Food cravings during pregnancy are a part of it. It is observed that 50-90% of women have cravings during pregnancy. But when do cravings stop in pregnancy?

Usually, the food craving during pregnancy starts in the first trimester or during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy but it can vary from mother to mother. At times, it has been observed that the food cravings start even before the mother knows she is pregnant consequently, during the initial weeks of pregnancy.  

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For instance, let us understand it with the help of an example. It is the first week of your pregnancy and you’re not even aware that you are pregnant but something weird happens! All of a sudden you want a bowl full of ice cream, then another, then another and the process continues.

 It is also possible that your cravings start later during your first trimester, by that time you are probably aware that you are pregnant but you start craving for food. 

Now, once you begin to have these cravings more often you’ll realize that they are a problem and you might want to know that when will it all end. 

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Well, we are here to answer your question and give you a deep insight of these food cravings during pregnancy. 

What to expect:

  1. Why do you have these cravings?
  2. When do cravings stop in pregnancy?
  3. Is it possible to avoid cravings during pregnancy?
  4. Can they continue even if the cycle ends?
  5. Are all cravings during pregnancy safe?
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ

So, let us dive straight into it. 

Why do you have food craving during pregnancy?

The way you are curious about your cravings, in the same fashion you must also, wonder that why do you have them! Well frankly, there is no specific explanation for it. 

Certain theories have been proposed but none scientifically validated.

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For example, most believe that food craving is the body’s way of asking for a certain nutrient lacking in the mother’s body, while others believe it is a way to determine the gender of the baby! 

But how can food cravings help determine gender? Know about it. Can your cravings help in the Gender Identification of your Child?

Granted that there was a specific reason known behind these cravings, they would have still not changed, it is a part of the pregnancy cycle and should be enjoyed accordingly. Just go with the flow, of course, unless you start craving for non-food items like sand, mud, dirt, paint, etc. 


In that case visit a doctor, because you just fell prey to PICA. What is PICA, know about it all. The Unusual craving known as PICA during Pregnancy

When do cravings stop in pregnancy?

Well, the food craving usually strikes at 1st trimester. 

During the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, you might start feeling an urge to eat food that is not usually on your list. This is the time when you’ll first witness these witty cravings.

They can mold you in any direction. Ask anything of you. They want a bowl of ice cream at 3 AM in the morning you’ll have to provide it to them. Unless of course, you plan on ignoring them, which can be quite a task.

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So after they first hit you, you are headed towards your second trimester. Now it has to be noted that during the second trimester the food cravings are at its peak. You feel the urge for an item you gotta have it or else you are a woman of rage and anger today.

It has been seen in most cases that the cravings of food start decreasing during the third trimester. This is the point where all these craving stops forcing you much over a demand.

You feel the urge for something and you cannot have it at the moment. No worries! It’s no big deal. The third trimester eases the urge. 

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The cravings usually end after birth is given! 

Want to know more about When food cravings end? When do cravings stop in pregnancy? Is it the 12th week?

Is it possible to avoid cravings during pregnancy?

Indeed, there is a possibility but at what cost! Let’s see. 

Why do you want to control your cravings shall be the answer to this question. During the first trimester when the cravings initially knock your door, you could make a choice of shutting the door on it.

opening door

But each time you shut the door, the cravings will knock much harder! Until the point, you open the door or advance to your next trimester. 

It is your second trimester and the cravings are annoying you for shutting the door on it. This time instead of knocking the door, it will try breaking it and entering inside. It has been seen that cravings are at its peak during the second trimester. 

Hence the cravings are in a very good position to force enter into you! How long will you avert it? You have two possibilities. Either let them come in or change the room(i.e find a better and healthy alternative to what you are craving. 

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If you choose the latter, which by the way is not easy, Cravings don’t let go easily. But let’s suppose, if you end up eating an alternative and sending the cravings away for a while, you will not have content. 

Your belly might be full for the moment but not your heart.

Hence, although food cravings can be ignored it requires way more determination, way more will power and the strong willingness to sacrifice contentment. Are you up for it?

Ever wondered what would happen if you ignore your cravings? Consequences when you ignore pregnancy cravings!

Can they continue after the cycle ends?

Of course, they can. In certain cases, it has been seen that the women keep on having these cravings for some time after birth is given. 

But they do not last lifelong. After the delivery of the baby, although most women lose their cravings, there are few who still crave for that extra potato chip.

delivery time of a baby

But it is not long after the birth of the child that these women lose their cravings. There is no scientific reason known behind these cravings and hence there is no reason that could justify the continuation of these cravings after birth.

But then again science does not even know why these cravings start or stop in the first place. So don’t worry if your urge continues even after giving birth, they will gradually fade away. 

If you need a doctor’s advice on the same, you can always contact the best doctors at Gynomart.

Are all cravings during pregnancy safe!

Well, not all cravings are safe and anything consumed in access is harmful anyway. But there is this certain craving that the women develop towards non-edible items, like dirt, mud, paint, etc., known as PICA. Know everything about the unusual craving of PICA. 

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These cravings are not only non edible but are also toxic since an intake of these items can induce parasites or toxic elements inside the body of the mother hence affecting both mother and child. 

It should be noted that if you face any such sign your first priority should be consulting a doctor. You can either contact your doctor or always approach the best doctors at Gynomart.


It should be noted that food cravings stop during pregnancy at the end of it and after the 12th week, rather after the 12th week, when you enter the second-trimester phase, these cravings are at its peak.

It is only towards the end of the third trimester that these cravings finally decide to subside. 

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What is food craving?

Food craving is a situation where a pregnant woman develops an urge and craving for specific food items. 

How hard is it to control food cravings?

It is very tough to control food craving especially, during the second trimester

How long does the food craving last?

 Usually, food cravings end after giving birth but in certain cases, it might stay a bit longer even after giving birth. 

Is it safe to not have food craving during pregnancy?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to not have food craving during pregnancy. It not only is safe but also ensures better food decisions taken by you. 

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