Whenever a female feels like a new birth for the female.But Weight that is very important for a women during pregnancy to deal with. Earlier to be pregnant main motive should be follow a good diet plan to feed baby. In this blog we will know what not to eat during pregnancy or what foods to avoid during pregnancy.

healthy fruits & vegetables to eat during pregnancy

What’s For Me?

Importance of diet to during pregnancy & Location?

Whenever a women get pregnant, they feel like new birth. There are also certain things that they faced during pregnancy. The problem arises during pregnancy is due to diet and nutrition most of the time.

The proper planing of diet & nutrition is necessary for the women. Diet planing should be according to trimester.That’s why you should know the list of foods to avoid during pregnancy

How Foods effect to pregnant women

As you know that during pregnancy. A pregnant women not feel good most of the time. It happens due to the consume of avoiding food and nutrition. Whenever a female get pregnant the first motive is to feed her and make her huged structure. 

The baby weight to be less but mother weight used to be very heavy.At the same time pregnant women used to be low with himoglobin, or at the same time calsium level as well. 

Because the traditional method of feeding for pregnant women used to be fat and triggers. And these all can be when you know what not to eat during pregnancy

List Of Food To Avoid During Pregnancy| What Not To eat During pregnancy

what not to eat during pregnancy

1. Tamarind-

Tamarind contains high amounts of vitamin c, which in excess can suppress the production of progesterone in your body. Do not consume too much tamarind during the first trimester.


Papaya can cause your body temperature to shoot up and that is not good when you are pregnant.

3. Raw Fish

Undercooked or raw fish especially shellfish can cause several infections. These can be viral bacterial or parasitic.

4.Raw sprouts-

Don’t eat raw sprouts. Bacteria gets into the sheeds before the sprouts begin to grow.


Dates cause your body to heat up & may even lead to uterine constractions by exciting your uterine muscles. Eating single date or two per day should be okay, but more can lead to complications.

6.Aloe Vera-

Aloe vera comprises of anthraquinones, which can lead to a possible miscarriage.


Pregnant women should consume caffeine intake to 200 mg per day. That means 2 or 3 cup in a day. But more than this can be avoid during pregnancy.

8. Foods with soils-

Wash before use foods with soil. Foods with soil can be harmful.

9.Raw or Undercooked Eggs

Avoid raw or undercooked eggs.it contains samonila which is food poisoning.

10. Salami, sausages, bacon-

Avoid eating salami sausages bacon, etc. During pregnancy, because it contains nitrate. Which is harmful to both mother and feeds.

11. Sugar rich foods-

Consumption of sugar-rich foods cause an increase of weight and risk of brittom level.

12. Street food-

Avoid street foods. As it comes with the risk of infection. It causes stomach problems and food poisoning.

13. Alcohol-

Avoid the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy. It can lead to feeding alcohol and other developmental disorder.

14.Artificial Sweeteners

Avoid it. Because it can lead to birth defect.

15. Canned foods-

lying of the food can cause fertility problems.Foods that cause Allergy- avoid peanut, soya, etc. Which contains allergy. Vitamin A Supplements- do not consume vitamin a and vitamin a containing supplements. That can cause your baby.


avoid foods that has been at room temperature more than hours. As it can harm bacteria.

17. Vitamin A-

Do not consume vitamin a and vitamin containing supplements. That can cause to your baby


In this blog, you know what not to eat during pregnancy and how important is a good diet and nutrition. We have mentioned points that you didn’t know still.You get to know how meals can affect baby or mother consume of avoiding food during pregnancy. if you want safe pregnancy then must reas this blog.

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What not to eat during pregnancy ?

We have listed avoiding foods. look above for the list.

What not to eat when pregnant first trimester 

Raw fish, raw eggs or raw sprouts, unpasteurized milk etc.

Which fruits not to eat during pregnancy ?

Papaya,watermelon,dates or berries etc. type of foods should avoid in pregnancy.

Fruits to eat during pregnancy for fair baby ?

Banana, guava,mangoes,oranges etc. 

Can I make my baby FAIR? 

Yes you can make your baby FAIR by following good diet and nutrition plan.

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