbilical cord. This can cause problems like miscarriage, stillbirth or fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FSADs).

Baby with FSADs has many different physical characteristics and behaviours like low weight, abnormal facial features, low IQ(Intelligence quotient) poor memory, and many other problems.


Smoking and tobacco intake during pregnancy put the baby on health risk. Even one cigarette doubles the health risk on the fetus. This can cause preterm labour, low birth weight, congenital defects, and the risk of SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome).SIDS or Crib death is the sudden death of the infant with unknown causes, mainly during sleep.


Some tips are to be kept in mind while making a dietary plan for the 5th-month pregnancy diet.


watch clock

You are very confused about pregnancy that, at which time you have to eat, and in what amount. So, below are some tips to schedule your daily diet.


1. Pre – Breakfast – around 7 am


  • Wholemeal toast
  • yogurt
  • scrambled eggs

2. Breakfast – around 9 am

  • Fresh fruits
  • Glass of milk
  • Boiled legumes
  • Beans
  • Eggs
  • Dry fruits

3.Mid -morning – 11 am to noon


  • Mixed nuts
  • yogurt with fruits

4.Lunch – Around 1:30pm

  • Cooked vegetables
  • Salads
  • Bread
  • Chapati
  • Rice
  • Protein-rich foods

5 Evening snacks – Around 4 pm

Light snacks like

  • Makhana
  • Dry fruits
  • Fruits

6.Dinner – Around 8 pm

  • Salads
  • Fresh fruits
  • Vegetables

Eat food items in six mini-meals and a glass of milk before sleep. Eat more starchy foods rather than sugary foods. In this manner, you have to plan a pregnancy dietary schedule.

ii. Daily Servings

In daily diet plans of pregnancy, include food servings in a given amount. This may be changed according to the month and health condition of the mother and fetus or according to need. Let’s discuss them.

1.Fruits and vegetables- 5 servings

From 5 servings, must have –

  • Dark orange vegetable -1 serving
  • Dark green leafy vegetables- 2 servings
  • Citrus fruit like lemon, orange- 1 serving

2.Whole grain-like, bread and cereals – 6 servings

3.Milk products – 3 servings

4.Extra-lean meats – 2 to 3 servings

5.Water – 8 glasses


During the 5th-month pregnancy diet, a pregnant woman suffered from some discomforts which can easily be resolved by dietary modification. Some of them are –


women holding her stomach

In this condition, stools become hard and difficult to pass. Constipation is a common pregnancy minor ailment.

Management can be done by

  • Drink water in a proper amount. 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat whole-grain foods.
  • If the condition is not resolved, consult with a doctor.


In pregnancy, total body volume, plasma volume increases, increased size of uterus exerts pressure on vena cava. So, all these conditions can develop as a swelling or edema in the body especially on legs and more at night time. Sever edema may be a sign of pre-eclampsia(a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure).

Management is done by

  • Decrease the amount of salt in the diet.
  • Sleep by slightly elevating your legs using a pillow.
  • Take natural diuretics like grapes, green onions, garlic, green beans, dark green and leafy vegetables.
  • Eat high- potassium foods such as banana, legumes, sweet potato.
  • Eat antioxidants containing food items, for example, tomato, blueberries, raspberries.


I hope that now you are able to find the answer to all your questions and able to clear your misconceptions in this blog about what to eat or not to eat, eating habits, and tips during the 5th-month of pregnancy and 5th-month pregnancy diet. If you still have any doubt or query, then you can ask in the comment box below or inbox. Thank you so much and have a nice day.

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6. QnA

1. How many times a day pregnant lady needs to eat?

Six mini-meals a day. Take meals at regular intervals. Eat six small and frequent meals a day and a glass of milk before sleep.

2. What to eat in pregnancy for fair baby?

Following are the best foods to have a fair baby-
-Saffron milk(Kesar ka duddh)
Add 5 to 6 saffron strands in one glass of hot milk and drink before sleep.
You can drink one glass of coconut water a day.
Eat properly cooked eggs. Two eggs daily are sufficient.
At least 2 tablespoons of ghee daily. It is supposed to clean the blood and makes skin fairer.
An orange daily helps in fairer skin of the baby.
-Fennel seeds(Saunf)
You can take a small spoon after meal or by boiling them in water. Then, let them cool and eat.
-Grape juice
You may take one glass a day. Grapes contain AHA(Alpha hydroxyl acids)which can help in skin
Amla murabba
One amla daily before breakfast.
-Omega 3 fatty acids
Such as fish, nuts and seeds, plant oil

3. Iodine deficiency causes which problem in baby?

66Iodine deficiency during pregnancy increases the chances of mental disturbances in the baby. Severe iodine deficiency causes a problem called cretinism. In cretinism, the baby is having learning problems, mental retardation, delayed growth, and many other problems.

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