Are you worried about your third-trimester pregnancy ultrasound test? Yes, Let me help you to take you out of the worry for all the ultrasound test.

An ultrasound is nothing more than a sound waves which checks for the interior parts of the reproductive organs.

Ultrasound should be conducted under an experienced sonographer as it will help both the mother and the child out of any kind of danger.

There are three types of ultrasound and they are,

  • First-trimester ultrasound
  • Second-trimester ultrasound
  • Third-trimester ultrasound

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First-trimester ultrasound

Second-trimester ultrasound

Now, let me explain the third trimester in ultrasound,

  1. The third trimester in ultrasound
  2. After going through the third trimester in the ultrasound test
  3. Delivering the baby after the third trimester in the ultrasound test
  4. Taking care of baby’s health
  5. Conclusion of the third trimester in the ultrasound test
  6. FAQ

1. The third trimester in ultrasound:

The third-trimester pregnancy is conducted between 26-32nd week of pregnancy and it can be tested by ultrasound waves.

Here, the baby is seen growing from 26-28th week and the developing of the baby goes like this,

i. Week 29:

You can see the baby’s hair and the hair tissues are grown up. The baby’s eyes is opened and she started gaining more weight that before.

ii. Week 31:

Baby is developed with hands fully grown up and the baby’s ears can hear the sound of the father’s voice(outside voice).

iii. Week 32:

The baby has been developed with fat tissues and growing a little bit every day and the growth can be seen on the screen.

If you have gone through all the three trimester then you can see the baby’s growth right on the screen.


The baby growth depends on the food that mother eat and it can be seen that the vitamins get passed from mothers go the baby.

iv. Week 33:

The baby’s brain starts developing and the brain gets developed. However, you can see the changes from week 16th to week 33.

After all, the baby is developed every week.

v. Week 35:

Baby’s kidney has been developed with all the organs and the doctor can see that clearly.

The doctor should be experienced to do the test and the test should be conducted in a room.

2. After going through the third trimester in the ultrasound test:

Once the test is completed ask for the report and the doctor would check the report.

However, the doctor would call you again if there is any issue and if not then doctor would recommend to eat the food at home.

After that, be ready to take a baby in your hand and play with it and enjoy growing your family.

The test takes place various session. At last, the test gets cleared and the doctor would call you before days of your delivery.

The doctor would take care of all the things needed and you can check that as well.

father hearing voice of child in stomach of his wife

i. Taking care:

The doctor would suggest the husband that taking care of his wife will help them to take the pregnancy with normal delivering.

The husband should take care of his wife more than before so that the wife would not feel sad.

To take care of wife from all kinds of negative energy needs an special attention towards the wife.

3. Delivering the baby after the third trimester in the ultrasound test:

Now, the stage has been came for which the doctor, husband and the mother are waiting.

The doctor would take the patient to room and then the patient would deliver the baby.

There are two kinds of delivering and they are,

  • Normal deliver
  • Operation deliver

i. Normal deliver:

Here, the mother delivers the child natural by full forcing and the baby comes out and the mother is given glucose for energy supply.

The normal deliver can happen when the mother is enough strong to deliver the baby with full strength without any issue.

Once the mother gave the deliver, the doctor completes all the process and then the mother is given glucose and then the mother left to take rest.

The baby is born with blood all over the body, the blood is cleaned by the doctor and the baby is given necessary things.

ii. Operation deliver:

Here, the mother is taken to ICU and the doctor would take the baby out of the stomach by doing some operation on the stomach and then they stitch the stomach.

The mother is left for few days to take rest as it causes heavy pain. The baby is kept near the mother and is given mother’s milk to drink.

4. Taking care of baby’s health:

Baby’s health should be taken special care after the birth and mother’s milk should be offered to the baby,

After all, mother’s milk has the strength to grow the baby’s organ to grow soon.

However, if possible we should give the mother’s milk up to 2 years for the child as it strengthens the baby.

Baby should not given anything other than mother’s milk for at least six months as the mother’s milk will enrich the baby’s body more and more.

mom kissing her child

The baby can be grown way soon than any other food. In addition, if you are unable to give mother’ milk for 2 years then try to give at least six months.

Do not go for powder or store milk. However, if you have fresh milk of cow you can give that. But it should be pure.

In conclusion, give toys to play which are free from chemicals that can harm the babies. Always wash your hands and whoever takes the baby on their hands.

Baby needs an special care for at least one year because the baby would be strong enough if we care for at least one year.

5. Conclusion of the third trimester in the ultrasound test:

In conclusion, the three-trimester ultrasound is completed. However, baby care is important than the test.


It would be much better that, if you take care of the baby than the baby sitter for at least one year as a mother’s love is needed for the baby for one year.

However, the baby needs special care and attention than anyone else because the baby is growing slowly and steadily.

6. FAQ:

How baby care after birth?

Baby caring would be when the mother’s milk is given to the child at least for six months and chemical free toys

How many times should we do ultrasound in pregnancy?

You can do one time. However, it depends on the doctor and the problem faced by them

Ultrasound in pregnancy to know boy or girl?

You can see the gender of the baby in the level 2 ultrasound and the doctor would help you see that.

What are the kinds of ultrasound in pregnancy?

There are three kinds of ultrasound in pregnancy and they are,
First-trimester ultrasound during pregnancy
Second-trimester ultrasound during pregnancy
Third-trimester ultrasound during pregnancy

How many times should we do ultrasound in pregnancy test in India?

It depends on the patient, you can complete it in one go or the doctor will instruct you.

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