In this 5th month of pregnancy, Your baby will become more active than the previous months. According to the survey, The most enjoyable phase of pregnancy has begun this month.

Finally, you will start receiving kicks from your baby this month and Your body will keep on bringing new changes every month.

In this article, We are going to explain changes in your baby growth and symptoms in the mother splitting week by week during this 5th month of pregnancy.

  1. 17th Week of Pregnancy
  2. 18th Week of Pregnancy
  3. 19th Week of Pregnancy
  4. 20th Week of Pregnancy

17th Week of Pregnancy

You are officially 4 months pregnant. Your baby is now bigger than the placenta. Its size is now as large as a pear. It is 13 cms in length and 0.14 Kg in weight.

Baby’s ears are now fully functional and in their final destination by this week.

Fat Accumulation

Your baby starts to accumulate fat in the body and will accumulate until it is about 1/3 of the weight of the baby’s body.

17th week development of a baby during pregnancy

The Placenta now contains thousands of blood vessels that carry nutrients and oxygen to your cutie pie.

The Umbilical cord which is a lifeline of your baby is also getting thicker and stronger. This cord contains two arteries and one vein surrounded by a white thick gel called workmen’s jelly.

The baby’s cartilage is being replaced by a hard bone. The sweat glands which produce sweat in the body are also developing in this 5th month of pregnancy.

Adipose fats that help regulate body temperature continue to form. Swallowing and sucking have become your baby’s daily schedule now.

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 17

Stretch Marks – I know every lady hate these marks but these are the most common change in the body. Don’t worry if you keep on doing exercise, your marks will shade away very soon.

Appetite Increasing – Your appetite will increase as much as your baby grows. If you want your baby to born healthy, then eat fiber-rich food as much your body demands.

Dehydration – Drink at least 10 – 12 glasses of water per day otherwise you will be a victim of dehydration.

18th Week of Pregnancy

In this 18th week of your pregnancy, your baby is almost 14 – 15 cms in length and 0.18 Kgs in weight. In other words, your baby is now as bigger as a potato.

Myelin Sheath

The major development which happens this week is the production of the myelin sheath. This Sheath is a protective covering for the nerve cells of the body.

myelin sheath

Your baby’s body parts like the spinal cord and nerves along with the brain will get a boost from myelin sheath.

Also, The skeleton of the baby’s body is getting stronger and harder day by day.

This week finally your baby ears at so much functional that your baby can hear you. You can start talking and telling bedtime stories to your little cutie pie.

The baby teeth are also forming in this week. It is preparing to poop for the first time in this 5th month of pregnancy. The First stool named Meconium is slowly and steadily accumulating in the baby’s bowels.


fingerprint formation of a baby

Your baby has officially fingerprints in the hands and toe prints. Get ready to make the Birth Chart, Only if you believe in it.

If its a girl, then the fallopian tube and uterus are developed, and if its a boy, then his prostate gland is forming.

By the end of this week, you can see proper body parts in the ultrasound of your baby.

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 18

Baby Moves – You will notice and feel that your baby makes movement now in your body. This is a healthy sign indicating that your cutie pie is growing healthy.

Cramps – You will feel sudden cramps in your body from this week. Regular exercise will keep this symptom away from you.

Swelling in feet – You will experience swelling in your feet now as your body prepares itself by storing the excess fluid in your feet. In case if you are not able to provide it on time, it takes from there to use.

19th Week of Pregnancy

In this 19th week of pregnancy, your baby is about 16 cm long and 0.23 Kg in weight. In simple terms, Your baby is now as big as the size of a tomato.

Formation of vernix caseosa

This week the vernix caseosa is formed around your baby’s body. This prevents the skin of the cutie pie from chopping and wrinkling.

formation of vernix caseosa

This is a white cheesy-looking substance made up of lanugo oil from its glands and dead skin cells which covers the body from head to toe.

The five senses of the body which are sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing are also specializing this week.

The baby legs are getting longer this week comparing to the size of its arms in this 5th month of pregnancy.

Now as your baby can hear, you should avoid going to parties where songs are playing at large sounds because your baby can get frightened.

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 19

Trouble Sleeping – Your baby will start kicking and moving. Along with this, Due to frequent urination, you are not going to have a good sleep from now on.

Nosebleeds – Your body hormone level has increased due to which your body is making the blood more than it need. Due to this reason, Sometimes you will face nose bleeding.

Dark Patches – Your face and body will start having some patches. It happens due to hormonal changes. Avoid going to sunlight now as it can make the patches more darker and permanent.

20th Week of Pregnancy

Welcome to the 20th week of pregnancy. Now, you are almost five months pregnant. Your baby is now 17 cms long and weighs 0.28 Kgs.

Check the Sex of Baby

Wondering, What will be the gender of your Baby ?

From this week, you can get to know if your baby is a boy or a girl with the help of ultrasound.

Finding gender of a baby through ultrasound

If its a baby girl, then she has formed a full uterus and approximately 7 million or 70 lakhs eggs on her ovaries.

If its a baby boy, the testes are waiting for the scrotum to completely develop after then they will be inclined from the abdomen.

New Fats gets deposited on your baby skin by this week.

Fat Production

There are two types of fats in the body.

One is brown fat, which is in more quantity. It keeps your baby warm until his or her internal temperature regulatory system starts functioning after birth.

On the other hand, is White fat. which is in less quantity and still in the developing phase. These are responsible for the pinchable cheeks of the baby.

Your baby is now swallowing more than before which is a good sign in this 5th month of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 20

Navel Position – Your belly is coming more outward as your baby pushes it but don’t worry, it will go back to its original place after the delivery.

Constipation – Constipation is the most common pregnancy symptom. However, it can only be solved by drinking a lot of water.

Headache – Headaches will trigger if you go in direct sunlight and makes yourself hot. So, wear light color clothes if you have to face sunlight in this pregnancy.


In this blog, You get to know how a baby develops from seventeen week to the twentieth week. You also get to know how symptoms of a mother change during pregnancy every week.

From Accumulating fat to the Formation of vernix caseosa, your baby is getting stronger every week. One more thing which happens this month is the gender confirmation of the baby.

If you have any doubts, feel free to ask in the comment section below. I will be very happy to answer all of your queries.

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What should I eat in 5th month of pregnancy?

You can eat green vegetables and fruits like apple and orange. Avoid bananas as they can lead to constipation. In nonveg, you can eat boiled egg without the yellow part.

What age is best to give birth?

According to doctors, any age between 20 and 30 is the best to give birth.

How many months are 20 weeks pregnant?

It should be noted that the 5th month of pregnancy cover 20 weeks.

Which month does the baby start moving in the womb?

It varies from person to person because the mother’s diet decides how much a baby will be healthy. Usually, it happens between 16 to 25 weeks.

Which trimester is the 18-week baby?

18-week pregnancy comes in the Second trimester.

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