At your 6th month pregnancy, you are almost at the end of your second trimester. Your tummy is getting bigger day by day now. You really need very loose clothes now.

You really need very loose clothes now

Let’s understand the changes happening in your baby and symptoms which you will develop this month by splitting week by week.

  1. 21st week of pregnancy
  2. 22nd week of pregnancy
  3. 23rd Week of Pregnancy
  4. 24th Week of Pregnancy

1. 21 Week of Pregnancy

At the 21st week of Pregnancy, Your baby is at least 27 cms long and weighs 0.32 – 0.36 Kgs.

i. Baby Hiccups

Mothers maybe start to feel the baby hiccups. As your baby grows, these hiccups will increase also. Although, it all depends and varies from baby to baby. Some will do multiple times and others will do it only once per day.

baby hiccups in x-ray

The taste buds on your baby’s tongue is developed now and it can taste the food you eat. Baby is able to do this because it now consumes and tastes the food through amniotic fluid also along with the placenta.

These two ways food consumption is allowing the baby to practice swallowing and digesting.

The intestines begin to contract and relax now. The bone marrow is developed now and making red blood cells also. Due to this, blood circulation is completely working now.

Fat growth along with the umbilical cord continues even in this 6th month of pregnancy. The eyelids and eyebrows are fully developed by now.

Your little cutie pie is waking and sleeping continuously. If you have twins in your body, then they both are kicking each other. Don’t worry as they are protected by the membrane which separates them.

ii. Pregnancy Symptoms Week 21

a. Nails Growth –

You will see that your nails will grow very frequently. It happens only because of hormonal change. This change increases the blood circulation of your body which results in nails growth along with your baby.

b. Sweating –

Increased metabolism in your body results in feeling you more hot and sweatier. This can be prevented by eating some amount of ice cream whenever you feel.

c. Oily Skin –

The hormonal change is creating a lot of side effects in your body which all are temporary. Out of which, one is oily skin.

You can prevent this also by washing your face with a cleanser daily.

2. 22nd Week of Pregnancy

In this 22 week of pregnancy, Your baby is about 0.45 Kg in weight and 29 Cms in weight.

i. Baby responds to sound

This is the week when your baby can also respond to the sound. The cochlear membranes in the ears now capable of process sounds from inside your body.

baby respond to sound

Baby will listen to everything like your blood moving speed, your heartbeat any other movement noise of the body, and your voice also. Prepare a bunch of stories and songs to sing them.

Baby lips are becoming more distinct now. The iris of the fetus still lacks color while the external eyes are fully formed.

Teeth are getting bigger and are a little bit visible during this 6th month of pregnancy.

If your baby is a boy, then its testes have begun to shift from the pelvis to scrotum.

On the other hand, If its a baby girl then her vagina is fully formed by now.

The pancreas of your baby is getting ready to produce its final last hormones.

As your baby grows, the space in which it lives become less due to which its skin will feel a little bit wrinkled.

ii. Pregnancy Symptoms Week 22

a. Hemorrhoids

This piles problem is sometimes seen in pregnant ladies at this time. It’s just because they are not as strong as they have to. Maintain a good diet and do exercise regularly. Don’t sit too much. These all will help you throughout the pregnancy period.

b. Veins

Your veins will start showing up especially on your legs. It just happens because of the increase in blood circulation. Exercise will resolve this easily.

c. Indigestion –

This symptom is completely normal. As your appetite is increasing, you will eat more than your body requires sometimes. This results in indigestion. Simply avoid heavy foods. You will get rid of this.

3. 23rd Week of Pregnancy

In this 23rd week, Your baby organs are as much developed as they are ready to live in the outside world. The baby weighs now more than half kg almost 550 Grams.

i. Development of Keratin

Baby’s skin is getting reddish lines as blood vessels are developing. A tough protective protein named keratin which helps in growth and strongness of hair, nails, and skin is getting added to your baby’s body.

keratin protein

The baby lung vessels are developing as they are important to breathe in the outside world. Small capillaries are forming in the lungs and Pneumo sites, specialized lung cells are developing.

The Skin pigments which will be the decision-maker of the skin color are still developing in this 6th month of pregnancy.

The placenta, your baby support system is protecting your little one from harmful infections of the mother’s body to pass.

If you have twins, then your both babies may have different sleeping schedules.

ii. Pregnancy Symptoms Week 23

a. Bloating –

This time body is adjusting so that it feeds two lives, Mother and its baby. The mother’s body increases the amount of progesterone hormone to feed the baby more comfortably. As an effect, It slows down the mother’s digestion. You should drink more water to keep it in control.

b. Snoring –

This symptom arises due to nasal congestion in the pregnancy. There are many solutions available to resolve this. You can use nasal strips that are easily available in medical shops.

c. Hands tingle –

Your hands start tingling in the pregnancy. It happens due to swelling. Stretch your hands daily for 10 – 15 minutes both morning and evening if it occurs.

4. 24th Week of Pregnancy

This 24th week brings a lot of changes in both mother and baby development. Your baby is now 29 cm long and weighs almost 0.60 kg.

The baby skin is still translucent but doesn’t worry, it will very soon develop to its full form.

i. Hair color is white

There is hair on the head but it is still white in color because the pigment which is need for coloring is not there yet.

hair formation on 24th week

The eyebrows and eyelashes are also fully developed this week.

The breathing organ, lungs are still developing but they have started producing body cells to create surfactants. Surfactants are responsible for the inflation of air sacs.

By the end of the 6th month of pregnancy, The brain cells have matured enough that they can develop conscious thought and memory.

In the step to face the outer world, The baby’s body has started developing white blood cells in a good quantity now.

Your little cutie has now basic control over the basic senses. including hearing, touch, taste, vision, and smell.

ii. Pregnancy Symptoms Week 24

a. Eyes Weaken

Your eyes muscles will get weaker by this week. This happens due to pregnancy symptoms. Don’t go to check the eye’s new number as it is temporary. Your vision will be back to normal after pregnancy.

b. Migraine –

Headache occurs in pregnancy and you should take care and resolve it at the earliest otherwise it will become migraine pain. If your headache lasts more than a week, then consult your doctor.

c. Skin Dryness

Dryness on your skin will happen during the pregnancy period. Just use some moisturizer to resolve this issue.

5. Conclusion

In this blog, You get to know how a baby develops from 21st week to 24th week. You also get to know how symptoms of a mother change during pregnancy every week.

From starting of Hiccups and the development of keratin until the ability to hear, your baby has come a long way from the first day of birth. One more thing which happens this month is the white color Hair Growth of the baby.

If you have any doubts, feel free to ask in the comment section below. I will be very happy to answer all of your queries.

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6. FAQ

How can I stop my 6-month pregnancy?

It is too late to stop the pregnancy although you can eat medicines to stop pregnancy in the first 9 weeks.

How many weeks are 6 months pregnant?

21 to 24 weeks of pregnancy comes in 6th month.

What are the symptoms of six months of pregnancy?

They can be a lot of symptoms include heartburn, indigestion, back pains, and many more. Symptoms vary from person to person.

Does the baby sleep in the womb when the mother sleeps?

Not every time, but yes it sleeps most of the time while in the womb. If it is awake then it will also not let the mother get asleep.

Can I hurt my baby by pressing on my belly?

The soft press doesn’t make any difference but hard kicks can lead to even death of both mother and baby.

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