Hi, there so you must have been pregnant until now or planning to become pregnant. In this blog, We will be telling you the best pregnancy tips for first time moms.

Some tips might be awkward but they are scientifically proven.

What’s in it for me?

1. Don’t panic 

The most important thing which every single first time mom faces is panicking all the time. Because they haven’t experienced this before the panic level is so much high that they end up doing what is not needed to be done.

2. Consult your doctor

doctor sharing pregnancy tips for first time moms

The first thing that you need to do is consult the doctor, basically, in the first trimester, you won’t be getting symptoms of pregnancy at once. 

The first month or so you will be living a healthy life with your job and everything and after 1-2 months the nausea, start and you should immediately consult the doctor.

3. Take scans for surety

Even if you are 100% sure about the pregnancy then also take the scans because it will make you more connected to the baby.

There are two scan in the beginning

Viability Scan 6-7 week

NT Scan  10-11 week

These scans will confirm your pregnancy and then you can contact all your relatives and tell them that I am pregnant and feel the love from everyone around you.

4. Educate yourself

we are having a baby

After consulting to the doctor what you need to do is to educate yourself about the pregnancy-related things the posture, the mood swings, the cravings etc.

Get to know about yourself with the advice of a doctor, if there is any shortage of nutrients in your diet add them, add folic acid which is going to be very important.

Calcium, vitamins B12, etc are also needed so try to mix up with things that are really required.

5. Communicate with people

The best health tips for would-be mothers is to communicate with other people, be in the park, home or anywhere, get to know about there experiences and they will come up with a good or a bad thing. 

 You need to know them and consult with the doctor to apply them in your lifestyle or not.

6. Have Mobile No of important people.

You need to have the mobile no of your important people because of the mood swings, or even the emergency period.

Because you will start panicking at once it will be very much safer to have someone around you always.

7. Have Sex

Getting pregnant is not like getting away from everything. You have needs and your partner too.

If you don’t have severe problems with your health then sex is absolutely normal and nothing to worry about in the first 6-7 month of pregnancy

8.Exercise daily


You might have been aware of this fact so I won’t drag it more, you need to exercise daily. The exercises for a good pregnancy is very much needed and yoga classes ad certain pregnancy classes should also be attended by you.

And it’s not just a pregnancy tips for first time moms but it applies to everyone as well.

9. Keep track of weight gain or loss

One of the important health tips for would-be mothers is to make a chart of the weight gained or lost during that period of your pregnancy and check it with the normal weight during that period.

If anything looks suspicious then consult your doctor

10. Eat healthy

This is not just a pregnancy tips for first time moms but in general, you should eat healthily. This is a way obvious thing to eat healthy food but the right one also. Your protein requirement is going to rise so keep a check on that too. It’s the most important health tips for would-be mothers, so don’t neglect your diet.

 11. Avoid Alcohol & tobacco

smoking is bad for pregnant womens

This is going to make a serious impact on your baby if you don’t quit smoking and alcohol.

The baby can be dull, retarded or can have any other chronic diseases for sure

It will be better for you to get away from all such things

12. Some signs you need a doctor

 There are some signs of emergency that you need a doctor and they are:

  1. Vaginal bleeding
  2. Dizziness
  3. Strong Cramps
  4. Swelling of limbs
  5. Shortness of breath
  6. Vomiting
  7. Nausea

13. Conclusion:

 I will conclude this blog by saying that all the pregnancy tips for first time moms are useful to you and there will be many other tips by the doctor so please consult one as soon as possible if there is any possibility of pregnancy.

Secondly, it is going to be a great feeling of a mom and you are going to enjoy every moment of it so congratulations!!!

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14. Faqs

Should I be taking alcohol in pregnancy?

No, it is not required in any case possible.

What is Folate?

 It is Folic acid which is required in pregnancy a lot

Can i do Smoking in pregnancy?

No, it’s not good for your child

How will i get to know about my pregnancy?

You will get to know about it using pregnancy indicating devices, because for the first few weeks you will be normal only.

Are mood swings and cravings for junk normal in Pregnancy?

Yes, it is just a normal thing. If you are not getting them then it is not normal


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