To begin with, let me state that there are women who have no pregnancy cravings. It has been noticed that around 50-90% of pregnant women develop these cravings. 

So, what about the other 10%! Well, they don’t get cravings. Simple as that. But the question of the hour is that does not have food cravings during pregnancy affecting you in any way? If it is affecting you, is it good or bad. Is there anything that can be done about it?

Let me explain to you with the help of an example. Consider that you and your friend are pregnant at the same time. It is the first trimester for both of you. 

3 pregnant ladies

Don’t know what a trimester is? 

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Well, you both are in your first trimester and for some reason unknown your friend starts craving for food but you are waiting for your cravings to start but you don’t get them.

Of course, you can not do a single thing to make those cravings happen, so all you can think of is “Is there something wrong with me?” “Is my baby ok?” but that would just make you stressed and stress isn’t a good thing especially when you are pregnant. 

stressed pregnant lady

In this article, we shall cover all aspects that relate to why you don’t have food cravings, and is it actually something wrong?

What to expect:

  1. What are food cravings during pregnancy?
  2. Why do you have food cravings?
  3. Is it ok to not have these cravings?
  4. Is my baby safe?
  5. Should I consult my doctor?
  6. Conclusion 
  7. FAQ

Let us dive straight into it. 

What is food craving during pregnancy?

To put it in simple words, it is a sudden urge for food items that you usually wouldn’t have eaten during that specific moment. 

For instance, you are sitting ideal on a bed and all of a sudden you have this urge to eat ice cream. The urge is strong, it can be controlled but not ignored. So, what you do is you go to the shop or ask your husband to bring it. 


Consider the same scenario but let’s say the time is 2 in the morning! Now what? Most of India does not offer nightlife! While it may be true that these urges can be hard to control but they can be controlled. And no scientific study ever proved that ignoring these urges is harmful. 

So, you see food cravings can really get on your nerve at times. Even if you think you know what you might crave, there could be an instance where you’ll crave for something you never ate before or something you literally hate eating. 

On other occasions, you might dislike eating a cheese pizza but during your pregnancy, you might crave the same. Therefore, it is a key point to be noted that food cravings can make you crave for some weird and crazy food items. 

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saying no to cravings

But don’t worry, unless you are in control of your diet, there is nothing to be worried about.

Why do you have food cravings?

The way you are curious about your cravings, in the same fashion you must also, wonder that why do you have them! Well frankly, there is no specific explanation for it. 

Certain theories have been proposed but none scientifically validated.

For example, most believe those food cravings are the body’s way of asking for a certain nutrient lacking in the mother’s body, while others believe it is a way to determine the gender of the baby! 

lots of foods

But how can food cravings help determine the gender? Know about it.

Granted that there was a specific reason known behind these cravings, they would have still not changed, it is a part of the pregnancy cycle and should be enjoyed accordingly. Just go with the flow, of course, unless you start craving for non-food items like sand, mud, dirt, paint, etc. 

In that case, visit a doctor, because you just fell prey to PICA. What is PICA, know about it all. 

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Is it ok to have no pregnancy cravings?

Since there is no scientific reason known behind the food cravings and neither do they affect you or the baby unless you have access to something acidic or sweet. 

It is safe to say that there is no harm if you do not have these cravings. It is just a part of the book that was not in your syllabus. Simple as that. 

You should not be worried if you do not have these cravings. Rather it can be seen in a positive light, that when you will not have food cravings you won’t eat anything unhealthy. 

a girl is eating junk food

Since you won’t eat anything unhealthy it will help you a lot in your pregnancy. So, there is nothing to be worried about if you do not have food cravings during pregnancy. 

There is no harm in it, on the other side, it showcases some of the benefits that could actually prove beneficial during the process. 

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Is my baby safe if I have no pregnancy cravings?

Well, your baby is in a more complex situation when you have food cravings since that leads to the consumption of unhealthy food depriving your baby of the required nutrients in abundance. 

On the other hand, if you do not have food cravings there is a very less chance that you will eat something acidic or sweet and more chance that you will intake healthy food. 

healthy foods

The healthy food you intake will not only help you but also your baby. Since your baby will get all the required nutrients incorrect amount without having anything bad or acidic to deal with.

It is a win-win situation for both of you. You and your baby have nothing to fear. Food cravings are just a part of the process and not having them will in no way harm you or your baby rather they prove otherwise, that is, more helpful during the process of pregnancy. 

Should I consult a doctor if I do not have food cravings during pregnancy?

The answer to this question lies in your belief and your perception of life.

Like I said earlier that you and your friend both are pregnant and she has craving sand you don’t. Well, now if you are jealous of her than you can consult a doctor. 

consultation with doctor

Or if you want to get rid of all your doubts, want to be sure from someone else, you can always consult a doctor. Set an appointment with the best doctors on gynomart. 


Firstly food cravings are not something that is necessary during pregnancy. Of course, it adds an angle to the journey but then again there is nothing wrong if you don’t get a view from this angle. 

You are safe, your baby is safe and most importantly, not having food cravings ensure that there is no intake of anything harmful or anything in access keeping you and your baby in good health. 

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Q. How long does the food craving last?

Usually, food cravings end after giving birth but in certain cases, it might stay a bit longer even after giving birth. 

Q. Is it harmful to ignore food cravings?

No, it is not harmful to ignore the food cravings. Both you and your baby will be safe even if you ignore these cravings.

Q. What is food aversion?

Food aversion Is a situation where the food you would have lover otherwise, seems to disgust you in mere sight.

Q. Is it safe to not have food craving during pregnancy?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to not have food craving during pregnancy. It not only is safe but also ensures better food decisions taken by you.

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