Entered into the 3rd month of pregnancy? Congratulations on that. In the 3rd month, things may quite appear ordinary to you. However, you must not neglect your 3rd month pregnancy diet at any cost.  

It’s been seen that the 3rd month is quite pleasant and a bit challenging at the same time. You may start experiencing an increase in energy levels. The nausea you were experiencing since the past two months may have turned into a hunger to fewer extents. 

However, you might also be feeling dizziness, frequent urination & changes in skin pigmentations. With this, you may also suffer from varicose veins & spider veins. 

So, maintaining a nutrient-rich & balanced diet will surely make your stressful days a little better. That’s the reason, in this blog, I will tell you about every nutritional stuff that should be a part of your 3rd month pregnancy diet.

So, what to include in diet?

Let’s get into the most detailed guide on first trimester diet:

1. What to eat in the 3rd month of pregnancy?

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a. Fresh fruits

Every fruit contains a lot of vitamins, natural sugar, and antioxidants. And therefore, the fresh fruits should always be a part of your diet. You should consume every kind of fruit, especially bananas and guavas. Because, eating these fruits is good for gaining your baby’s weight. 

b. Fresh vegetables

After fresh fruits, what should be your part of the first trimester diet is fresh & green vegetables. Experts recommend that you must eat at least 2.5-3 cups of fresh vegetables every single day when you are pregnant. 

With this, you must focus on eating every kind of vegetables like leafy greens, root vegetables, beans & peas, etc. After all, it is good for the healthy development of your little one.

c. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the core source of energy that provides us a lot of energy. So, it definitely deserves to be a part of your 3rd month pregnancy diet. You will get a rich source of carbohydrates from whole grains, legumes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and so on. 

Besides this, you will also get little amounts of carbs from the fruits & vegetables that you have been eating. However, you must avoid eating simple carbs like refined flour, cakes, and cookies as these are not nutritious for your newbie’s health.

d. Protein

Proteins help build the DNA, tissues, and muscles in our body. Also, they are important to trigger various enzymes in our body. Which is ultimately good for your little baby. So, start eating protein rich foods like legumes, lentils, nuts, meat, soybeans, etc.

e. Dairy

Image of dairy milk

Dairy products like milk, paneer, cheese, butter, etc are the healthy source of calcium. Which in turn develops strong & healthy bones. Therefore, you must include these stuff in your daily diet course. 

However, in case of cheese, you should only consume hard cheese and not the soft one. This is because the soft cheese is made with mould and therefore can contain bacterias. Which are harmful for the baby.

f. Vitamin D

Another important thing is to add vitamin D sources in your first trimester pregnancy diet. Eating vitamin D rich foods, you will be able to build a stronger immune system of your child. Also, such foods promote healthy teeth, bone development, and healthy cell division in the body. 

To get vitamin D, you can eat fatty fish like salmon & tuna, egg yolk, cod liver oil, etc. Moreover, you can also enjoy a walk in the morning sunlight.

g. Zinc

This source is vital for the development of a good immune system & nervous system. Foods that are rich in zinc are spinach, mushrooms, pumpkin, squash seeds, chicken, beans, and so on.

h. Omega-3 rich food

Image of omega-3 rich 3rd month pregnancy diet food

These nutrients are needed for the good development of eyes & brain in the child. So, you can eat foods like soybeans, walnuts, flaxseeds, salmon, etc. All these foods are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids.

i. Vitamin B6 rich food

Vitamin B6 will help you fight the feeling of nausea and vomiting. In the third month, you may be experiencing morning sickness peak at week 9. However, it will start decreasing by the end of 12th week. Including vitamin B6 rich foods will help you to feel better.

j. Folate-rich food

Folic acid is really important in baby’s brain and spinal cord development. And therefore, it is recommended by most doctors that one should include it ever since the day they have been planning pregnancy. The reason behind it is that it helps to prevent major health defects known as neural tube defects and spina bifida.

2. What to avoid in your 3rd month pregnancy diet?

After discussing what you must eat during pregnancy, it’s time to learn what not to eat during these times. So, do not miss out on the below things.

a. Raw eggs 

Any kind of raw eggs whether white or brown in color are not safe to eat during pregnancy time. Because, there are high chances that it may contain bad bacterias that can cause food poisoning.

b. Unpasteurized dairy products

Image depicting to say no to unpasteurized milk

Same is the case with unpasteurized dairy products. These products including soft cheese can also include harmful bacterias that can become the cause for food poisoning. So, simply avoid everything which is raw and uncooked.

c. Seafood

These foods sometimes contain high levels of mercury that are not healthier for the child. As in it causes impaired brain functions in the foetus. So, just avoid this food and continue eating freshwater fishes.

d. Vitamin A

You must avoid excess consumption of chicken & beef as it contains high quantities of vitamin A. And, excess of vitamin A can lead to birth defects in the newborn child. However, eating fruits, vegetables, & eggs is not so harmful.

e. Caffeine & street food

You must try to avoid foods that are high in caffeine as it increases the heart rate in babies. On the other hand, eating street food can cause you bacterial infections. However, some other day, if you wish to eat street food, then you can cook it at home & eat.

f. Canned juices

Lastly, you must avoid drinking canned juices as it contains high amounts of preservatives. Which are obviously not good for the foetus’ growth. The canned juices also include harmful chemicals that can sometimes cause miscarriages. So, you better avoid it.

3. Do I need to take supplements with a proper diet?

Image of supplements to be included in 3rd month pregnancy diet

Yes, if it’s recommended by your gynecologist. It is not always bad to take some supplements along with natural foods. As in it gives the necessary energy boost to your body. 

Your gynecologist may recommend you to take a folic acid supplement in the first trimester. Afterwards, your diet chart for 3rd month pregnancy may include iron & calcium supplements. 

The need for supplements will be dependent on your past health history & food choices in past daily lifestyle. For example, supplement proportions are different for vegetarian and nonvegetarian persons.

4. Should I stop drinking alcohol completely?

Yes, you must stop drinking alcohol completely. The reason being it can cause miscarriages and stillbirth. Not the least, it can also cause lifelong disabilities at physical, behavioral, and intellectual levels. 

5. Conclusion

So, entering into the 3rd month of pregnancy can be exciting and at the same time quite ordinary as well. The reason being, at this point of time, the excitement, joy, & all those overwhelming happiness tends to minimize. Because your family eventually gets busy in their daily routine lives. 

However, you should never compromise with your 3rd month pregnancy diet. This is because only your diet is going to decide the health of your newbie. So, you must include everything listed above in your pregnancy diet chart.

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6. FAQs

1. How often should I visit my gynecologist during the 3rd month of pregnancy?

Answer: In case of a healthy pregnancy, your gynecologist may recommend you one prenatal visit every month. This means, you can visit your gynecologist for a prenatal checkup once in the 3rd pregnancy month. 

2. What happens if I decide to get pregnant after 30s?

Answer: It increases the risks of miscarriages, stillbirth, and birth defects in children as you cross 30s.

3. What is the best age to get pregnant?

Answer: The best age can be between 25-30s according to me. Because at this time, a woman has a good reproductive system and the couple’s financial conditions are also good in these years.

4. Is banana good for pregnancy?

Answer: Surely yes as it helps to gain child’s weight during pregnancy.

5. How to stay mentally fit when you feel stressed during pregnancy?

Answer: You can spend time with your spouse as it fulfills the emotional need of every mother. Apart from this, you can also exercise a little as exercises refresh our mind and re-energize us. However, you should only do the exercises that are recommended by your gynecologist.
Entering into the 3rd month of pregnancy can be exciting and at the same time quite ordinary as well. The reason being, at this point in time, the excitement, joy, & all those overwhelming happiness tends to minimize. Because your family eventually gets busy in their daily routine lives. 

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