Are you worried about the second-trimester ultrasound test? Yes. Let me help you with the whole process of the test and make it comfortable for you to go through the test.

An ultrasound is not more than a sound waves which the doctor takes with many instruments.

Ultrasound is conducted in a separate dark room so that the doctors can check the image properly.

Ultrasound test is prepared by applying a certain gel on the mother’s stomach and then the machine is kept over the gel.

Once the machine is kept, the images would be visible on the monitor and the doctors can check that and let the mother also see the baby’s formation.

There are three types of ultrasound test and they are,

  • First-trimester ultrasound
  • Second-trimester ultrasound
  • Third-trimester ultrasound

First-trimester ultrasound:

First-trimester is conducted for checking whether the mother is pregnant or not.

There would be some problem that the patient didn’t check the pregnancy test.

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Second-trimester ultrasound:

The test is conducted during the 14th-20th week and the test would be checking the baby’s formation, organs, legs and many other internal organs.

The second-trimester is also called as “Level 2 Ultrasound” test, however before going through the test confirm the risk and the benefits from the doctor.

Third-trimester ultrasound:

The test is conducted at last phase when the mother would be delivering the child.

The test includes several factors while going through the test and it can be visible on the screen.

It can be in the form of any video and the patient can see the child grown up.

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Let me help you with the second-trimester in detail,

  1. Before going through the second trimester ultrasound test
  2. While testing the second trimester in an ultrasound test
  3. After the second trimester in the ultrasound test
  4. Treatment and benefits of the second trimester in the ultrasound test
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQ

1. Before going through the second trimester ultrasound test:

Before going through the test, ask the doctor about the risk and the benefits of going through the second-trimester test.

Always remember that, do not consume anything at least two hours before the test.

Drink water as much as possible, however, the recommended would be 2-4 glasses of water.

early sign of pregnancy

Do not consume alcohol, do not smoke while you are pregnant as it gives negative effect on the baby and you.

The test can be conducted in a separate room and do not take any child with you, you can go with your husband while going through the test.

You can check the images on the screen, if needed and there is any medical emergency then the sonographer would show 4D videos.

2. While testing the second trimester in an ultrasound test:

The test is conducted between 14th-20th week and it is conducted on a simple base of caring every week or you can go at one time.

14The doctor can check the image of the baby with his head and the hand near the stomach
15The baby is little grown up and the hands are near the face. The bones can be seen a little bit
16You can see the baby’s facial images clearly and the doctor can take necessary steps to take whether the baby is normal
17Here you can check the baby’s hand with small bones and the fingers to have appeared clearly
18You can see the baby’s head, the hands and you can also see the gender of the baby, you can also see the baby’s bones more clearly growing slowly
19Muscles can be seen clearly on the legs and lower region
20You can see the baby’s ear and the head structure and the hands in the form of hugged and sleeping
21Here the lungs are started taking their place and the heart starts taking place.

You can see the baby’s development every week and you can take necessary steps to check the baby every week.

The mother needs to take special care while they are pregnant as they need to take care special.

3. After the second trimester in the ultrasound test:

After testing the second-trimester, there would be third-trimester which will take place at last before the baby would give delivery.

Try to eat as much as greenish vegetables, buy local foods and do not go for other fruits more than seasonal.

Take the medicines properly given by the doctors, do not be lazy to take those medicines.

Keep yourself away for street foods, sometimes it will work otherwise make all the foods at home and make it as homemade.

Do some exercise, concentrate on yoga and do meditation and read books.

Your duty is to be happy and feel happy that the baby inside you can be out of stress.

4. Treatment and benefits of the second trimester in the ultrasound test:

The second trimester is conducted between 14-20th week of pregnancy and it is tested to check various developing organs in the baby,

  • To check the growing fetal and the organs of the baby.
  • Monitor the level of fluid
  • Check the baby’s gender whether male or female.
  • Determining if the fetus is getting good amount of oxygen
  • To check the birth defects.

Treatment of ultrasound can be done in images and video would be conducted only when there is any certain need for that.

The benefits of the treatment is that, it allows you to check whether the baby inside the mother’s womb is safe or not.

It also allows to check if there is any certain miscarriage, check the baby’s health, sex, organs, bones, hands, legs and the mother can see that and feel it.

Baby’s Gender:

In the second-trimester you can see the baby’s sex and determine if there is any male or female in the mother’s womb.

You can see the baby’s growing hands, legs and the internal organs changing and growing.

You can also see the baby’s face and the structure of the body and the doctor would note the feature if needed.

5. Conclusion:

The ultrasound in pregnancy is safe and it does not harm any one as it would only help the doctors to check the health.

However, confirm the benefits and safety from the doctor before the test and also check the test under the experienced sonographer.

The ultrasound is good to both and can help in various ways.

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Is ultrasound harmful in pregnancy?

No, it is not harmful. However, the test should be conducted with an experienced sonographer as they can help you with harming the baby and the mother. The ultrasound is nothing more than sound waves.

What is level 2 ultrasound in pregnancy?

Level 2 Ultrasound is also called as Second-trimester and the second-trimester helps you with gender of the baby, body and the growing organs

When can do ultrasound in pregnancy?

You can do ultrasound from testing pregnancy to delivering the baby. However the doctor can suggest you more about that.

Ultrasound and pregnancy risks?

There is no risk in ultrasound in pregnancy, as the ultrasound will just help you with the images inside the reproductive organs of mother.

What is ultrasound in normal pregnancy?

It allows the doctor to check whether the pregnancy is normal and check the various information about pregnancy.

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