Congratulations! Now you are on the final stage where your happiness is one step ahead and believe me the problems and hardships you face are worth it. Now your second trimester has ended and the third trimester has begun. Thus, you can feel the butterflies in your stomach, movement of the baby, and baby kicks. Now your bump has grown more. Moreover, in the third trimester, your baby can detect light. The child is getting ready to come into this world and that’s why you must follow all the precautions in 3rd trimester.

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  1. Overview of Third Trimester
  2. Diet for Pregnant lady
  3. Need of Doctor and medication
  4. Importance of Exercise, Rest and Sleep
  5. Signs of delivery
  6. Danger Signs
  7. Mindset of the Lady
  8. Do’s and Don’ts
  9. Conclusions
  10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

1. Overview of Third Trimester

Your pregnancy has come to the third and the final phase. In this some women are anxious and some are excited to welcome new members to the family. The third trimester begins from the 29th to the 40th week of the seventh to the ninth month.

As the bump grows in the third semester the pressure on the back increases thus back pains are common in this phase. You now face a little bit of different symptoms than the second trimester.

kid kissing her mom's pregnancy belly

For instance, you notice symptoms like frequent urination, heartburn, acidity, swelling in ankles, joints and fingers. Further, your breasts become sensitive and release a white milky liquid. You also have stomach pain, more tiredness, and stretch marks.

In this trimester many women started shopping for the new member. They buy new clothes, basic items, etc. Also, ladies pack their bags for the hospital if needed in the emergency but you must follow all the precautions in the 3rd trimester.

2. Diet for Pregnant Lady

Since, now the baby has grown completely, and therefore, it is very necessary to take a complete diet with proper nutrients and vitamins and follow all the precautions in the 3rd trimester.


In the third trimester, it is important to take proteins, iron, and omega 3 which provide adequate fats which help in proper growth of the body. For instance try to include pulses, dals, green leafy vegetables, your diet.

You should take a diet with pulses, dals, meat, and paneer for proteins. Further, you should consume milk and milk products rich in calcium. But before consuming the dairy products ensure that they are pasteurized. Further, try to include eggs, oats, citrus fruit, and spinach in your diet.

Moreover, you should also eat fruits that are rich in fibers which helps in digestion and give relief from constipation. Further, you should also take nuts like walnuts, pistachios, etc. which provide many nutrients to the baby.

In the third trimester, you need to intake more calories as your baby has grown completely. Thus additional 400-500 calories daily is more than enough.

drinking water

Moreover, always keep yourself hydrated by drinking 2 – 3 liters of water daily at regular intervals as it provides many essential nutrients that are useful for babies.

Moreover, you mustn’t eat the food of two people. Further, try to eat in short intervals and do not skip any meal. Always consult your doctor before following any diet plan. 

3. Need of Doctor and medication

In the third trimester, you might need to visit the doctor more often than usual. Doctors might ask you to undergo some tests like Group B streptococcus test, STI test, Nonstress test, CST’s, biophysical profile, ultrasound, and Amniocentesis.

taking medicine during 3rd trimester

Further, the doctors give pregnant ladies some vitamin pills and some more medicines which depend from one person to another but the mother should not take any medicine on her own. She should strictly stick to the prescription.

Moreover, the pregnant lady should not consume alcohol or smoke at this stage as it leads to abnormal delivery and even infant death and follows all the precautions in the 3rd trimester.

4. Importance of Exercise, Rest and Sleep

It is necessary to exercise regularly which is important for both mother and baby. Exercising regularly helps in weight and pain control and even leads to a healthy baby. But ensure that you do not overdo.

You can do normal walking for 30 mins daily and those who want to jog can jog for short intervals with doctors permission. 

doing yoga during 3rd trimester

You can also go for a swimming session and perform aqua aerobics under guidance. Aqua exercises do not put much pressure on the body and are good for health also.

Further, you can do yoga, meditation and aerobics. Yoga helps to maintain peace and calm in mind. It also reduces fear and anxiety which is high at this phase of pregnancy. Meditation helps you connect with the baby. Aerobics also has many health benefits.

Moreover, you should not perform any exercise which gives stress to your body. Always remember to take small sessions with proper breaks. Further, before doing any exercise contact your doctor and a specialist trainer who can guide you.

lady sleeping

Moreover, in the third trimester, you have anxiety and fear issues along with the mood swings thus it is necessary to take proper rest. Further, you should also have a proper 7-8 hours of interrupted sleep and follow all the precautions in the 3rd trimester.

5. Signs of delivery

The third trimester is the final trimester and the time of delivery. It is important if you feel any of the signs of delivery to rush to your doctor or nearby hospital.

Sometimes delivery takes place between 32 – 36 weeks which is premature delivery or preterm birth. Delivery after 37 weeks is considered to be a normal delivery. Both types of delivery have similar symptoms and labor pains.

birth of new-born baby

Symptoms like backache, frequent contractions, pain in lower abdomen, vaginal discharge, vaginal bleeding, and labor pains. 

Nowadays even a doctor with the help of improved technology tells the parents about the delivery date in advance before it hurts but most importantly you must follow all the precautions in the 3rd trimester.

6. Danger Signs

In some pregnancy cases, there are some dangerous signs before delivery which should not be overlooked as if there are pain and pressure in your abdomen, high fever, new vision problems, sudden weight gain, etc.

Precautions in the 3rd trimester by avoiding stress

Contact your doctor if you feel a burning sensation, irritation, or blood while you are urinating or if there is no movement by the baby but you must not panic and contact the doctor and follow all the precautions in the 3rd trimester.

7. Mindset of the Lady

Most of the women are conscious, have anxiety and fear as they think whether they will be able to handle labor pains or will there be any complications in pregnancy like premature babies and many more such reasons.

They also become anxious about whether she will become a good mother. All the family members and especially her partner should motivate her. They should make her think positive and happy.

baby kissing mom's pregnant belly

The women should be able to tell the problems easily. Women should understand complications in pregnancy are common but it is alright. There are very few cases of any serious pregnancy problems if you follow all the precautions in the 3rd trimester.

8. Do’s and Don’ts

i. Dos

1 Try to keep your mind positive, calm, and happy. It helps in bringing positivity to the baby also.

2 Try eating only homemade and hygienic food and avoid eating outside food in the third trimester to lower down the chance of any disease or infection.

3 Start taking parental classes and learn the basic work of babies.

4 Avoid going on trips by any mode unless it is urgent and that too after consultation with the doctor. You can use a seat belt even if you are pregnant.

5 Keep a bag packed with the things that are needed in the hospital because it can be used at any moment.

mom dreaming about her future child

ii. Don’ts

1 Don’t skip any of the meals or medicine. Take short meals in a regular interval.

2 Do not hide your pain or problem from your doctor as it may lead to complications later on.

3 Do not take too much pressure on yourself. Do not lift heavyweights.

4 Do not stop exercising as exercise helps in maintaining proper health of both mother and child.

5 Do not take any medicine without your doctor’s consultation.

9. Conclusions

couple happy about their future child

You are now at the final stage of pregnancy in the third trimester and your new member can come anytime with the family. You should maintain a proper diet, take medicines on time, and keep yourself hydrated.

Also exercise regularly and take proper rest and sleep. You should keep calm and positive. At times of any pain do not panic just consult the concerned doctor on time and follow all the precautions in the 3rd trimester.

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10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Q1. What is the difference between a premature and normal baby?

Premature babies are born between 32 – 36 weeks and normal babies are born after 37 weeks. But there are only minor complications in premature delivery now.

Q2. Can pregnant ladies drink tea and coffee in the third trimester?

Yes, a pregnant lady can drink tea and coffee in the third trimester in low quantity, generally 1 cup a day. But you should consult your doctor first..

Q3. How many extra calories are required in the third trimester?

You need to take extra 400-450 calories a day in the third trimester. But note that you should not take a diet of two people.

Q4. How many tests are done in the third trimester?

Doctors recommend you get blood tests, glucose level, Group B streptococcus test, STI test, Nonstress test, CST’s, biophysical profile, and urine tests along with ultrasound.

Q5. When the third trimester ends?

Third trimester starts from the twenty-ninth week to the fortieth week/ delivery of the baby means the seventh month to the ninth month/ delivery of the baby.

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