Are you planning to ignore pregnancy cravings? And worried about the consequences? Well, don’t worry! The gynomart team is here at your rescue. 

So, it has been often said and claimed that food cravings are the body’s way of communicating. But is it true? Well, science does not back this philosophy up and no such evidence has ever proved it.

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So, what is the purpose of food cravings? Well, no one can answer that question but yes, if you’re interested, you can read all about food cravings in brief Having a sudden urge to eat: Here is all about Food Cravings

We are here so that we can discuss what will happen if you decide to not fall for your food cravings! Let’s surge ahead!

What should you expect? 

  1. What will happen if you do not ignore pregnancy cravings!
  2. Are all pregnancy cravings safe?
  3. Is it even possible to ignore the pregnancy cravings?
  4. What will happen if you ignore the food cravings?
  5. The best way out!
  6. Conclusion 
  7. FAQ

Let’s dive furthermore!

What will happen If you do not ignore your pregnancy cravings?

Although no one would want to miss the adventure that comes handy with pregnancy we often tend to follow a strict diet and want nothing but health. 

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Your only priority is you and your baby’s health. Therefore, let’s see what would happen if you do not ignore the food cravings. 

First of all, there is nothing wrong with falling for food cravings, unless of course, you do not crave for nonfood items. Unusual craving known as PICA during Pregnancy

Hence, once you give in to your food cravings which would usually start at your 1st trimester, you will have fewer mood swings, less anger, and more control over your emotions.

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But wait! Not everything is positive! When you give in to your food cravings you tend to forget the limits! You see, that is where the problem arises. You’ll crave more and more. Subsequently, all you can do is give in. The food cravings are very strong during the second trimester. 

Now when you eat more, you gain more. It has been found that the more weight a woman gains during pregnancy, the harder it becomes for her to lose it post-pregnancy. So, you need to control it!

And that’s not it. If you tend to intake more of sweets it can result in Gestational diabetes which usually occurs during pregnancy! Subsequently, you might have to keep a little check on what you eat. 

Are all pregnancy cravings safe?

To put it in simple words, the answer is No! Not all cravings are safe. Cravings can be dangerous in two ways.


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When you start craving during the first trimester, it seems normal, as expected but as you approach towards your second trimester, the urge and craving are at its peak and it becomes very hard to control it. 

Now if you do not have control or a plan on how to tackle it, you can be a bigger threat to yourselves with conditions like weight gain and Gestational diabetes.

The urge for Non Edible items


Also known as PICA, the urge for non-edible items is seen in many women. What is it? 

Well, to put in simpler terms if you have a desire to eat mud, dirt, sand, paint, chalk, or any other such item that should not be consumed and could be harmful to you and the baby, you are suffering from PICA. 

What to do? Visit a doctor. Here’s detailed information about the unusual craving of the PICA. The Unusual craving known as PICA during Pregnancy

Is It even possible to ignore the food cravings?

Indeed, there is a possibility but at what cost! Let’s see. 

Why do you want to control your cravings shall be the answer to this question. During the first trimester when the cravings initially knock your door, you could make a choice of shutting the door on it.

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But each time you shut the door, the cravings will knock much harder! Until the point, you open the door or advance to your next trimester. 

It is your second trimester and the cravings are annoying you for shutting the door on it. This time instead of knocking the door, it will try breaking it and entering inside. It has been seen that cravings are at its peak during the second trimester. 

Hence the cravings are in a very good position to force enter into you! How long will you avert it? You have two possibilities. Either let them come in or change the room(i.e find a better and healthy alternative to what you are craving. 


If you choose the latter, which by the way is not easy, Cravings don’t let go easily. But let us suppose, if you end up eating an alternative and sending the cravings away for a while, you will not have content. 

Your belly might be full for the moment but not your heart.

Hence, although food cravings can be ignored it requires way more determination, way more will power and the strong willingness to sacrifice contentment. Are you up for it?

What will happen if you ignore your pregnancy cravings?

To be honest, apart from the fact that you’ll be less content, you will have more mood swings and of course more anger, everything else will be fine. 

But some people strongly believe that food cravings are the body’s way of communicating hence this angle can be considered. 

The best way out!

In the meantime, we came to know that food craving is real and they can be pretty hard to ignore but if accepted unchecked, they can result in serious consequences. 

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So what is the best possible way to avoid access and maintain a healthy diet? 

Even though food cravings can really be a big deal they can be tackled in many ways like,

  1. Maintain a balance, fulfill your cravings but to an extent.
  2. Keep having a short meal after every hour or two! It will not only keep your belly full but also help you reduce the cravings.
  3. Since most people believe that food cravings are the body’s demand for a particular nutrient, hence a better and healthier alternative is a very good option.
  4. Need more advice on how to control it? Talk to one of the best gynecologists at your location. ( Add link)

Keeping this in mind you can always choose the direction. 

Know what if you don’t have pregnancy cravings.What if there are no pregnancy cravings? Is it bad for the baby?


Food cravings can be and cannot be ignored based upon your choices and perceptions. No matter what you decide but one thing is certain you there has to be a control and limit over the food cravings.

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You need to make sure that you avoid falling too much into it. You also need to make sure that you enjoy this process of pregnancy by never compromising over health.

Even consistent consumption of simple ice cream or coffee can lead to serious issues like Gestational diabetes. 

So care has to be taken. 

Unlike food cravings, there is another situation that a woman faces during pregnancy, known as food aversion. 

Food aversion Is a situation where the food you would have lover otherwise, seems to disgust you on mere sight. The best example of food aversion is that most pregnant women develop it towards meat and chicken and they hate the sight of it. 

No matter whatever the situation is, how strong is the craving, it is your desire to stay and keep your baby healthy that would help you make better decisions. 


What is food craving?

Food craving is a situation where a pregnant woman develops an urge and craving to specific food items. 

What is food aversion?

Food aversion Is a situation where the food you would have lover otherwise, seems to disgust you on mere sight.

How hard is it to control food cravings?

It is very tough to control food craving especially, during the second trimester. 

Can I control the food cravings?

Yes, you can control the food cravings but it would require a proper plan and a lot of zeal. 

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