Pregnancy of a lady normally takes nine months and in several cases the baby is born prematurely or it also delays from the due date. But the ninth month is the month that breaks the rhythm in terms of symptoms, behavior and lifestyle. A lot of things take a shift and the pregnant woman has to now prepare herself to be a mother. Also it takes a toll on father’s life as well and together it changes for the better. Lets see what are the basic and general symptoms of pregnancy in the ninth month of the nine-month pregnancy period.



i. Baby’s Symptoms

In the ninth month of your pregnancy, your baby moves to a head down position and rests lower in your belly. Your baby gains about half a pound every week. His/her lungs are ready to work on their own. By the end of the ninth month your baby is about 19-21 inches long and weighs about 6-9 pounds. The limbs are perfectly developed and the nails start to appear.

9th month baby development

ii. Mother’s Symptoms

The belly button may stick out. Once the baby moves down, your breathing should come back to ease. You may need to run to the bathroom several times because your baby is pressing on your bladder. The pressure and weight of the baby will make you a little uncomfortable. Also the feet might swell up and pain a little. This can be taken care of by putting your feet up and trying to stay in a cool place. 

One symptom that is observed a lot is that the breasts start to leak in small amounts and you might feel contractions and false labor pains that may come and go quickly known as the Braxton Hicks Contractions.

There is thick mucus and vaginal discharge which is a symptom that happens for the prevention of vaginal infection.

ninth month pregnant stomach


First of all take regular check ups with your doctor every 7-9 days. They will do sonography of the baby. Normally there are two types of sonography :

  • As soon as the 8th month comes to an end, a doppler study is performed. It will check the baby’s blood circulation, placenta condition, and overall growth of the baby. Whether or not it is growing properly and whether or not it is consuming proper nutrition. 
  • Second one happens at the near end of the ninth month of pregnancy. Sometimes due to the haphazard movement of the baby, the umbilical cord wraps around the baby’s neck. This test checks that condition.
ninth month lady with doctor

Another thing that is kept in check during the visits of the ninth month is the maintenance of amniotic fluid in the foetus. Low levels of amniotic fluid restrains movement of the baby and can lead to termination of foetus. 

Heart levels are checked regularly, both of the baby and the mother. Make sure you get your blood pressure, haemoglobin and sugar levels checked. They are necessary to be maintained. They are very vital for the foetus.

Make a proper chart or a calendar to track the baby movements. A proper data of 12-15 hrs should be maintained and discussed with the doctor to check any occurrence of abnormalities. As the baby is in a downward position it won’t be able to move much but kicks and knocks are compulsory.


DO’S AND DON'TS during pregnancy
  1. Do regular exercise to maintain posture. This is compulsory because of the lower abdominal stress that your body feels.
  2. Do not ignore the silence of the baby. The baby is bound to make some movements every 2-3 hrs. If the baby does not show any movement for 4-6 hrs, immediately run to your doctor.
  3. Ensure proper balanced dietary intake.
  4. Do not lose your calm and patience. Stay mentally strong. Take advice from a doctor and follow them strictly.
  5. The most important point is do not take suggestions from anyone other than your doctor. They know the best and are familiar with your conditions.


Ninth month of the pregnancy is like a final countdown to the beautiful journey you have covered so far and it is the wonder gate to a new life you are about to enter. You are going to become a mother which will unlock the new rooms to your heart which you never realised existed earlier. For this journey behind and ahead to be normal and hasslefree and beautiful you will definitely need to take a lot of care of yourself and the life that is developing inside you. Take necessary precautions and keep yourself active physically and calm mentally. Your mental and physical structure will mould the baby into what it is going to be. Be careful and just enjoy the amazing journey or rather transformation of life.

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Is excessive urination in ninth month abnormal ?

NO, excessive urination in ninth month is absolutely normal as the baby exerts pressure on your bladder. It can even happen when you sneeze or with aggressive laughing.

Is swelling in the ninth month a normal symptom ?

Due to the increase in water retention in your body, it swells up and pains a little bit. This may be visible severely in feet. Try to stay in cool places and rest with your feet at higher altitude.

Does the contractions in the ninth month mean I am going into labor ?

There will be a lot of false alarms and braxton hicks contractions which will make you think that you are going into labor.

How to check if my water broke ?

There will be a number of times that you will secrete some amounts of fluid which may seem like your water broke but are normal discharge from the vagina. When you finally feel like you might have urinated without even knowing it, that can be a clear indication of water breaking.

Is exercising safe in the ninth month ?

Exercising is not only safe but also very healthy and important to maintain your posture and eradicate the abdominal pain you are very much likely to feel in the ninth month.

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