Pregnancy brings many changes in your body. It’s hormones that change frequently due to the baby you have. Heart rate during pregnancy is considered crucial for baby’s growth

But How do you know what’s the normal rate of pumping for you and your baby? It is totally surprising that the baby’s heart works differently than yours.

I know that baby is a part of your body. Still, they grow differently. They need more blood supply. you should be prepared to know that.


1. Change in the baby’s heart rate

heart rate during pregnancy

There are many different feelings when they hear their pulse rate. Most people feel their heartbeat but get panicked. Baby’s heartbeat changes frequently during different stages of pregnancy. It also gets changed during the day.

i. First Trimester

In about 5 weeks, you will feel your baby’s heartbeat. During this point, the baby’s heart rate is the same as the mother’s. That comes nearly 80-85 beats per min. This is actually an early pregnancy pulse.

As the baby grows slowly, an increase of 3 beats per min during the day happens within that month.

It will be a wise choice to consult your doctor regarding this. But above is a normal heart rate for children

ii. Second Trimester

When you arrived at the 9th week of your pregnancy. The normal heart rate during pregnancy is accounted for as an average of 174 bpm. Well, it still fluctuates between 120-180 bpm during mid-stages of pregnancy. 

It might slow the heartbeat during this period. But it will be twice as the normal human’s average heartbeat.

iii. Throughout the day

Remember that the baby’s heartbeat also varies throughout the day just like us. It is normal to have minimal variations while walking, sleeping, and any movement.

But you should take consultation from a doctor to know if these variations are normal for babies. It is due to the exercise you have during pregnancy.

2. Mother’s heart rate during pregnancy

pregnancy testing

For the women, there are mentioned Target heart rate is available. An increase or decrease in heart rate is defended on certain activities. If you are doing exercise, your pulse rate goes up. If you are resting, your pulse rate goes down or normal. 

During exercise, you have to maintain a range of heart rate for 20-30 minutes only. Don’t exceed limits. It can cause intensity bursts in your heart.  But at the same time, low maternal heart rate during pregnancy can cause harm.

You can measure your pulse rate. You can use a stethoscope. Another method is to put the index and middle fingers on the wrist of the other hand. Then, put the thumb of the other hand into your mouth.

You might feel some movement. This movement can be called a pulse. So, basically measure these pulses for 60 seconds to know your heartbeat per min.

  1. Maternal heart rate first trimester should not exceed 140 bpm heart rate.
  2. It is advisable by the American heart association that the heart rate of pregnant women should be 95-162 beats per min (bpm) while exercising.
  3. It is mandatory to avoid any unstable inhaling or overexertion.

3. Cause of High heart rate during pregnancy.

heart rate during pregnancy

There are many reasons for the high heartbeat. So, it will be among followings:- 

  1. Anxiety and stress are common among pregnant women. They care for their baby. So, it will add up a little bit. It can create a dangerous heart rate.
  2. Change in Uterus is common of course. It gets changed as the baby grows. As the size increases, blood will be needed to the uterus for support. So, the uterus alone takes 20% of the whole blood circulation. This will put pressure on the heart to pump blood to the uterus.
  3. Change in breasts is also responsible for the higher heartbeats. As the breast will get prepared for breastfeeding. This will enlarge the tissue and required a good amount of blood supply. This also adds up pressure on the heart for blood circulation.
  4. Hormonal changes like weight gain and lifestyle changes also matter for change in heart rate.

4. Solutions

It is always better to take some precautions during pregnancy. You are having something alive in your body. You have to take good care of, how to stop heart palpitations during pregnancy?

It is advisable to change your lifestyle for your baby. Eating something good will result in a healthy baby.

First quit your bad habits like smoking, drinking, and any unwanted drugs. Try to eat some vegetables and fruits. Try to find Organic food.

It is better to have a good and peaceful sleep. It is really helpful for the long term for you and your baby.

Start doing Yoga and Meditation which can calm your mind and body. Remember stability and balance is necessary for body and mind.

5. Conclusion

It is very normal to have a high or fluctuating heart rate during pregnancy. Be sure if you have breathing problems. Always consult doctors for any drugs and medication. 

Feeling uncomfortable in breathing and dizziness will be a hint. Be a fully open mind to doctors. Have a good and positive affirmation in your mind. Enjoy your pregnancy.

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6. FAQ

What happens if your heart rate is too high during pregnancy?

An increase in heart rate during pregnancy is considered as a good sign. This ensures that blood is flowing in a good manner. The baby will have enough oxygen and nutrient to become healthy.

Does the heart rate increase in early pregnancy?

Yes, it is due to the increase in blood volume by 30% -50%. This has resulted in an increase of 10-20 beats per minute. 

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