Congratulations! Now you have completed 27 weeks and second trimester of pregnancy and you have now entered the third trimester with the beginning of 7th month. And now you should take proper “Precautions during the 7th month of pregnancy”.

Now your sixth month has ended and the seventh month has begun. Thus, your baby’s weight is now 0.8-1.2 kg. Now he can respond to touch and sound. He also moves more frequently now.

Moreover, in the seventh month, you can have a chance of having premature delivery so you should follow all the precautions during the 7th month of pregnancy so that you can have a normal delivery.

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1. Overview of Seventh Month

Your pregnancy has come to the final phase. The trimester has begun with the start of the 7th month that is from 28th week. Seventh month begins from 28th week to 32nd week.

You will now face more challenges as the day passes. You will gain more weight and your bump will become bigger. Further, you will face back pain and more pressure as the weight and size of the uterus will increase and thus you must follow all the precautions during the 7th month of pregnancy.

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Further, you will face difficulty in walking. You will have frequent mood swings. Moreover, the height and weight of the baby will also grow. He will also develop senses like sight, sound, and feel. He can listen to your voice and will also respond on touch.

2. Diet for Pregnant Lady

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Since the height and weight of the baby will increase therefore he will require more nutrients and a proper diet. Thus you must ensure to take a proper diet.

In the seventh month, it is important to take protein, fibers, calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin K in your diet for proper growth of bones of the baby and increased chances of blood clot during bleeding.

You should take a diet with proteins ( dals, paneers, chickpea, legumes). Further, you should eat green leafy vegetables like spinach and dried fruits like resin rich in iron which reduces the chances of premature delivery along with kiwi, guava, and citrus fruit rich in vitamin C.

Moreover, you should always include properly washed fresh fruits which are a very healthy and rich source of fibers that help in digestive and gastric problems during the seventh month.

drinking water

Moreover, you should not forget to drink water in short and regular intervals to keep yourself hydrated which is very important during this month.

Further, you should prevent overeating or undereating as both are dangerous. Most importantly, always consult your doctor before following any diet and follow all the precautions during the 7th month of pregnancy.

3. Need of Doctor and medication

In the seventh month, you might visit the doctor twice in a month. You will need to have Group B Streptococcus Screening, glucose tests, and Sti tests. You will also have an ultrasound and the doctor will tell you about the weight and height of the baby.

doctor suggesting about Precautions during the 7th month of pregnancy

Further, you may be prescribed some vitamin pills with more medicines which depend from individual to individual. You are advised not to consume any medicines without doctors’ consultation.

Moreover, the seventh-month doctor will also notify you whether you will have a premature delivery or not. He will also recommend some medicines for it.

Most importantly you should remain positive and happy. Do not take stress and tension about it and enjoy this phase because it is one of the happiest phases and just follow all the precautions during the 7th month of pregnancy.

4. Importance of Exercise, Rest and Sleep

Since your baby is growing daily and gaining weight thus your bump will become bigger therefore it is necessary to exercise regularly which will help you in reducing and tackling pains.

You should at least walk for 30 min daily. You can also jog or have brisk walking but after consulting your doctor. Further, walking will keep your body active and flexible which helps in speedy recovery during and after delivery.

pregnant lady excercising

Moreover, you can also take swimming sessions in the seventh month. It is a very good exercise as it is a low-stress exercise. However, you should do swimming only under the guidance of any instructor and follow all the precautions during the 7th month of pregnancy.

Further, yoga is also the best exercise to connect with yourself and your baby. You can start asanas which are not stressful and put more pressure on it. Further, you can also practice meditation which helps in keeping your mind calm and cool. 

Moreover, you should always take short breaks between exercises and do not perform exercise if your body is not allowed and if it is painful.

Moreover, keep yourself hydrated in between the games. You should also take proper rest throughout the day but keep your body active. You should also take proper sleep.

5. Signs of Premature Delivery

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In this month, some women also undergo premature delivery where there are some complications like immature development of respiratory system, low weight gain, and poor feeding.

Most probably you can face symptoms like frequent contractions, abdominal pains, and frequently mucus discharge through vagina.

You can prevent the premature delivery by taking regular consultation by your gynecologist. Further, having a healthy diet, proper exercise, and quitting smoking, consumption of alcohol, and following all the precautions during the 7th month of pregnancy will reduce the chances of premature delivery.

6. Danger Signs

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This month is very complicated and you should take care of yourself. If you are facing any of the symptoms like severe nausea, excess vomiting, vaginal bleeding, severe pains in the abdomen, etc.

You should contact your doctor if you are facing any of the above symptoms or having any labor pains. Further, if there is a reduction in the movement of the baby then you should contact the doctor and remain calm and follow all the precautions during the 7th month of pregnancy.

7. Mindset of the Lady

Precautions during the 7th month of pregnancy

This month, all women are worried about their delivery. They have anxiety and fear. Further, you also have many mood swings but all these feelings are normal and common. 

At this stage, the role of family and partner is most important to keep the lady calm and cool at this moment. The lady should try to divert their mind and keep them engaged in different activities while following all the precautions during the 7th month of pregnancy.

Moreover, many women enroll themselves in new activities and classes like parental classes. Some women also start shopping for some basic things for their babies.

8. Do’s and Don’ts

i. Dos

1 Exercise regularly and keep your body active which is useful before and after delivery.

2 Keep your mind in peace by performing yoga and connect with yourself and your baby with meditation.

3 Take short breaks after regular intervals but keep yourself engaged

4 Take all the medicines and food on time and follow only those instructions that are prescribed by the doctor.

5 Contact the doctor immediately if you face any problem or have any pain and do not take any other medicine or supplement.

asian pregnant women holding her belly

ii. Don’ts

1 Do not lose hope and panic in any situation. Always take any decisions with a cool mind.

2 Do not sleep through your back, always be on the left side while sleeping.

3 Do not lift heavy items. Do not get engaged in any stressful activity.

4 Do not forget to drink water after short and regular intervals. Keep yourself hydrated even during exercise as water provides fibers and minerals to the body which is good for both baby and mother.

5 Do not neglect and take lightly any of the signs and pains which are not common. Immediately contact your doctor and take proper treatment and medicines.

9. Conclusions

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To sum up, the seventh month is very crucial in pregnancy. In this month there are the chances of premature delivery which leads to certain difficult situations. You should follow a complete diet plan without skipping any meals.

Moreover, you should follow proper treatment and all the tests. Do keep a track of the movement of the baby. Further, you should also get engaged in some parental online classes. You should also maintain communication with your doctor and follow all the precautions during the 7th month of pregnancy.

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10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Q1 What are the symptoms of premature delivery?

There are many symptoms of premature delivery like frequent contractions in the lower abdomen, strong pain in the back, the release of mucus through the vagina, and labor pains also.

Q2 What are the necessary nutrients in the diet of the 7th month of pregnancy?

You should include those items in your diet that are rich in pulses, vitamin C, vitamin K, iron, calcium, and magnesium. It should be a balanced diet. Moreover, make sure you consult with your doctor before following any diet plan.

Q3 What are the developments in babies till the 7th month?

All the body parts of the baby are grown fully. In the 7th month, it develops senses and even starts blinking his eyes. He can hear you also.

Q4 What are the exercises for the seventh-month pregnant lady?

A seventh-month pregnant woman should do exercise daily like walking, swimming, aerobics, meditation, and yoga. You should do any new exercise under the guidance of the instructor after the consultation of a doctor.

When the seventh month ends?

The seventh month starts from the twenty-eighth week to the thirty-second week or first four weeks of the third trimester.

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