Pregnancy and its initial days are quite challenging physically and mentally. There is a lot of change that a woman has to go through during pregnancy. Physical and psychological changes in pregnancy are part of that chain of changes.

Psychologically mothers, as well as fathers both, have to be prepared for the baby. These psychological changes during pregnancy support in the preparation, adapting for parenthood, and couple relationship.

So, it becomes really important to understand these psychological changes. To make sense of this unusual emotional changes during the pregnancy. It is important to have knowledge of psychological changes during pregnancy.

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Woman Response to Pregnancy

It’s an extremely new experience for the woman and father when a woman becomes pregnant. During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes both physical and emotional changes. Here we will talk about emotional changes.

In pregnancy, women have emotional changes that are unpredictable. Mood swings, grief, changes in sexual desires, and stress are some of the psychological changes that a pregnant woman undergoes. These changes change a pregnant woman emotionally.

Sometimes, due to lack of knowledge couples misunderstood each other. To remove this misinterpretation education about the psychological changes integrated while taking care of the pregnant woman.

i. Grief

Thinking about grief, it comes when a very big change happens in life. Becoming a mother is one of them. The realization that nothing will remain the same can make women anxious.

After becoming a mother herself she will barely have time for herself. Earlier pregnant women can be a dependent daughter or a happy friend who was always available.

As most of the baby care mothers have to take, which makes pregnant women worry. Although, her man is with her but still she has to take care of her baby. 

ii. Mood Swings

Changes in mood frequently can be seen while pregnancy. This is also known as emotional lability. This psychological reaction may happen due to hormonal change or narcissism.

In pregnancy comments she used to take it as jokes can hurt her. See, these changes are normal and you have to get educated about them, support each other. It happens to be one of the psychological changes in pregnancy.

Crying is a common mood swing that you can experience during or even after the pregnancy.

iii. Changes in Sexual Desire

Women’s sexual desire reduces during pregnancy. Women who are in their first-trimester experience a decrease in sexual desire.

In the second trimester, these sexual thoughts again start to increase due to the increased blood flow to the pelvic area where it supplies the placenta.

In the third trimester, these feelings may increase or decrease as the abdominal size increases or may be due to difficulty to get a comfortable position.

iv. Stress

Pregnancy is an important event that can cause stress. Stress is not good for the mother and for her child. Stress affects the pregnant woman’s ability to decide.

These stress may also appear due to the discomfort feeling or may be due to abusive relationships. It is of the effects of psychological changes in pregnancy.

v. Introversion/Extroversion

When a woman becomes pregnant she gets good care and the outdoor activities get reduced. So, some women then focus more on their own body and this is a common manifestation during pregnancy.

But there are few who likes to go out and do more outdoor activity than before their pregnancy. This causes psychological changes. Which is fine, having more outdoor activity can make them healthier.

2. Social Changes

In earlier days, a pregnant woman used to kept isolate from her family from visiting for gyno consultation until the day of birth. This causes the psychological changes. She had to be isolated from her family and the baby for a week after she gave birth.

Nowadays its different, pregnant women get support from his family and husband. She can take someone to make a prenatal visit. And there is a choice that a husband can be near a woman while giving birth.

lady feels tired

i. Cultural Changes

A pregnant woman’s culture and beliefs may additionally greatly have an effect on the course of her physiological state.

Assess if the woman and her partner have specific beliefs which may have an effect on the method. The watch out of the physiological state thus you’ll be able to integrate them in your arrange of care.

Despite the fashionable ages, there are still groups who firmly believe their culture’s explanations. Regarding birth complications and therefore the health care suppliers should respect this.

Myths that surround the physiological state must always be revered. However, the couple ought to be educated properly relating to what can be dangerous for the fetus health.

ii. Family Changes

The atmosphere wherever the lady grew influences the approach she would understand her physiological state.

Family culture and beliefs have an effect on a woman’s perception of physiological state. This causes psychological changes

If she is taken good care as a child. She would have a simple time accepting her physiological state compared to ladies who were neglected by her family throughout childhood.

A woman who has been told of distressing stories regarding the biological process. The physiological state would read her own pregnancy as a negative lightweight. Whereas people who grew with lovely birth stories would be doubtless and excited for her physiological state.

A positive perspective would solely result from a positive outcome and influence from the woman’s family.

3. Individual Changes

 Becoming a new mother is rarely an easy change. The woman should initial be able to deal with stress effectively. As this can be a serious concern throughout her pregnancy.

She must have the power to adapt effectively to any state of affairs. Particularly if the physiological state is her initial as a result of there can arise a lot of new situations.

Her ability to deal with a serious amendment and manage her temper would be to take a look at throughout motherhood.

The woman’s relationship along with her partner conjointly affects her ability to just accept her pregnancy state simply.

If she feels secure along with her relationship with the daddy of her kid. She would have a better time acceptive her pregnancy state as its opposite. An unstable relationship she feels insecure and will doubt the choice of keeping the pregnancy.

A woman who feels that the pregnancy could rob her of her appearance, her freedom, a promotion. Maybe her youth would wish to own a powerful network therefore she might specific her feelings and unburden her chest.

The father’s acceptance of the pregnancy conjointly influences the woman’s ability to just accept the wedding.

Utmost support from her husband would be terribly meaning for the lady particularly throughout the birth.

4. The Psychological Tasks of Pregnancy

It takes a lot of energy and psychological balance to take care of women during pregnancy. Both the woman and husband have to go through a roller coaster of emotions during all this.

Giving birth to a new life from your own blood is not an easy task. Here let look at the different stages how the psychological changes in pregnancy. So, there are several stages that both of them undergo,

First Trimester: Accepting the Pregnancy

  • During this point, there is also emotional fluctuations between positive feelings. Such as excitement, happiness, and joy and rather negative ones (such as disbelief, anticipation, worry, and tearfulness).This causes the psychological changes
  • This depends on a range of things, like physiological condition ailments (nausea/ emesis, reflux diseases, insomnia). Planned/ unplanned physiological condition, monetary things, family support. A perception of fashion restriction, and a way of loss of independence.
  • The shock of learning a couple of new pregnancy condition is typically too significant for a handful. It is advised to give proper time to both of them to talk and understand each other in this period.
  • One of the foremost common reactions of a handful who would be having a baby for the primary time is ambivalency. Or feeling each happy and sad regarding the pregnancy.

Second Trimester: Accepting the Baby

  • Now in this period most couples get stabilized and start preparing their minds for the future role of parents. The woman and her husband start making ideas on how they will do, different activities for their baby.
  • Few emotional changes like narcissism and introversion are also present in this stage. The activities like role-playing and dreaming can help them to accept there role as parents.
  • It is also seen that the mental health problems like anxiety and depression are less seen in the second trimester as compared to first and third.

Third Trimester: Preparing for the Baby

  • As the time comes closer to giving birth to baby, negative emotional feelings may come back due to increasing discomfort, tiredness. Woman, as well as her family, starts to become excited and impatient as birth gets near.
  • A common scene is people start to make preparations for the welcome of the baby. Making a beautiful room for the baby and her mother, both small and big preparations take place during.
  • Buying clothing and sleeping material for the baby becomes important.  It happens because of the psychological changes in our mind.


Pregnancy comes with a lot of ups and downs. The transition of a woman from start to end in pregnancy has to go through a lot of transformations. These events are a big turning point for her and her family.

Both Psychological and physical changes occur in women’s body but sometimes we neglect Psychological ones. Having knowledge of both gives us better care of both mother and baby.

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Q.1). I am having negative feelings during the first trimester?

Ans) It is common to feel not good during the initial days of pregnancy. That happens because of the new changes the body has to go through and hormonal ones. This causes psychological changes.

Q.2). Is mood swings normal during pregnancy?

Ans) Pregnant women feel various emotions, these emotions are triggered by the increased hormones in the woman’s body. Having, the tendency to cry is one of the mood swings women can experience.

Q.3). I am having less sexual desire during pregnancy?

Ans) Pregnant women have less sexual desire due to fatigue, nausea, and breast changes.

Q.4). Why does stress come during pregnancy?

Ans) Stress while pregnancy may arise from various reasons like due to physical changes, having a bad relationship with a partner.

Q.5). What are the factors that help a woman to accept pregnancy?

Ans) Having a good partner, a woman with a healthy and loving childhood helps a pregnant woman to accept her pregnancy.

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