Have you ever done any ultrasound of pregnancy? Till now, no. Let me explain to you the process of ultrasound during pregnancy

Pregnancy ultrasound is defined when women go through different types of test to check the baby in the stomach,

It is done with high-frequency sound waves to see the image of the baby in the mother’s stomach(reproductive system).

Ultrasound is also defined as a sonogram in the medical terms which helps the doctor to check the baby on the screen,

To check the mother’s and baby’s health.

Let me help you how the ultrasound works in pregnancy,

  1. Why ultrasound of pregnancy test
  2. Preparing yourself for the ultrasound of pregnancy test
  3. Types of ultrasound of pregnancy test
  4. Timing of testing ultrasound of pregnancy
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQ

1. Why ultrasound of pregnancy test:

Ultrasound in pregnancy is done by the doctor to check whether you are pregnant or not,

There are several times when the women are not pregnant,

They feel they are and unable to decide it and the doctor checks the reproductive system whether they are pregnant or not.

Ultrasound is also done when there is any problem in the reproductive system while women are pregnant and to check any previous blood test.

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The ultrasound in pregnancy can also help to check the sex of the baby and the body of the baby,

The mother can also see that the baby is growing slowly in their body and soon they will deliver a life.

However, ultrasound is safe and if there is any problem in the stomach the doctor checks for the problem with the ultrasound system,

If there is any problem it would take more effective and more problems, otherwise, in normal instance it is safe to do an ultrasound test.

2. Preparing yourself for the ultrasound of pregnancy test:

When you have decided to do ultrasound in pregnancy then it comes to take care of yourself before the test and certain steps to take care of yourself.

The steps which are most needed to be taken care of before ultrasound are,

  • Do not consume anything at least 90 minutes before the test.
  • Drink water at least two glasses of fluid( water, milk, tea, coffee, juices) before two hours of the test.
  • Wear loss clothes or two pieces so that the doctor can check the stomach region easily to do the ultrasound test.
  • You can eat normal home-made food before the test.
  • Eat fruits more, consume less oily food, eat homemade sweet (if needed).
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These were some needed things that are to be taken care of during and before your test for ultrasound.

3. Types of ultrasound of pregnancy test:

There are many types of ultrasound during pregnancy and it depends on the problem that is been faced by the patient,

The doctor checks the problem and finds the best solution to help them out with that problem.

i. Abdominal Ultrasound:

An Abdominal Ultrasound is done to check the problem in the internal organs, liver, bladder, kidneys, stomach region and other parts below the stomach,

The abdominal ultrasound gives real time images, it can be used as,

  • Identifying the stones in the gallbladder, kidney so that the doctor can check it.
  • Blood clots due to blood flow in the body during pregnancy
  • procedures to needle biopsies, to check the organs and collect the sample to check it.
  • Helps to identify the cause of the problem in the abdominal region.

ii. Transvaginal Ultrasound:

This is test where the women needs to empty their bladder and drink water at least two glasses so that the doctor can do the test successfully.

The doctor will make the patient lie down on the bed and place their feet on the stirrups.

Now, a protective cover and lubrication gel is applied on the instrument called transducer and is inserted into the vagina to execute the test successfully.

The doctor would insert it and the image can be seen on the screen that the instrument sees,

Then doctor will also move it in different angles to check all the sides and to help the patient from the pain.

The test is done to check the most common which is pelvic pain. However, it results in good moment for the patient.

iii. Obstetric Ultrasound Imaging:

Obstetric Ultrasound Imaging helps to check the stage of the pregnancy and the condition of the mother and the child,

It is also helpful to check the embryo and the fetus condition the mother’s body.

The Obstetric Ultrasound Imaging takes place in a small room with a limit of one or two guests with the patient. They do not allow any phone or camera inside the room.

It takes up to 40-45 minutes to do the test and it can be changed depending on the patient.

Some of the indication done during Obstetric Ultrasound Imaging are,

  • Checking the position of embryo.
  • Checking the position of the fetus.
  • To check the age of the pregnancy.
  • To check the lower region and to look for any problem,
  • Also to d/etermine the position of the baby and the chances of any twin babies.

You can check here: https://www.pregnancybirthbaby.org.au/ultrasound-scan

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iv. 2D scan in ultrasound:

These are the standard types of scans that are taken with the patient and the sonographer checks the image which is black and white in color.

However, the sonographer checks the baby’s growth and the internal organs of the mother and checks if there is any other issue.

v. 3D scan in ultrasound:

The 3D scan is taken by the doctors to check the body of the baby and the facial feature of the baby and mostly it is done between 25-30th week of the pregnancy.

It shows the real image of the baby and how it is in mother’s reproductive system.

vi. 4D scan in ultrasound:

The 4D scan is different from all other scans as all other scans will show you the image,

The 4D scan will help you with the video of a baby in the mother’s reproductive system.

Thus, it is also done after 25th week of pregnancy as it is not necessary to do it however it depends on the patient and their issue while pregnancy.

vii. Fetal ultrasound:

It is only for babies if they have some problems while they are in the mother’s womb.

It shows the baby’s face, body and the growth of the baby while the baby is in womb.

4. Timing of testing ultrasound of pregnancy:

The first time of ultrasound is to test whether you are pregnant as it happens when you fail to test or unable to see the pregnancy.

The doctor takes you to ultrasound lab to check your pregnancy by checking with certain tools and let you know the result.

i. The Second Scan:

The second scan which is also called as “Dating Scan” is experienced between 7-12th week of pregnancy.

It is done to check the baby formation and an estimated month of delivery and the dating scan is done,

To check whether the baby is in the right position and has started growing.

ii. Screening Scan:

It can be done at the same time with “Dating Second Scan”,

Screening scan is done to check whether there are any twins in the mother’s womb.

It involves both blood tests and screening scan,

They take your blood to check the baby’s health, check the blood ratio.

iii. Sex(Gender Scan):

It is a kind of test to check the gender of the baby to find out whether there is boy or girl in the womb.

This scan is done after 22nd week of pregnancy to check the gender, however it cannot be 100% genuine,

We should make sure for that before making an appointment.

iv. Anomaly Scan:

It is also called as “Mid-pregnancy Scan”, it is done to check whether if there any issue with the baby’s body and the baby’s growth.

The doctor would do this scan near the gender scan timing which is 20-22nd week of pregnancy.

There are still three types of ultrasound scan, you check them here,

5. Conclusion for ultrasound of pregnancy:

Ultrasound scan is done when you need and if you need more ultrasound test then it depends on the baby’s growth,

The doctor’s permission as they will help you with scans.

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However, ultrasound is useful for some time but it gets totally changed after few times of scanning.

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6. FAQ

Ultrasound in pregnancy is it safe?

Yes, it is safe moreover it depends on the doctor and the test stage you are going through, you can confirm the safety from the doctor before going through the test.

why is ultrasound used in pregnancy?

Ultrasound is done by the doctor to check the baby’s growth in the mother’s reproductive organs and check the mother’s health when she is pregnant

What is 4D ultrasound in pregnancy?

The 4D ultrasound in pregnancy helps the doctor check the video of the baby’s growth, structure and the body, the mother can also see the baby on the screen and feel it.

How often ultrasound in pregnancy?

It depends on the mother and the baby’s relation, the doctor confirms that they would need to go one or several ultrasound stages in pregnancy

Why ultrasound in early pregnancy?

Ultrasound in early pregnancy will help you to check whether the mother is pregnant and the baby has started forming slowly.

What is level 2 ultrasound in pregnancy?

The level 2 ultrasound in pregnancy helps the doctor and the mother to check the condition of the baby and the growth and also check the internal organs of the babies and the mother. It is done after 22nd week of pregnancy.

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