While pregnancy offers a lot of new experiences, it also has a wide array and acceptance towards the Pregnancy myth. As you know, myths and beliefs are part of human society that one cannot ignore. 

It has been seen that certain myths lead to the formation of rituals and rituals became tradition without any rational or scientific proof. 

Pregnancy myth

Suppose, for example, when you tell about your pregnancy to your family or friends, you start receiving advice in abundance. Some of these devices are helpful rather others are just beating around the bush. 

Your mother could tell you, ”Do not drink milk” or your friends could tell you, ”Do not eat things that are black in color.” Or you could hear from your grandmother, ”So, you craving for sweets, it must be a girl.”

Well, all these myths or so-called believes do form the basis of how people think and behave but should they be trusted? What do you feel like? It is necessary that we believe everything that is said to us.

stressed pregnant lady

To answer the questions and to find out all the myths that revolve during pregnancy we are formulating this article that would not only help you to be more aware but shall also teach you on what to believe and what to ignore during this precious time of pregnancy.

What you should expect.

  1. The Old wives’ tale for pregnancy. 
  2. Gender identification myth
  3. The myths regarding what to eat and what not to eat.
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQ

Although it has been often seen that these myths are backed by experiences but still a myth is a myth! 

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 1. The Old wives’ tale for pregnancy ( Pregnancy myth )

Old wives’ tales are the teachings and practices that are being passed on from generations that do not hold any scientific validation, like “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” or “Don’t swallow gum or it will stay in your stomach for years.”

women with crystal ball

All these speculations hold no valid or rational reasoning but yet are believed to be true by some people. On the other hand, few also badge them as superstition. But, hey! A man has beliefs, and it’s up to you what to believe granted that it makes you happy! 

2. What do old wives’ tales say about gender Identification?(The biggest pregnancy myth)

Surely the world is very old and a human being can learn best from the other’s experience. Over the past many years these speculations regarding the identification of the child based on what kind of cravings you have, have been passed on. 

And who isn’t interested in knowing the gender of their baby!

As, per these tales that have been passed over from generations, here what you crave for

i. When it is a boy:

a boy

If you’re craving for anything salty or sour, whatever it may be, like potato chips, pickle (the most famous one), or anything that has salt or sourness in it. And your urge to eat it is an all-time high, for instance, you always look for something salty or sour, it might be a boy.

It is also believed that pickle craving means that you will give birth to twins.

ii. When it is a girl:

a girl

The demand for citrus by the body is believed to be a key sign that you are carrying a girl. Anything from tomato soup to orange juice or a sudden urge to eat sweets like ice cream, chocolate, candy, etc. indicates that you are carrying a girl. 

But it should be noted that there is no scientific evidence proving the claims, these are just ideas or believes passed on from generations.

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3. The Pregnancy myth regarding what to eat and what not to eat.

Although, you have to be cautious and take many precautions when you’re pregnant there are other things that have been added into the list without proper reasoning or explanation. 

Here are a few pregnancy myth and the busters!

i. How much to eat?

Though some people tell you that you should eat almost double during pregnancy. It is totally a false conception. 

girl is eating

It is a pregnancy myth and your baby in your womb does not require the same diet as you. He just requires a little extra than you. Probably 300 calories more than you usually take. 

You should always remember that it is not about the quantity of how much you eat, rather it is about the quality of what kind of food you eat, what nutrients are taken by you.

ii. Drinking milk is harmful to the baby!

Well, the intake of milk during pregnancy is very essential for you and your baby. Instead of causing any trouble, it provides the body with essential nutrients. So don’t fall for this pregnancy myth.

milk related Pregnancy myth

2-3 servings a day are always recommended by the doctors. 

4. Will eating Curd make you sick during pregnancy?

To be accurate, if the curd or buttermilk is made under hygienic circumstances, it can be of great value to your body. 

curd related Pregnancy myth

Curd contains probiotics, that reduce the risk of infection in your body especially your intestine. So, it can be consumed. 

5. Will eating orange make you sick?

Orange and any other fruit that contains citrus acid in them are usually considered bad for the mother, and it is believed that they can harm her health.

oranges related Pregnancy myth

On the contrary, all these fruits that contain Vitamin C are really good for the baby. Vitamin helps in boosting your immunity. 

It also boosts the absorption of iron in the womb, which helps in the formation of blood in the baby.

 2-3 servings of food recommended. 

6. Eating white items will make the child fair-skinned!

If you ever hear such notions, and you believe in them, you need to change the way you think. It is such a racial approach towards a newborn that it has been haunting our minds for centuries now. 

white food items Pregnancy myth

Apart from this myth being morally wrong, practically too it holds no value. The color of your baby depends upon the genes and not on what kind of food you eat. 

7. Eating chocolates is good during pregnancy.

eating chocolate Pregnancy myth

Well, if consumed in a limited amount, chocolate does no harm. But, if you start eating it in access, it will just add more calories to your meal, which does no good for you or the baby. 

8. Eating Kesar Will make the baby healthy!

kesar milkshake

Well, it is believed that consuming Kesar with your milk, will make your child healthy and fit but It is not the case. On the contrary, it shall provide nutrients if taken in small quantities along with the milk.

9. It is not safe to eat seafood!

Well, seafood that contains any toxicity or is undercooked and not cleaned properly is not good for the baby. 

But a properly cooked seafood can be eaten without worries. 

10. I need to eat a lot of Ghee!

This myth is common in all communities, that eating Ghee is good for the mother and baby.

Well, Ghee is nothing but Fat, it does not have much nutrition value. So unless you need fat, or want to gain that extra weight during pregnancy you should not take it in access. 

11. Eating Chinese food is harmful to the baby!

Consider this, if Chinese food were harmful, would there have been such a vast population in China? 


It is not about the food rather it is about the way it is cooked. Indian market cooks it in a less hygienic way so it should be avoided in the market but can be consumed if cooked at home. 

12. Conclusion for Pregnancy myth

The list of myths will never end, so it is up to you what to believe and what not to. These myths had been in society for centuries. 

It is always a good idea to consult a doctor before following or ignoring any such advice. 

Did you hear a myth and are confused about whether to follow it or not?

Get your answers from the best doctors at Gynomart. 

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13. FAQ for Pregnancy Myth

How to avoid pregnancy myth?

Pregnancy myths cannot be avoided but they can be confirmed by consulting your doctor and then followed. 

Are Old wives’ tales justified?

The answer lies in your perception of things. But they surely have an impact. Know more about it.

Can old wives’ tales help revel the gender?

Well, it does provide some hint but there is no scientific evidence to prove it’s claimed. There are just women with their experiences.  

Where did pregnancy myths come from?

They came from beliefs and experiences passed on from generations. They do not hold any scientific explanation and hence require a consultation from the doctor before you plan on adding them in your daily routine. 

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