Periods during pregnancy is considered a critical issue. It is quite often that you might experience bleeding during pregnancy.

In this article, we will discuss the risks of menstruation health and role of periods during pregnancy.

But before anything else, remember that you also take a full consultation from doctor. A Guidance will clarify your doubts. So until then, continue reading this piece.

What’s in it for me?

1. Can I get periods during pregnancy?

It is obviously NO. There are many claims to prove the above questions right. It is still not possible to get periods during pregnancy. Periods are possible for non-pregnant women.

There will be many instances that You will bleed in pregnancy. So, get ready to seek medical care. It is not a normal case of bleeding in pregnancy.

Even during bread-feeding, they can’t have a pregnancy. But they will ovulate after the baby’s birth. Even doctors prescribed medicine when you do breastfeeding and don’t want to get pregnant.

2. So, Why isn’t it possible to have periods during early pregnancy?

women stressed due to periods

Every month, women ovulate their eggs from the ovary. When sperm fertilizes the eggs in the ovary, eggs get implanted in the uterus. That’s when pregnancy occurs.

Bleeding is normal when you are not pregnant. It feels heavy and dark red in color. But eventually, it becomes light in quantity and their color at the end of their cycle.

As for sure, bleeding is just an alarming situation but it isn’t something too bad. Many women have periods during pregnancy but still, they have healthy babies.

You just have to know that you can bleed during pregnancy. You have to be aware enough to understand their causes.

3. Causes of Pregnancy during Trimesters

pain during pregnancy

You will listen to many stories that women have periods during pregnancy. It’s normal and natural to bleed during pregnancy.

This is not a critical situation. But the sign of bleeding and quantity does matter. You have to understand the potential causes and discuss it as soon as possible with your doctor.

i. First Trimester

Bleeding is way too common in the First Trimester. Mild spotting can be addressed by the placenta being implants in the uterus.

Cervical cells also get changed during pregnancy. You may have light bleeding after sex.

So, there are around 15-25% chances of experiencing some kind of bleeding or periods during pregnancy. There are many causes like:-

  1. Ectopic pregnancy
  2. Pregnancy loss
  3. Implantation bleeding
  4. An infection
  5. Molar pregnancy

a. Implantation Bleeding

This implantation bleeding happens at the earliest stages of pregnancy. This situation occurs usually around when you expected period. Into the uterus, the fertilized eggs get implants.

The bleeding is somehow light or some spots. This is mistakenly taken as a period. Well, after sometimes, when you experience spotting due to cervical changes and infection. You don’t need to worry much.

b. Other causes

As a sign of early bleeding, it comes with several medical issues like:-

  1. Severe cramps
  2. Back and shoulder pain
  3. Fever and vomiting
  4. Unconsciousness
  5. Fatigue and nausea

ii. Second and Third Trimesters

You have experienced bleeding in the first trimester, it needs medical attention. But in the second and third trimesters, it gets heavy without any symptoms.

The common causes that occur periods during pregnancy are:

  1. Preterm Labor
  2. Placental Abruption
  3. Parental Previa
  4. Uterine Rupture
  5. Sexual intercourse

So, we will one by one causes and understand it from depth.

iii. Preterm Labor

Before preterm labor, people experience some symptoms the same as periods. It occurs before 38 weeks. The fetus will move by contraction of the uterus.

Cramping is normal in this case but with some contractions. There are already symptoms like backache, vagina pressure, and change in discharge.

iv. Placental Abruption

During the last months, placental abruption occurs which separates from the uterus. It causes too much bleeding, cramp & stomach pain. 

You also have to maintain your high blood pressure. It increases the chances of placental abruption. 

v. Parental Previa

The implantation of parental is low in the uterus which covers the cervix. But varying in bleeding, Previa can prevent delivery and labor during pregnancy.

vi. Uterine Rupture

This is a rare condition during labor when the uterus tears. It is most likely to happens if you had a cesarean delivery. It left the black scar lines on the uterus. 

vii. Sexual Intercourse

Sexual intercourse plays a major role in bleeding or spotting. When women, while being pregnant, continue to have sex. They experience sensitivity in the vagina and harm the cervical tissues.

4. Doctor Helps

You can seek a medical emergency during the first trimester. You may also have additional symptoms responsible for bleeding or periods during pregnancy like:-

  • Cramps
  • Irritation
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Severe pains in the stomach and back

In early pregnancy, vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain is a serious issue of ectopic pregnancy. Doctor consultation is a must in every scenario.

5. Conclusion 

There is a rigorous myth that bleeding during pregnancy is a sign of periods. It is not entirely wrong. Bleeding occurs due to other changes in the body due to pregnancy.

Seek proper treatment and medical guidance from professional doctors. Pregnancy is a very sensitive stage to take any risk. Any negligence can cost too much. don’t take a risk of periods during pregnancy.

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6. FAQ

How Much bleeding is normal in early pregnancy?

Around 25% of women have experienced some bleeding during the first 16 weeks of pregnancy. It is due to the implantation bleeding in the first trimester bleeding.

What is the difference between spotting and a period?

The main difference between both is the amount of blood in bleeding. In spotting, blood is less produced and didn’t need pads. But in periods, it lasted for 7 days. It needs pads to control the flow.

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