Welcome to the 3rd month of Pregnancy. This month you will see more exciting changes in your body both internally and externally. Your tummy will now be visible and your doctor’s visits will increase.

In this article, we will discuss how your body and your cute baby will change in this 3rd month of pregnancy splitting into week by week.

  1. 9th Week of Pregnancy
  2. 10th Week of Pregnancy
  3. 11th Week of Pregnancy
  4. 12th Week of Pregnancy

1. 9th Week of Pregnancy

This month your baby has entered the fetal period. Now your baby size is about a black olive. Finally, This week your baby looks officially like a human.

i. Clear Ultrasound Exam

Your baby body parts can be clearly visible this week through ultrasound. Its eyes are still not on the exact location. They are on the side part of the face and still closed.

Baby heartbeats can also be listened to through Ultrasound this week. Sometimes, it doesn’t happen because your baby’s heart can be on the opposite side of the ultrasound. So, don’t worry about that.

ii. Little Movement Started

Your cute little baby will also show some movement now as its legs and arms are long enough to move but you will still have to keep patience to get a kick for some weeks more. Its fingers are still swollen.

9th week of baby growth in pregnancy

Its neck is also in the developing phase now. The body parts which are needed for digestion including spleen, gallbladder, and liver are also under construction now.

The intestines are also heading towards their rightful place this week i.e. abdominal cavity. Internal reproductive sex organs also start to develop this week.

iii. Pregnancy Symptoms Week 9

a. Blood Pressure –

You will see fluctuations in your blood pressure this week as your body is working over its limits. Eat a healthy and timely diet to avoid this symptom.

b. Constipation –

This symptom is going to be with you on the full journey. You should never eat a full meal at one time now because your body is busy taking care of two people. Take smaller meals to get rid of constipation.

c. Breast tenderness

You will feel a burning sensation in your breasts in this 3rd month of pregnancy. This will make you very uncomfortable so avoid wearing bra for a few weeks.

2. 10th Week of Pregnancy

This tenth week of pregnancy is the game changer week. The critical development phase of the fetal is almost finished this week.

Your baby is now as big as citrus fruit. Its weight has increased to approximately 4 grams and length is about 3 cm.

The baby head is now bigger as compared to previous weeks as now it covers half of the body length. Your baby fingers and toes are now completely developed.

i. Baby Hair Growth Starts

Yes, This week your baby hairs will start growing. Don’t rush to the shop to buy a comb now. Your cutie pie doesn’t need this yet.

10th week of baby growth in pregnancy

This week baby teeth will also start its development. Also, your baby eyes are not open yet but its internal parts like eye color and eyes are going to develop in this 10th week of pregnancy.

The spine of the body is now more visible as compared to the last month.

Your baby’s external ears are also growing this week along with the digestive and the nervous system.

The baby’s heart is now functioning with its full potential. The bone making process is also ON this week.

ii. Reproductive Organs

If your baby is a boy then it’s reproductive organ has started producing testosterone and If its a baby girl then her little ovaries have started to form little eggs in this 3rd month of pregnancy.

iii. Pregnancy Symptoms Week 10

a. Headaches –

This will happen sometimes in a day from now on. It all happens because of stress and fatigue. You should avoid taking medicines as it can affect your baby health.

b. Faintness –

This symptom will show from now on because your body needs rest which you are not able to give it. Avoid doing overloading work.

c. Belly Pain –

This pain will occur a little bit from now on as your belly is stretching out. Don’t take any tension as it’s normal. Just starts walking if you feel this symptom in this 3rd month of pregnancy.

3. 11th Week of Pregnancy

This 11th week of pregnancy, Your’s body will also see some changes like your nails will grow and your bump will also grow and come more outward. You will also see some weight gain also this week as your baby is getting bigger now.

i. Baby Weight and Length

Your baby is now almost 5 cm long and weighs 7 grams and looking like the size of a plum. Your baby has now come to a stage that now all the organs are formed.

From now on, no new organs are going to form. Its organs are only going to grow and get bigger from now on.

baby tongue taste bud developed in 11th week of pregnancy

Your baby jawline has formed now. The tongue taste buds have also developed this week.

The nose power of smelling has also started this week. The baby’s ear shape is getting better now. The chest nipples are also developing now.

The skin of your baby is now getting thicken now. Your baby boy or girl whatever it will be is now feeling its body parts. It has started to move in its home.

The baby can now listen to sounds a little bit or in the other words can listen to your voice also.

ii. Pregnancy Symptoms Week 11

a. Mood Swings –

Sometimes you will feel low and sometimes the exact opposite. These mood swings will disturb your lifestyle in this period of pregnancy. But, you have to live with it. Don’t take too much stress at this time.

b. Dizziness –

Do some yoga in your daily life to increase the circulation of blood in your body. It will prevent you from dizziness.

c. Food Cravings –

This craving for your favorite food will continue to disturb you for at least 16 weeks. Don’t get into the trap of these.

4. 12th Week of Pregnancy

Finally, your 3rd month of pregnancy is about to end now. You will feel much better now as most of the symptoms of early pregnancy have left you. Many new symptoms come now as you are still 28 weeks away.

i. Baby Growth in 12th week

Your baby is gaining weight much faster now. It weighs about 14 gms and its length is about 7 cm long. You compare your baby size with a lemon.

This week your baby’s main development will be in reflexes as your baby is now able to fold its hands and feet.

12th weeks of baby growth

The eyes have taken their rightful place in the body now. The pancreas has begun to produce insulin this week.

Baby’s bone marrow has started to produce white blood cells this week. Wbc’s will help the body to fight infections later on.

The pituitary land has also started producing its hormones. The small intestines have now taken their rightful place in the body.

You really need loose clothing from now as your waist will continue to increase from now on.

ii. Pregnancy Symptoms Week 12

a. Smell Sense Increase –

Your sense of smell will increase from this week. You can even know what your family members eat as soon as they enter your room.

b. Urination decrease –

Frequent urination will slow down now. You will get relief from it. Stick with your exercise routine as it will help you in this pregnancy.

c. Headache –

Eat your diet at the right times throughout the day to avoid this symptom. Your body is working too much due to which it needs meals regularly.

5. Conclusion

In this blog, you get to know When your baby’s fetal period starts and what developments it occurs in the 3rd month of pregnancy.

I know that you are still in shock to see how the baby improved week by week and you are curious about what will happen next.

Don’t take too much stress as this is not good for your pregnancy.

If you have any doubts, feel free to ask in the comment section. I will be happy to answer all your queries.

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6. FAQ

What does a 3-month pregnant belly look like?

It just starts to come out a little bit in the third month of pregnancy.

What are signs of having a girl in the 3rd month?

There are a lot of myths in the market that if you feel hungry for sweets then you are having a girl but in actual it is nearly impossible to get to know the gender in the 3rd month of pregnancy.

What causes twin pregnancy?

It happens when multiple eggs get fertilized by sperm.

Which trimester is the most critical?

The first trimester is the most critical because it is the formation phase of your baby. Most of the miscarriages occur in this first phase.

What should I do in the 3rd month of pregnancy?

As we discussed in the article, you should take a healthy diet and have daily exercise in this 3rd month.

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