Congratulations! Now you are on the last stage of pregnancy where your piece of soul – your child is just there to come in this world. You have completed 36 weeks or 8 months of pregnancy.  And you must take necessary “Precautions during the 9th month of pregnancy”.

Your last ninth month has started from the 36th week. This month you can plan with your doctor about your delivery date. But now your responsibilities have also increased. Now you have to follow all steps to reduce any complications while the delivery of your child. Moreover, in the ninth month, your baby has grown completely.

He has now started breathing and moving towards the pelvic for delivery. He weighs around 2-4 kgs. Most importantly, you must follow all the precautions during the 9th month of pregnancy.

women taking precautions during 9th month of pregnancy


  1. Overview of Ninth Month
  2. Diet for Pregnant lady
  3. Need of Doctor and medication
  4. Importance of Exercise, Rest and Sleep
  5. Signs of Delivery
  6. Danger Signs
  7. Mindset of the Lady
  8. Do’s and Don’ts
  9. Conclusions
  10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

1. Overview of Ninth Month

Your pregnancy is now going to end and your child will soon hold your hand. Generally, ninth month pregnancy starts from the thirty-sixth week to the fortieth week and marks the end of the third trimester.

9th month pregnant women happy

You might experience contractions from the beginning of the 9th month. Further, since the baby starts moving towards the pelvic for the delivery therefore you will experience frequent urination. You will also experience more pressure on the pelvic and back as your bump has increased more.

Further, you may experience weight gain but it is normal. You will also have mood swings, anxiety, and fear of whether you can handle the labor pains and will the child be healthy. But you need to keep calm in these situations and follow all the precautions during the 9th month of pregnancy.

2. Diet for Pregnant Lady

diet in 9th month pregnancy

Since the baby has grown completely therefore it also needs a sufficient diet so you have to maintain a proper diet with every nutrient. It should be a balanced diet but make sure you do not eat the diet of two people.

In the ninth month, it is important to take fibers, calcium, folic acid, iron, and vitamins rich diet which helps in proper growth of bones, teeth, spines, eyes, and heart of the baby. Avoid eating uncooked and raw food because of the weak digestive system at this time.

You can eat green leafy vegetables like spinach, eggs, peas, broccoli, beans, potatoes, legumes, pulses, dals, etc. Further, you can eat dry fruits like raisins and walnuts along with milk and dairy products. Please ensure that the dairy products are pasteurized.

women eats berries

Moreover, you should also eat fresh fruits like apple, banana, papaya, strawberry, oranges, etc. Always wash the fruits before eating so that the germs, bacteria, and harmful chemicals like insecticide and pesticides are washed away.

Since in the 9th month, pregnant women face frequent urination thus they try to reduce water intake which is very harmful.

Further before following any diet plan always consult your doctor and follow all the precautions during the 9th month of pregnancy.

3. Need of Doctor and medication

doctor checking

In the ninth month, you can start planning about the delivery date with your doctor. You can also choose the hospital for delivery. Now your doctor will also guide you about the signs of delivery which we will discuss later.

Further, you may also need to undergo some tests like blood pressure, glucose test, test for keeping check on fetal movement and growth, nonstress test, blood tests, and ultrasound.

If all the tests are fine then the doctor can tell you about the delivery date. So you need to keep your hospital bag ready which may be required at any moment but in this situation, you must keep calm and follow all the precautions during the 9th month of pregnancy.

4. Importance of Exercise, Rest and Sleep

9th month pregnant lady excercising

Even in the ninth month of pregnancy, you should not stop exercising. You should do a workout at least 30min-1hr a day if your condition is normal. It helps in increasing body strength, speedy recovery after delivery, and reduced pain and time of delivery.

You can walk 30 min daily. It can be normal as well as brisk walking. You can also perform aerobics under the guidance of an instructor and after consultation with the doctor.

Moreover, yoga is the best exercise for the pregnant lady. In the ninth month, its importance is even increased because many ladies feel difficulty in walking. You can practice yoga sessions with light asanas.

Further, meditation is also a good exercise to calm down your mind and connect with yourself and your baby. It also helps in improving your concentration and even helps in developing the baby’s brain.

pregnant lady laying on grass

However, you should not stress yourself by getting engaged in difficult exercises and sports. Try to keep it easy and simple. Always take short breaks in between the exercises. You should also stop the exercise if you are feeling uncomfortable and follow all the precautions during the 9th month of pregnancy.

Moreover, you should have a sleep of at least 8 – 10 hrs daily. Try to sleep on your left side and avoid sleeping through the back as it gives pressure on your back.

5. Signs of Delivery

new-child born

In the ninth month, the baby is ready to enter the world and thus there will be many signals of early labor pains for delivery.

Many of the women will face early signs like false contractions, the mucus comes out of vagina or dilation of the cervix. They may be the signs of early labor pains.

Further, just before the time of delivery, you may feel discomfort and have severe contractions, pain, and bleeding through the vagina. At this moment you should immediately rush to the hospital and contact your doctor and follow all the precautions during the 9th month of pregnancy.

6. Danger Signs

baby feet

The end of this month and pregnancy will mark the entry of the baby in the world. But there may be some complications in this month which you should not ignore and contact your doctor immediately.

If you have a high fever, severe pain in the head or abdomen, difficulty in breathing, or blurred vision, then you should rush to the hospital. You should also take proper treatment if you feel pain and bleeding while urinating.

It is important to remain calm in such a situation and follow all the precautions during the 9th month of pregnancy.

7. Mindset of the Lady

mom holding her baby hands

In the ninth month, every woman is worried about their delivery. They have fear and anxiety about whether they will be able to handle the labor pains, whether they will become good mothers, or whether they can handle new responsibilities or not.

Therefore, at this stage, the partner and the family has to motivate the pregnant woman. They should maintain a positive environment. They should help her in her daily routines.

Moreover, pregnant women should also get engaged in parental classes. They should start shopping for the new member. They should also keep a hospital bag ready in case of an emergency and follow all the precautions during the 9th month of pregnancy.

8. Do’s and Don’ts

i. Dos

1 Take a proper balanced diet full of nutrients with fruits and vegetables.

2 Exercise regularly as it helps in keeping your body fit and even increases the chances of normal delivery.

3 Always keep yourself hydrated. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water delivery.

4 Keep yourself in touch with your doctor and immediately rush to the hospital for any problem.

5 Always think positive and remain cool and calm. Keep yourself engaged in different activities.

baby kissing her pregnant belly

ii. Don’ts

1 Do not take any medicine on your own in any pain without consulting your doctor.

2 Do not consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes and even try to be away from people who smoke as passive smoking is also dangerous.

3 Do not eat junk food, street food, or frozen packed fruit as it is very harmful. Eat only homemade fresh food.

4 Do not walk fastly on plain areas as well as stairs. At this stage, everyone has difficulty in walking so keep your speed low.

5 Do not go for traveling on long routes unless it is urgent. Try to avoid stressful and tiring journeys.

9. Conclusions

To sum up, the ninth month is the final month of pregnancy. It is the time when your child will take the birth. So keep yourself calm. Follow all the precautions during the 9th month of pregnancy., your diet, and exercise regularly which have benefits both for mother and child.

new child delivery

Moreover, you should follow all the suggestions and advice of the doctor. You should not take any medicines without their permission. You can also plan your delivery date with them.

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10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Q1 What are the symptoms of natural delivery?

During the time of labor pains you will be uncomfortable and have pains in the lower abdomen and back. At this moment you should immediately rush to the hospital. 

Q2 What are the necessary nutrients in the diet of the 9th month of pregnancy?

In the 9th month your baby has grown completely, so you should have a diet with a calcium, iron, protein and vitamin-rich diet.

Q3 How much extra weight does the pregnant lady gain and baby weighs till the 9th month?

Till the end of the 9th month, the pregnant lady weighs an extra 9-11 kgs, and the weight of the baby is around 2-4 kgs.

Q4 Can a nine-month pregnant lady do exercises?

Yes, a nine-month lady can do exercises like walking, yoga, aerobics, and meditation. It is very useful for both mother and child. But always consult the doctor before doing any exercise.

Q5 When the ninth month ends?

The ninth month starts from the thirty-sixth week to the fortieth week or the last four weeks of the third trimester.

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