Your first trimester has officially ended now. The 4th month of pregnancy is going to be full of excitement for you. Your bump will increase more and you will also see some changes in your skin.

In this article, We will discuss how your body and the cute baby inside you will change in this 4th month of pregnancy compared week by week.

  1. 13th Week of Pregnancy
  2. 14th Week of Pregnancy
  3. 15th Week of Pregnancy
  4. 16th Week of Pregnancy

1. 13th Week of Pregnancy

In this Thirteenth week of pregnancy, Your baby has grown to the size of peach fruit.

In the last month, The head was covering half of the body which has now reduced to one fourth. This 13th week one more exciting thing is going to happen. Your baby has started to put his or her thumb in the mouth.

The hair on the body has started growing now. The chest walls muscles have started to develop this week.

i. Urination Started

Your baby has started to produce urine now. It will pass out of the body with the mother’s one. The urination process can be seen clearly by ultrasound.

13th week baby swallow amniotic fluid

One of the most important features which have taken place in your baby this week is the Vocal cords. The vocal cords are needed to speak in this world.

The pancreas, Gall bladder, and Nose are fully formed now.

If your baby is a girl, then her eggs count in the ovaries is now more than 20 lakhs or 2 million. It will reduce to half when she will be born.

ii. Pregnancy Symptoms Week 13

a. Morning sickness –

This symptom will rarely show in your body now but if it still shows regularly, then you must visit your doctor as it is not a healthy sign.

b. Heartburn –

You should completely avoid spicy foods and junk food to avoid heartburn like symptoms from your body otherwise this symptom will show every week.

c. Veins Showing

The veins on your breast will increase this week because as we told in previous months, your body is preparing to feed your baby after birth.

2. 14th Week of Pregnancy

In this 14th week of pregnancy, your baby is now 10 cms long and weighs 57 to 58 grams. If you compare with some fruit then it appears as big as a fully grown lemon.

i. Facial Expressions

The fetus is now getting the ability to exhibit facial expressions in this 4th month of pregnancy. The brain cells are now in working mode due to which the baby is able to use the facial muscles in making different types of expressions.

14th week baby facial expression during pregnancy

Yes, you are thinking right. Your baby can smile now but you cannot see it.

This week, a hair type known as lanugo is in the developing phase which covers the baby to keep it warm. As soon as your baby will start consuming some insulating fats, slowly the lanugo will keep on flinging.

This week, the brain starts developing in two different halves which are popularly known as the left hemisphere and right hemisphere.

The posture of your baby is now getting into the right shape. The legs and arms are growing to its right length in this 4th month of pregnancy.

The liver has started to excrete bile and the spleen is busy in producing right blood cells this week.

ii. Pregnancy Symptoms Week 14

a. Nose stuffiness –

Increase in the levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones is resulting in nose stuffiness in this week. It is a temporary symptom. Bath with warm water as it will help you.

b. Appetite –

Congrats! This week your body is going to start demanding food. Give the best quality food to your body now. It will make both mother and baby healthier.

c. Breast Growth –

Your breast growth is in the continuous phase and getting bigger day by day but the disturbance which you were feeling earlier has gone.

3. 15th Week of Pregnancy

In this 15th week, your baby has grown from the size of a lemon to the size of an apple. It weighs about 69 – 72 grams and height is nearly 10 – 11 cms. It varies from mother to mother diet.

i. Sense of Hearing

Your baby sense of hearing develops in this 15th week or 4th month of pregnancy even though the ears are still not at the exact right place.

Eyebrows start growing this week and your baby has developed a sense of light. If somebody shines a flash on the mother tummy, the baby will move away on the other side.

15th week baby hearing growth during pregnancy

This all is happening even though the eyes are still closed as the internal organs are still in the process of the eyes.

The placenta is now doing the process of controlling fluid balance in the baby’s body and excretes waste in the mother’s body.

In this 15th week, The pancreas begins to secrete insulin and baby starts to produce more pee than last week.

Your baby’s skin is still not as thick as it has to be. You can see the inner body parts through it with the help of ultrasound in this 4th month of pregnancy.

ii. Pregnancy Symptoms Week 15

a. Indigestion –

As your hunger has grown last week, now you will face ingestion if you eat large amounts of food at one time. To get rid of this digestion issue, chew food as much as you can in the mouth while eating. It will reduce the load on your digestive organs.

b. Forget symptom –

Yes, you will face this issue now of forgetting some work and lost car keys in the home. This happens in pregnancy. You can use a whiteboard to write down your daily tasks.

c. Round ligament –

As your baby is growing, your tummy is increasing due to which there will be pressure and pains on the lower parts of the belly. Those are known are round ligament. Although these are normal but if the pain increases, immediately contact your doctor.

4. 16th Week of Pregnancy

Congrats! You are now almost 3 months pregnant. Your baby has grown multiple times in these three months. At the end of this 3rd month of pregnancy, your baby is nearly 13 cms in length and weighs 0.12 kg.

Your baby is as large as avocado and could get properly fit in the palm of your hands.

i. Pattering of Scalp

The patterning of the scalp takes place in this 16th week. It making your baby’s backbone strong so it can move its head more easily now.

16th week baby growth during pregnancy

The baby’s skin is still transparent in nature. It needs a few more weeks to develop its layers properly.

In this 4th month of pregnancy, The baby eyes are still closed outerly but On the inner side, your baby can now move it both left and right.

The amniotic fluid is producing more than before. Your baby’s heart is pumping nearly 25 quarts of blood per day now individually.

This week, your baby can also hear external voices. Yes, It can hear your sound. Learn some good bedtime stories.

As at the end of the 16th week of pregnancy, Mother is producing 50% additional blood as normal.

ii. Pregnancy Symptoms Week 16

a. Back Pains

As your belly is getting bigger day by day, This weight will increase the pressure on your other body parts. This will bring pains on your back also. Have some massage to resolve this issue.

b. Gum Bleeds –

When you will do brush, you will experience gum bleeding a little bit. It happens during pregnancy so don’t worry about this. Just be cautious and avoid all junk foods because your teeth are not as strong as it used to be in normal times.

c. Increased Weight –

You will gain weight from now on but keep in mind that the increased weight can deteriorate your health. So, Do regular exercise to keep it in control.

5. Conclusion

In this blog, You get to know that every week your baby is developing something new.

From Urination to development of facial expressions and then patterning of the skeleton, your baby is getting bigger day by day.

You are almost at halfway of your pregnancy. Good luck

If you have any doubts, feel free to ask in the comment section. I will be happy to answer all your queries.

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6. FAQ

What should I eat in 4th month of pregnancy?

You should eat iron-rich foods from this month as your blood volumes start increasing this month. Examples of iron-rich foods are nuts and green vegetables.

What activities should be avoided during pregnancy?

Any type of adventurous activity should be avoided in the pregnancy period which includes jumping, paragliding, etc.

Is massage during pregnancy safe?

Actually yes, the massage is very helpful during pregnancy as you will face back pains and leg pains a lot of time.

Can I sleep on my right side while pregnant?

Side sleeping is considered the safest during pregnancy as this improves the circulation of blood in your body which is needed for the betterment of your baby.

Why does it hurt to sleep on my right side while pregnant?

Sometimes, the ligaments become tight due to the increased weight of your baby. Change sides when it happens.

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