Syga Manual Breast Pump With Lid For Breastfeeding

Product Details

  • 100% Made From Food Grade & Eco-friendly Silicone; Tested To Ensure Zero Chemical Leaching,Non-Toxic,BPA FREE,non colic, Phthalates , PVC And Lead Free. It is pretty safe for mum, baby and our environment.
  • Two Modes High Suction and Medium level Suction Check image 3,Portable, Soft and Non-breakable; Ultra-light Design and Perfect For Traveling; Matching with a Nipple and storage gasket makes feeding and milk storage more convenient; No Battery Required.
  • Ergonomic Handle Feature Reduce the grip strength and make the fast press more Labor-Saving, which let sucking milk a kind of enjoyment for mommy.
  • Best Uses: Relieve breast pain, breast lumps, and even mastitis cased by engorged breasts, It is not only a breast pump You buy, more importantly on the Breast CARE and Baby's HEALTH.
  • Easy To Clean; Can Be Sterilized In Boiling Water. Vacuum Packaging To Inhibits Growth Of Bacteria, Mold And Yeast. Additionally, it will be MORE CONVENIENT when you have a safe & throughout disinfection each time using.



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