Rule of thumb “Pregnancy is not a disease” it’s rather a beautiful emotional journey that has few fairy tales in it. This blog will be about a fairy tale frequent urination in pregnancy.

Finding out you’re pregnant can be exhilarating, frightening, and downright baffling. You’ll run the gamut of emotions from sheer joy to outright terror.

It’s not just the pregnancy you have to get through—it’s all those emotions about becoming a parent. Between all those emotions, frequent urination is a small hurdle. Let’s know more and try to solve it together in this blog.

What’s in it for me?

1. Excessive Peeing In First Trimester

I’m sure that there are some of you out there who think that incessant peeing is a joy reserved only for pregnant women in their last trimester. Well, surprise! You get to enjoy it during the first trimester as well.

You probably had no idea of this lovely side effect, since the baby embryo isn’t big enough to press down on your urinary bladder.

2. Science Behind Excessive peeing

x-ray image of pregnant lady

This is a biggie, since it’s something you’ll notice right away about “Frequent Urination in pregnancy”.But how can that small embryo chap which doesn’t weigh that of a single rice grain press bladder.

It’s not your lovely chap but it’s your uterus which is increasing in size and pressing bladder. Hence Bladder fills fullness early.

Secondly as pregnancy progresses , the mother’s blood volume will expand. The kidneys will receive more blood flow and at a faster rate as the volume increases by about 50%.

The increases in both blood volume and flow rate result in a better supply of all the organs, especially the uterus. As the kidneys experience the increased blood volume at a faster rate, urine production also increases.

So Dear mothers don’t worry : You’re going to have to go to the bathroom a lot. This blood flow and subsequent urine production is a gradual process that increases throughout the pregnancy.

3. How to Deal with excess urination

Although I can’t stop your constant desire to excrete, I can offer a bit of insight with regard to the peeing milieu:

First, in case of a peeing emergency, become familiar with the bathroom situation whenever you enter a new place. This is similar to knowing the exit routes in case of a fire.

Use night-lights. Put up one in the bathroom and, if needed, several more marking the way to get there. You’ll find that you may need to pee several times during the night and I found it best not to turn on any lights.

women holding her pregnant belly because of Frequent Urination in pregnancy

Come on, i am not thinking about your husband’s sleep (no need to worry about making his life easier when you’re pregnant). But because turning on a bright light in a dark room is shocking to your system and could interfere with your ability to put yourself back to sleep after you’re done peeing.

Don’t panic, it’s a normal process , just a beautiful fairy tale. Don’t hold your urine just go as much time you want to go.

I know you will be rumour mill as your co-worker will think you have taken an illegal habit going to the bathroom again and again.But who cares?

4. Excessive peeing in Second trimester

Urine production is way up during the second trimester & frequent Urination in pregnancy is normal during this phase. So you’ll be making frequent trips to the bathroom (if you haven’t found that out already). The uterus has a compression effect on the bladder, making it feel more full, even when it might not be full.

feet on surface

But it’s somewhat easy now as you are accustomed with it. For dealing with it follow steps of the first trimester. Please look out on the bathroom floor, it can be slippery. You can think of anti slippery mat.

5. Frequent micturition in Third Trimester

 So here you come dear in your third trimester. Now you not only have your stomach converted into a highway ,so is your bladder.

Now your dear belly buddy has grown. The weight of your little chap has significantly increased causing you to race to the bathroom throughout the day.

Although these round-the-clock bathroom trips may be a pain in the tush, there is one good thing that may come from them. You’ll get a lot of practice putting yourself back to sleep during the night.

This will come in handy during the nighttime feedings that are just around the corner.

6. How to deal with this friend

See I don’t have any medical solution to it. But i recommend avoiding crowded place during your last trimester.. Not to avoid germs, but to avoid long bathroom lines.

You know how it is—the men’s room is empty while the line out the women’s room is longer than the ticket line for a new Salman film.

Sometimes, the women in these lines would be nice and let you ahead of them. But other times they wouldn’t. A woman with a bladder full of pee can be a very mean woman indeed.

Believe me India doesn’t have toilets everywhere. It’s really difficult during this time. Just wear adult diapers. Putting on diapers is another activity that’s just around the corner.Hoping to see it soon.

Lastly you can carry Pee safe toilet seat sanitizer wherever you go it will help. Oh no I am not endorsing the product.

7. When to Concern?

Yes frequent urination in pregnancy is normal but you should be aware of a few conditions where doctor’s advice is necessary.

If you have burning pain during urination, fever along with burning pain. It can be a urinary tract infection . In such a situation please do visit your healthcare provider.

8. Conclusion

Frequent Urination in pregnancy is just normal. Its simply a physiological process which you cannot avoid. Just accept it and take it as a bond with your little champ.

There is no need for stress, anxiety regarding this. You can talk about this with your healthcare provider on your next visit. He will advise you all regarding this.

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9. Frequently Asked Question

Ques 1 Is frequent urination a good sign in pregnancy?

Ans 1.Frequent urination is a sign which you cant control in pregnancy.Frequent Urination. Peeing more than usual? It may not be one of the first early signs of pregnancy you notice.

Ques 2.Why urine is increased in pregnancy?

Ans 2. Initially it is due to hormonal changes. Later it is due to your baby size.

Ques 3. Do I need to stress because of increased urine in pregnancy?

Ans 3. No , you should not be stressed. Rather just relax and flow with the flow.

Ques 4. Is frequent urination early sign of pregnancy?

Ans 4. Not really but yes it is one of the many signs. But it is not a confirmatory sign for pregnancy.

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