2nd month of pregnancy

So, This is the 2nd month of your pregnancy. As like last one, This Month, Each week your baby will bring some amazing changes and develop. Your body will also show new symptoms this month as compared to the first month.

Let’s understand it week by week how your baby and your body will bring changes.

2nd month of Pregnancy has been divided into Four Parts –

  1. 5th Week of Pregnancy
  2. 6th Week of Pregnancy
  3. 7th Week of Pregnancy
  4. 8th Week of Pregnancy

1. 5th Week of Pregnancy

Your pregnancy is still new in this 2nd month but the embryo which is your baby is growing fastly. From the size of a poppy seed last week is now like a seed of an orange fruit sizing approximately 1/20 of an inch.

Yes, it still very small, but compared to last month it is much bigger and will grow very fast from now also.

i. Thinking about What your developing child looks like now?

Actually It is still not like a baby. Your little one has elongated from a ball of cells to a look like a tadpole shape with a head and believe it or not but with also a tail but don’t worry it will not become a frog.

5th week baby growth in pregnancy

ii. Body Parts starts building

This week a heart will start to frame and beat. It will start pumping blood through your tadpole baby which is soon going to become an embryo. The heart gets build first because blood flow is very essential for the upcoming baby. We cannot survive without blood flow, the same case is with the baby.

Without the blood flow, Organs in the digestive and the nervous system won’t be able to build. At this beginning phase, the plan of the miniaturized scale heart is still quite rural, with just two cylinders siphoning to an extremely unrhythmic mood.

The heart won’t be completely practical until those cylinders meld and the pulses organize, a movement that requires a mind.

Luckily, your baby brain is well past the planning stage. The neural tube is under formation, which will in the end become the baby’s spinal cord and brain. Along With this process, a Digestive system is taking shape also in this 2nd Month of Pregnancy.

There is a tube extending from the mouth to the tail of the embryo and this tube will eventually turn into the stomach, liver, pancreas, and intestines.

iii. Pregnancy symptoms week 5

a. Cravings –

You will feel the craving of different dishes. Your body will demand IceCreams and lemons. Don’t stop yourself.

You can eat a little bit of both. Don’t overeat these things. It is happening just because of hormonal change.

b. Fatigue –

Yes, you will feel very week in the initial days. It happens because your body is busy feeding your upcoming baby. You can feel morning sickness also.

All the body parts are busy in that process. You need a lot of rest due to this. Don’t contradict with your body. Take a good amount of bed rest for the first trimester.

c. Vomiting

Yes, it is very common nowadays. This all happens because of hormonal change which your body is not adapted of. You should have a healthy diet to minimize it.

2. 6th Week of Pregnancy

Its Week 6 of your pregnancy and Your little sweet baby is still looking like a tadpole-shaped, that baby shrimp won’t be a shrimp much longer.

In fact, Baby boy or girl is growing very quickly now. Now it is as long as 1/4 of an inch from the top of the head to bottom till the tail this week.

i. Do you wonder why we measure the baby like this?

Actually, Currently, the baby is shaped in a C type shape. At the point when your child legs will begin to set up, its knees will be bowed and tucked up under the jaw

Due to which, it becomes impossible to measure the actual length of the body. That’s why doctors measure it in a different way by measuring it from the crown to rump. This type of measurement goes on until 27 weeks of pregnancy.

ii. Organ Develops

Your baby mouth and eyes are started to take their place this week. Your baby is gaining all the features which you will fill will kisses first. Yes, you are thinking right exactly, Its the head. Also, The Jaw and the chin is also under construction.

Your baby heart also starts beating this week but it will not be noticed now. Yes, your doctor can make you listen to the heartbeats through ultrasound. You can visit your doctor in the 2nd month of your pregnancy.

6th week baby organ development in pregnancy

The little buds will begin to grow from the storage compartment which will develop into arms and legs. Also, some swelling will occur at the end of those limb buds which will become the baby’s hands and feet.

This process is going on outside only. There is plenty of many processes that are going on inside also.

Many major body organs are also forming this time which includes Liver, baby lungs, and kidneys.

Energizing this development is the yolk sack, an inflatable like structure appended to the incipient organism. However, the chorionic villi, which is the early placenta has begun to create and frame veins.

Equipping to dominate and carry nourishment to the embryo when the yolk sack vanishes before the finish of the primary trimester.

iii. Pregnancy symptoms week 6

a. Breast Changes –

Your breast will get bigger this week. Your breast nipples will get darker from this week. Don’t get surprised by this because your body is preparing milk for your upcoming baby.

b. Gas Problem –

Yes, this Gas problem will happen also. You should drink a lot of water to get rid of this. Also, Don’t forget to eat healthy food only.

c. Fatigue and Vomiting

Fatigue will continue along with vomiting this week also. You can do some yoga and exercise also to get into energy at this time.

3. 7th Week of Pregnancy

At this 7th week, you must have put on some weight and your tummy is coming out a little bit because your baby is growing at rapid speed now.

As research says, Your baby grows more than 10000 times from the first day till now. It is now as big as the size of a blueberry.

i. Organ Development in Seventh Week

This seventh week is the game-changer. The embryonic tail which was grown in your baby has now disappeared. The organs which were developing last week like eyes, mouth, jaw, and chin are looking much better than the last week.

The lips formation is coming in place this week with the introduction of the tooth buds also. The tongue is also getting in form this week.

7th week baby development in pregnancy

The birth cord is also forming this week. This Birth cord helps the nutrients to reach the baby and take away the waste.

Baby’s shoulders are making up their space at this 2nd month of pregnancy also. Kidneys are getting ready to show some exciting functions in the upcoming weeks.

In the Upcoming months, you will get a kick from your baby also.

Fingers and toes are also in their formation early stage this week. Your Baby liver is also developing this week. It will very soon start to produce RBC which is known as red blood cells.

The main part which will develop this week is the baby’s brain. Baby Brain is now developing in the second stage. It will produce more cells than before.

ii. Pregnancy symptoms week 7

a. Excess Urination –

As you are drinking a lot of water these days, excess Urination will happen. It is good for your baby and yourself. Don’t avoid water to avoid this symptom.

b. Heartburn

This symptom doesn’t show to everyone but if you are having this symptom then you have to avoid spicy foods in your diet.

c. Excessive saliva

Yes, This symptom will show you till the end of 2nd month of pregnancy. You can eat chewing gums to get rid of this.

4. 8th Week of Pregnancy

Congrats, You are almost two months pregnant now. Your bump is getting bigger this week because your baby is growing faster than before. Your baby is sizing almost half an inch as same as the size of a grape.

i. Organ Development in Eighth Week

Your baby brain is developing at a rapid rate now. Nerve cell formation is going on. They are multiplying at full speed. Yes, these are the same cells that will later connect the body with the brain.

The body legs and arms are also getting bigger in this week. The Nose tip and eyelids are getting visible now. The upper lips can also be seen in ultrasound now.

Your baby fingers and toes are also developing because bones formation is going on now in different parts of the body.

8th month baby organ development in pregnancy

Taste buds are also developing this week on the tongue and teeth making process is also starting.

Intestines are also developing this week and it will soon migrate into the baby belly.

The Baby’s heart has also divided into two chambers. The heartbeat is going on very fast on a speed of 150 beats per minute which is double from the normal person count.

ii. Pregnancy symptoms week 8

a. Excess Vaginal Discharge

Your body is very busy in the process of your baby due to which it will release Excess Vaginal Discharge. Don’t get panic due to this.

b. Constipation –

If you are facing this, then you are not having a good diet. You should eat a lot of fiber during pregnancy. It will help you out of this. Avoid white dishes in your meal like white rice.

c. Fatigue

This will continue because pregnancy is not an easy task. You need a will power to get rid of fatigue from you.

5. Conclusion

In this blog, you get to know the changes that occurred in your body along with the development phase of your baby in the 2nd month of pregnancy.

You learned how your baby body parts develop week by week and how symptoms change as the pregnancy grows in this 2nd month of pregnancy.

It is a very exciting phase in your life. Keep calm and enjoy it.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. We will be happy to answer all your queries.

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6. FAQ

What food can kill a baby when pregnant?

Any kind of unprocessed raw food can lead to food poisoning which is harmful for baby.

Can you feel the baby at 2 months?

Not exactly because you are not going to get kicks but you can feel something is going on inside through the symptoms.

How many weeks are two months pregnant?

8 – 9 weeks

Is it safe to bend during pregnancy?

Yes, it completely safe until you are doing normal works. If you are going to do something adventurous, then it is dangerous for both baby and mother.

Can wearing tight pants hurt my baby?

There is no research which says it hurts your baby but it can hurt the mother and lead to some serious disease known as meralgia paresthetica due to tightness

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