7th month of pregnancy

In your 7th month of pregnancy, Your baby is going to be more healthier and bigger than before. You will feel more weight on your tummy due to this. Day by Day, you are getting closer to your baby.

Let’s understand in detail the changes which will happen in your baby and your physique during this 7th month of pregnancy splitting week by week.

  1. 25th Week of Pregnancy
  2. 26th Week of Pregnancy
  3. 27th Week of Pregnancy
  4. 28th Week of Pregnancy

1. 25th Week of Pregnancy

Your baby is growing at rapid speed now as it has crossed more than halfway of birth. It weighs now 0.68 Kg and height is almost 34 cms.

i. Nose starts Working

nostril development of a baby

Your baby can now inhale and exhale by this week as its nostrils are now open. Although there is no air inside so it starts with amniotic fluid. It attracts amniotic fluid in and out of those little cute nostrils.

ii. Heartbeats can be heard

Now, You can listen to your baby heartbeats using a stethoscope or by placing your ear on the abdomen.

Heartbeat can be heard 25th week

In this 25th week of pregnancy, your baby spine is now made up of 1000 ligaments, 150 Joints, and 33 Rings.

The baby’s neck is one of the body parts which takes time to become stable. Even you need to take care of the neck position after birth until 6 months.

Baby skin has now put on enough layers that it is no more transparent.

As your baby gains weight, Its skin will become less wrinkled and will look more like an actual newborn during this 7th month of pregnancy.

At 25 weeks, your uterus is as big as a football and your baby is playing a match inside.

iii. Pregnancy Symptoms Week 25

 a. Iron Deficiency –

You should conduct regular checkups of iron deficiency test also. Don’t get enough diet results in this deficiency.

b. Hot Flashes

Hot flashes happen during pregnancy a lot more than in normal conditions. Changing hormone levels is the reason for this.

c. Hair Growth –

Pregnancy hormones put a brake on the hair fall. Your hair feels thicker in the pregnancy period.

3. 26 Week of Pregnancy

This 26th week of pregnancy is going to be a game-changer for your baby. Your baby now weighs almost a kg approximately 920 Grams. Its height is about 36 Cms.

i. Baby Eyes Opens

Until now, your baby’s eyes were in the developing phase but this week, the First time your baby will open his or her eyes and experience the world inside.

eyes developed of a baby in 26th week

Although, there is nothing much to see now. You can check if your baby’s eyes are open or not by flashing a light on your tummy. If it responds with a kick, then yes its eyes are open really now.

The irises are still pretty pale and pigmentation comes in over the next few months. You will not get to know the actual color of your baby until he’s at least 6 months old.

The baby will now try to put in mouth whatever comes near it even not sparing the umbilical cord in this 7th month of pregnancy.

The little cutie can now easily make reflex movements including making a fist, sucking the thumb, and play with the toes.

ii. Pregnancy Symptoms Week 26

a. Clumsiness –

Changes in weight and body structure becomes the reason for the fall and slips. You should take extra care while walking and on the slippery places because you are carrying two lives with you.

b. Blood pressure –

Your blood pressure can become unstable most of the time in pregnancy. Sometimes it will be high and some other times will show low in the machine. Your doctor will also advise you to monitor it daily as it has to be in control.

c. Sleeping problems –

As you will come closer to the 9 months of pregnancy, you will face more difficulty in sleeping. Your baby will move and give more kicks now. Give a round of garden to make it sleep with you.

4. 27th Week of Pregnancy

The 27th week of pregnancy marks the end of the 2nd trimester. Your baby is now 37 inches long and weighs as same as last week about 950 grams.

i. Urination Process At Its Peak

The process of making urine is going on regularly now. A part of amniotic fluid passes by the baby digestive system into his or her kidneys and then comes out as urine. This process repeats every three hours. It is known as the Ingestion Excretion cycle.

baby growth in 27th week

Your cutie pie lungs and Immune system are still getting developed and mature enough to face the outside world problems but your baby outer structure is almost completed. Your baby will look as same as it will be after birth in ultrasound in this 7th month of pregnancy.

From this 27th week of pregnancy, mothers will feel more uncomfortable because the baby has grown now. It will move too much inside.

Sometime it will sleep for many hours and the other times, It will be very active inside.

ii. Pregnancy Symptoms Week 27

a. Itchy Belly –

As your belly grows, It will become dry and also creates itchiness. you can use moisturizer cream and a warm bath to get rid of itchiness.

b. Short-tempered

Due to sudden changes in your body and not able to do what you actually want to can bring irritation in yourself. Have some Yoga and meditation in your daily routine from now on. It will relax your mind and body.

c. Unexpected Urination –

Your baby is growing at a rapid speed which is putting pressure on your urinary bladder. Due to this reason, you will get unexpected urination during sneezing and whenever your bladder will feel more weight. You should take extra care from now on.

4. 28th Week of Pregnancy

In the 28th week of pregnancy, your baby will grow and grow only from now. Almost all the organs are fully developed by now. Your baby weighs 1 Kg now and heights 39 Cms.

i. Diaphragm Practising

Your baby will practice more sudden hiccups in this 7th month of pregnancy. This happens due to sudden irregular contraction of the immature diaphragm. It is preparing to live in the outside world. No. of hiccups per day varies from baby to baby.

diaphragm contraction

The baby starts rapid eye movement from this week. It suggests that your baby has started dreaming. Nobody knows till now what a child dreams at this time. Maybe he or she dreams god or you.

Your little baby is now developing a more regular pattern of waking and sleeping.

Eyelashes are developing and with it, your cutie pie is looking more like an actual baby.

By practicing kicking, The baby muscles are also developing and getting stronger day by day.

ii. Pregnancy Symptoms Week 28

a. Shortness of Breath –

Although this symptom occurs in the initial days of pregnancy and fades away after a few weeks but it comes back in the third trimester. It all happens due to an increase in the hormone named progesterone.

b. Back Pain

This is the most common founded symptom in pregnancy almost every week. Give relaxation to your body and avoid any head work to release the pressure. This is the special time in which you should give rest to your body when it demands.

c. Pelvic Joint –

Sometimes the pelvic joint of your body gives you pain due to the hormonal activities. It should be temporary but if it disturbs you for few days, you should immediately contact your doctor or wear a pelvic joint belt.

5. Conclusion

In this blog, You get to know how a baby develops from 25th week to 28th week.

Your baby body parts are preparing them to face the outside world as you are very close to your delivery stage. Eyes opened, the nose starts smelling and lungs are practicing inhaling and exhaling.

If you have any doubts, feel free to ask in the comment section below. I will be very happy to answer all of your queries.

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6. FAQ

Why does a baby kick more at night?

Actually, your baby can kick anytime. At night, you are free from all the work so it gets noticed more. Also, when the baby feels that there is no movement going on then it kicks.

How many weeks are 7 months pregnant?

25 to 28 weeks of pregnancy comes in the 7th month.

Can I hurt my baby while sleeping?

Not at all unless you fall from the bed while sleeping.

Is 7th-month delivery safe?

According to a survey, there are 70 30 chances of the baby getting proper fitness if he or she is 7 months born because it still lacks some developments which although hospital special units known as NICU try to fulfill.

Who comes earlier Boy or girl?

Actually, many surveys have been conducted to study this all over the world. According to them, boys come 15 percent earlier than girls.

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