It is quite possible that you may have diabetes before pregnancy or have diabetes during pregnancy. It is necessary to check your blood sugar level during pregnancy. 

To avoid any miscarriage and complications, keeping an eye on it and control it. This is beneficial for long term health problems for you and baby. Maintaining a blood sugar level seems hard but it’s not.

In order to grow your baby healthy, you need energy and good care of your eating habits. It might get changed due to changes in hormones and insulin processes.

But slowly-slowly, you resist insulin later during the last stage of pregnancy. So, there will be a high chance of an increase in blood sugar levels.


1. Normal Sugar Level:-  

It is necessary to check your sugar level if you have type 1 diabetes or gestational diabetes or low blood sugar level. Gestational diabetes gets developed during pregnancy. But the question is “What is the normal range of normal blood sugar level during pregnancy?”

  1. Before meals = Less than 88 mg/dl
  2. After meals (post 2 hours) = 120 mg/dl

If you are having type 2 diabetes during pregnancy, it is a serious issue. You have concerned your doctor. Fasting blood sugar level is also measured before meals.

  1. Before meals = less than 100 mg/dl
  2. After meals (post 2 hours) = less than 140 mg/dl

2. Symptoms of diabetes during pregnancy

Symptoms of diabetes during pregnancy

It is not something that happens every day. So, there are rare cases you find any symptoms of diabetes or sugar level.

  1.  Sleepaway
  2.  Exhaustion
  3.  Pain or blurred vision
  4.  Pain in urination
  5. Thirst 

3. Causes of Diabetes during pregnancy

Honestly, there are unknown reasons for the cause. But hormones play a major role. So, you are pregnant, it is natural for you to have so many hormonal changes in your body like resistant in insulin and placental lactogen.

Due to these hormonal effects, it sustains your pregnancy. Further, the increase in these hormones, your body becomes insulin resistant. Insulin maintains a random blood sugar level during pregnancy.

Insulin moves glucose into cells for energy. So, during pregnancy, it gets transfers to the baby due to your resistance to insulin. But if resistance becomes strong, it may cause unbalance. Your glucose levels rise which causes gestational diabetes. 

4. Risk Factors 

There are many risk factors if you have gestational diabetes during pregnancy. you have to keep a blood sugar level calculator to measure if you :

  1. Are above the age of 25
  2. Having high blood pressure
  3. Have inherent diabetes
  4. Gain weight during pregnant
  5. Might have 2 or 3 babies at a time
  6. Give birth to more than 8 pounds baby previously
  7. Got gestational diabetes earlier

5. Necessary Diet

Necessary Diet

A maintained and balanced diet is necessary for controlling gestational diabetes. You should focus or pay attention to particularly their fat, protein, and carbohydrate intake. 

Remember, you have to eat every two hours. It will also help you to maintain a blood sugar level. These are a list of foods that have lower blood sugar. 

i. Carbohydrates

Rich carbohydrates foods are necessary to spike your blood sugar level during pregnancy. Some aspects of this that carbohydrates are good for a normal human to maintain eating. 

But….but, take your doctor’s advice or prescription. Know how much carbohydrates are necessary for eating every day. They also have a dedicated meal plan for their patients. 

Healthy meal choices you have

  1. Fruits (low sugar)
  2. Starchy Vegetables
  3. Brown rice
  4. Grains
  5. Beans
  6. Peas

ii. Protein

You also have a good chance of eating a sufficient amount of protein. It is good to eat two pieces of protein every day. Good protein sources are clean meats (animals who eat green), tofu, and fish. Always take recommendations from a doctor on blood sugar levels in your body after eating.

iii. Fat

A nice amount of fat may look cheezy and heavy. Just includes nuts, seeds, and avocado in your meals. But necessary to have a consultation from doctors. you have to take care of diabetes during pregnancy.

6. Glucose Test

If you are not suffered from gestational diabetes earlier. Then, it is necessary to take a test on the amount of glucose present in your body. It is done mostly on 24 to 28 weeks.

 In this test, you have to drink a glucose solution. So that after one hour, you can give a blood test. If you have a high blood sugar level during pregnancy, a 3-hour oral glucose tolerance test will be taken.

Sometimes, doctors don’t take the glucose test. they directly perform a 2-hour tolerance test in one step.

7. Conclusion

It is not always possible to prevent gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Healthy habits adoption will be useful for a reduction in disease. 

Try to have a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise such as walking in your daily routine. It would be beneficial to reduce weight if you are thinking of having a baby in the future. 

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8. FAQ

Is it bad to have Diabetes While pregnant?

No, there is a condition called gestational diabetes which got developed during pregnancy. You have to consult your doctor before pregnancy. It will be helpful to know your risks.

Can Diabetes cause birth defects?

Yes, you have a higher chance of having defects in the baby like stillbirth. Even the mother will have kidney and brain problems. this is because of the high sugar level during pregnancy.

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